The banking industry of Brazil has experienced tremendous growth since 2004. The credit exposure was at 23% at 2004 but has since grown to over 60% in 2015. BMG BANCO bank is one of the leading banks in the industry who have contributed to the immersive growth. The Bank is the pioneer in consignment credit industry. The sector is among the fastest growing in the industry. The bank advances consignment credit to a majority of its customers. Most clients include the workers union workers and social retires. These groups were previously uncovered in the loan industry by other banks.
The entry of BMG significantly boosted most of its customer who are very crucial to a vibrant economy. The bank has over 60000 agents and 3000 points of sales distributed throughout the country. Other than the consignment credit sector, the bank is also financing its customers in asset financing and mortgages.
The bank is a leading sponsor of the Brazilian national soccer. It has overgrown the traditional sponsors like Adidas and Coca-Cola. Many players in the national team of Brazil have a connection with the bank. The bank also sponsors other philanthropic interests of the society. The projects started by the bank have significantly improved the lives of the community.
The current president of the bank is Mr. Richardo Guimaries. He is a graduate of Una-Faculdade University. He has an extensive experience in the business administration and management. Guimaries is also the chief executive officer of the BANCO BMG GROUP. It’s the parent company of BMG bank. Besides, he serves as a member of the board of the group. Since Mr. Guimaries took the leadership of BMG group, the bank has grown significantly in market shares. The bank is leading player in the consignment credit industry. It occupies over 80% of the market. The bank has also invested heavily in other sectors of credit industry under his leadership.

Guimaries is also an active soccer support. His leadership has widely supported the sport that has an enormous following in Brazil. The bank has diversified its investment to target large companies and individuals. BMG is the first bank in Brazil to offer fund receivables. Under Guimaries leadership, the bank took advantage of the adjustment of public payroll loan act in 2003. It launched an aggressive campaign to market its services in the banking correspondents. It now serves the largest of some employee in the retirees, pensioners, local and state servants, military personnel and armed forces. The bank has received several prestigious awards under the presidency of Mr. Guimaries. They include the famous best financial conglomerate by the Getulio Vargas Foundation. It marketing model has grown very successful drawing the attention from the market and other banks.

Taking Advantage Of Market Information To Transform BMG

It is necessary to gather facts that can help one to manage a business more easily and this is one of the things that have allowed BMG out stand out in the market. The company is among leading banks in Brazil, which have been able to offer unique products that have allowed different categories of people to benefit. Getting the right information takes more than just observing the movement of economic forces. Customers can also relay important details that when applied cold lead to more success within a business. If possible, it is necessary to hire a professional who is able to give facts about different sets of information. This is what has kept BMG at the top of the list despite numerous challenges that the company has been able to tackle.

BMG is a leading firm that has worked on ensuring they have the best professionals in the company. They have hired professionals in all areas to ensure the company receives the best feedback about the changes that occur in the market. This has allowed them to adjust accordingly and to get details that are necessary to allow them to manage different projects. BMG is also among firms that have maintained respectable rates for their customers. They have ensured the remuneration offered is encouraging, something that has allowed their workers to dispense services without undue stress.

Working on products to ensure customers will appreciate takes more than just implementing production. Statistical data that spells about the state of the market is also necessary to allow one to make the right decision. Ricardo Guimarães offers information stating that BMG has been able to offer support for research and implementation of the right information. They have trained their professionals to ensure they are able to analyze information so as to learn about the needs of the market. This has assisted in marketing and maintaining visibility all through.

Ricardo Guimarães also offers information stating that BMG has honored the need to offer support to community projects that can help to make life better. On this, they have allowed different categories of people to benefit from their sponsorship programs, which have been implemented especially on sports and education. The company has invested in offering support for young talent in football and other games. This has allowed them to effortlessly market their services and products, something that has also earned them a positive reputation.

The Aggressive Growth of Computer Sciences Corporation and Eric Pulier’s Contribution

Early computer manufacturers such as IBM did not include software in their computers. Corporations that bought the computers were required to either write the programs they needed or buy them from established software writing companies. Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones created Computer Sciences Corporation to satisfy this need for computer programs Roy Nutt was a programmer with IBM, while Fletcher Jones was a marketer from North American Aviation Corp.
In 1959, the two entrepreneurs raised $100 and used the money to establish CSC. The company was to write complex programs such as compilers, operating systems, and assemblers. With hardly any personal computer at the time, the company was to target big clients such as NASA, US Government, and Computer Manufactures.

Winning over big name clients meant the company had to increase the number of its employees and continuously improve its programs. By 1964, the company had over 230 employees. Its revenues had already totaled to over $4 million. The company had already established itself as a big software writing company. The technical skills provided by Roy Nutt, and the vigorous marketing from Fletcher Jones enabled the firm to successfully fight competition.

The first major acquisition made by CSC was buying two divisions of ITT. This gave the corporation an opportunity to expand its operations into design and development of computer systems that are used for communications. This enabled it to include defense agencies and other governmental clients into its client list. One of these agencies was NASA.
1970s saw the corporation venturing into development of remote processing systems. These systems were to enable CSC to links its computers with those of its clients hence reducing paper work. By 1975, the firm already had a network totaling 100,000 miles. The network served all government agencies and other CSC’s clients in 125 cities. In 1980s, the corporation achieved aggressive growth through increasing its services and acquiring other corporations.

The company’s revenues sharply increased during Eric Pulier’s time at the corporation. As the corporation’s Vice President and the General Manager at Cloud, Pulier supervised the creation and development of CSC’s could platform. This new platform enabled the corporation to eliminate unnecessary operation costs and improve its competiveness. The result was improved profitability which availed excess capital. CSC used this capital to acquire more firms and open branches across other continents.

CSC continues to grow as it improves its services and develop new business solutions. The corporation has been listed as a Fortune 500 Company since 1995. The visionary leadership at CSC has being the main factor behind the transformation of the corporation from a $100 startup to a Fortune 500 Company.

Marcio Alaor Is Honored In His Home Town

The annual Santo Antonio do Monte 33rd agricultural exhibition that started on the 21st and ended on the 24th of August 2014 saw Marcio Alaor receive much tribute. The Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court was opened. Marcio was honored in his hometown for his contribution and work done at BMG. Besides the tribute, a plaque having a describing his attributes was created. Local authorities and politicians attended his inauguration. Luis Antonio Resene was among the guest speakers. Luis highly praised Marcio and his contributions to the society. He also acknowledged the great work done by workers of the Exhibition Center.
Prior to the tribute, the food court was a grain warehouse. The venue was deemed an appropriate place to honor Marcio Alaor given his humble beginnings. Marcio Alaor was once a shoe shiner. He worked hard to join university and his leadership abilities saw him recruited at BMG. In his acceptance speech, Marcio thanked the town members for the honor and his family for the support they have shown him. Additionally, he appreciated the fact that the town chose to honor him while he was still alive rather than after his death, as it is common in most places.
Marcio insisted that honoring people when they are alive is a great way of allowing the honoree to be part of a growing society. Alaor hopes that other people within the society will be recognized for the work they do. He prays that those leaving out of the town like him will always have a relationship with the place where they trace their roots.
Marcio has been helpful to the town of Santo Antonio do Monte. He also pays attention to the rural areas within the city. Over the years, Marcio has maintained a great relationship with his hometown and in turn his hometown has greatly supported him in his endeavors. Marcio is the vice president of the Banco de Minas Gerais. The town, which has little land for agriculture, is still the largest producer of milk in West Central. The present local authorities’ officials spoke of the importance of city members to support city members even those who are not residing in the city.
In attendance, was the Rural Union president, Vilmar Octavian. Vilmar expressed his gratitude in how Marcio has been involved in supporting farmers from Santo Antonio do Monte. The launch of the food court is a representation of the strides and developments that the city is working hard to achieve. The town mayor, Wilmar Son, thanked Marcio for the contributions he has and continues to make in Santo Antonio do Monte. He said that the food court was an incentive to the members to create more developments aimed at enhancing growth of the city.

Discover Brian Bonar’s Road to Success

Every now and then, we read about business people that seem to excel at everything they take on. These impressive individuals take on one challenging job after another until they find themselves at the top of the helm. Brian Bonar is one such individual. He’s had more jobs than most people have in a lifetime, and he is still up for the next challenge. With his background, education and motivation, it’s not surprising to learn that he is not only a CEO of a major company like Trucept, but he is also responsible for running Dalrada Financial Services. Discover just how Brian Bonar climbed the financial ladder to success.


Brian owes much of his business success to laying the foundation with a good education. He attended James Watt Technical College from 1963 to 1969 where he completed his Technical Engineering degree. He followed that up with a Mechanical Engineering degree at Stafford University from 1973 to 1985.


It wasn’t long before Bonar started working for several types of companies that would provide him with experience and provide a solid foundation for future jobs. He started with IBM and took on the Procurement Manager position. Next, he would become the Director of Engineering for a company called QMS from 1985-1989. From QMS, he found himself working as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Rastek Corporation, where he worked for 4 years.

In September of 1993, he would work as a Sales Manager for a year at Adaptec. Ready for a change and new challenges, Brian Bonar would become the founder and CEO at his own company called Bezier Systems, where he would develop one of the very first SCSI based printers.

Over the next four years, he worked at Itec Imaging Technologies as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales. In the next two years, he would go on to work as the president for Allegiant Professional Business Services.

By May of 2006, his ambition led him down a new road to become the founder of AMS Outsourcing, where he continued to work through January of 2013 in San Diego. Besides working at AMS, he also took on the role of chairman and CEO for Dalrada Financial Services in June of 1999, where he still works today.

Amazingly, he still found the time and energy to take on Trucept in June of 2011, where he continues work as the CEO and chairman of the board. Undoubtedly, Brian Bonar is a rare example of a dedicated financial enthusiast that just can’t get enough of success.

Throughout his careers, Brain has learned about business strategies, investing, business planning, entrepreneurship, venture capital, executive management and marketing strategies that have all served him well in his quest to reach the top.

A Man Of Values George Soros

A financial, philanthropic, philosophical speculator is how George Soros has explained who he is. While these may all be true, George Soros on is so much more than a few idly applied adjectives. He hold some very definitive opinion on world affairs politic and even how people interact with one another.

In term of the political systems of the world Mr. George Soros on investopedia hold fast to the opinion that governments exist for the people, not to over run the people. He believes that the true government that is aptly able to handle world affairs and budgetary matters serves the people as a whole, they do not inflict their will upon them.

In particular he seems to greatly favor the Ukraine. George Soros feels that they have substantially grown when thinking of how the people and their government interact with one another. The people of the Ukraine appear to be willing to do what is necessary to protect their government ad maintain their way of life.

George Soros also seems to have a very strong thought process on how the present refugee crisis is unfolding. He feels that the United Nations should be doing far more to aid these individuals both financially and emotionally. His distinct opinion is that these refugees should be kept close to their home lands in order to cut costs and be more effective with their efforts.

He is well known as a speaker on political and social issues. His expertise also reaches into the financial and economic sectors. He holds a degree from the London School of Economics that he was conferred with in 1952. Mr Soros is also a well known lecturer on US Foreign Affairs and governmental responsibility.

Mr Soros also has a number of affiliations. These were garnered through work experience and personal contacts. Some of these affiliation include F.M. Mayer, Wertheim and Company, Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, and Soros Fund Management. He is also responsible for the creation of The Central European University. This institution focuses on the promotion of critical thinking.

His core base of knowledge and experience lead him to hold specific values. Among these include the respect for the rights of all humans. He also holds fast to the ideals of accountability and transparency for both government and large corporations to prevent corruption and the taking advantage of lesser peoples.

A man of ethic and values, he holds fast to the truth that no one person or entity ha a monopoly on the truth.

US Money Reserve Holiday Initiative

US Money Reserve is preparing to raise funds for Crowdrise campaign in order to support the needy during the holidays. The company has been using this campaign to give back to those in need. As a result, the company is encouraging clients and other well wishers to support the noble course of donating and giving back to the needy across Central Texas Area. The campaign is known as Capital Area Food Bank which is at the front line in supporting hunger relief with assistance from almost 300 Partners in over 20 counties in the Central Texas region. Last year, US Money Reserve in association with other partners managed to provide over 30 million pounds of foods to needy families. This year, the company is encouraging stakeholders to support the initiative and surpass last year’s record.
About US Money Reserve
US Money Reserve was established by veterans in the gold sector. The veterans realized there was a need to provide top-notch services to their clients in areas like customer service, expert knowledge in market and being trustworthy when buying precious metals. Today, US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum of the US Government Issued Coins. The company is ready to partner with thousands of clients who have realized the financial benefits of precious metals. The company has continued to provide exceptional Government Issued Coins available on the market. For many years, clients have trusted the company in helping them to choose affordable coins with highest value.
US Money Reserve has highly trained team of professionals that serve the clients in all sectors of its operations. The objective of these professionals is to be the most trusted experts in this business. They help the customers make decisions on precious metals which they would later sell at higher prices. US Money Reserve is renowned for its quality distribution of gold, silver and platinum to various institutions in the country including the US Government. The company enjoys the backing of the Federal Government because of the ability to distribute the right weight, content and purity.
Therefore, clients buying precious metals from the US Money Reserve should be confidence that they contain the right content of gold, silver and platinum. In addition, the Congress has approved the company’s distribution of US Government Coins. The coins have face value denominations hence they are official legal tender in the U.S.

Business Leaders in Chicago

There are many business associations and networking groups in Chicago. These networks represent different sectors of the economy and society, including; Corporate Advisory, Executive, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Technology, Venture Capital, Non-profit, Human Resource, Marketing, Political, Healthcare and International groups. Some of the leading marketing groups in Chicago include; the American Marketing Association (AMA), Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) and the Business Marketing Association (BMA). On the other hand, a list of leading business executive organizations in the city includes; the Chicago Club, Executives Club of Chicago and the Economic Club of Chicago.

The Executive Club of Chicago is a highly resourceful business forum that has been in existence for more than a century. The organization brings together Chicago business leaders for networking purposes. Leaders often meet to form strategic relationships for development and exchange ideas and intellect with other business communities. The Chicago Club is a long standing premier business and social club that was chartered back in 1869. The club provides an ideal setting for members to socialize, dine and have business meetings and family gatherings. Chicago AMA is one of the largest marketing organizations in Chicago. Chicago AMA connects all marketers from different disciplines and industries by promoting career advancement.

As one of the largest cities and business centers in US, Chicago has produced many business executives and leaders. The names that quickly come into mind include that of Irene Rosenfeld, the Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International; James McNerney the Chairman and CEO of Boeing and Michael Ball, the chairman and CEO of Caterpillar Inc. The other prominent business leader in Chicago is Majeed Ekbal, a renowned business and marketing development leader with 15 years experience. His core areas of expertise include e-commerce implementation, SEO analytics, experiential marketing, brand awareness, social media marketing and healthcare marketing.

The professional reputation Ekbal has built over the years has brought him tons clients, who are highly appreciative of his services. Ekbal is currently the president of Expresso Inc, a company located at 2400 N. Lakeview Avenue. The company specializes in buying and delivering groceries to clients in downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, Near North and Ashland Avenue. Although Ekbal prefers to keep his personal life private, he is a keen blogger and social media enthusiast. He maintains a page on WordPress, where regularly blogs about various business and marketing issues. Majeed Ekbal is a graduate of the American University in Washington D.C.

Why BNG Bank Is Leading In Financial Service Delivery

The development of the banking institutions have led to emergence of economic development among many countries in the world. This has attracted many people who have chosen to invest in different companies with the aim of facilitating economic growth. Brazil is a third world country that is developing rapidly in service provision to its citizens. As a result, many people have gotten employment opportunities from the growing infrastructure development. As such, many people have invested heavily in the banking sector and have contributed a lot of resources towards economic development. BMG Brazil is a leading bank that has generated a lot of revenue geared towards economic development. The bank has been in existence for a long time providing the best services in the banking sector. BMG Bank was established in 1930 by the Pentagna Guimarães family. The bank started offering commercial banking services to companies and individuals. This was the main focus of the bank and it helped many people to acquire heavy and light vehicles in 1980s. The bank developed and started offering other form of banking services geared towards benefiting the general public. In 1998, the bank moved on and started providing payrolls and loans to the government employees and institutions. This has made it develop more opportunities in the banking sector which made it to sign an agreement with Itaú Unibanco S.A. in 2012. This was the breakthrough towards commercialization of payroll loans in Brazil.

BMG Bank has invested a lot in its corporate sector and is focusing on producing the most notable banking services for the Brazilian nation. The bank has invested in professional experienced employees who have continued to offer services that are geared towards customer satisfaction. Marcio Alaor is the Vice President and Director who has invested a lot of skills in ensuring that management part of the company delivers on its mandate. Through Marcio Alaor governance, the bank has developed a robust Anti-Money Laundering Program that has enabled it to sail easily in the financial world while minimizing of counter fate money. Marcio Alaor has contributed a lot in developing strategies that have been used to increase profit outcome. The bank has invested in operational efficiency where it has developed advanced systems that are focused towards increasing service delivery. This is through automating most of the BMG Bank services to reduce on time wastage and increase on the customer base. As a result, the bank has continued to shine as one of the banking institution that has continued to explore the Brazilian economy.

Importance of Investing in Property Management

Investment management is the key pillar in economic development of many countries. Well organized and developed countries have invested heavily in the investment firms. This has also provided opportunities for different types of businesses to emerge and compete in the capital market. As a result, many people have developed interest in investing in many different types of companies that provide investment services. Professional people have also emerged and taken the industry to another level by finding alternative ways of improving service delivery. James Dondero according to Bloomberg Research is one of the leading investment management personalities across the world. His services have been recognized through the good results that are realized from many companies he has worked for. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, he proceeded to develop immense effort in developing a successful investment firm. The skills he had acquired made him land his first job at American Express. During the course of his duties, he demonstrated good entrepreneurial skills where he managed approximately over 1billion dollars in fixed income. This was the stepping stone towards initiating bigger projects that would see him hit the global limelight. During his leadership at the company, he ensured the company retained its global image among other notable companies. He later moved to Protective Life where he propelled the company as an investment officer to achieve extraordinary results. He was the force behind the establishment of the company and through its competitive nature grew the company to over 2billion dollars in income. With over 30years experience in the investment field, James Dondero moved to establish Highland Capital Management which is among the most notable companies in United States of America. The company provides a wide range of financial management services from hedge funds, private equity, collateralize loan obligations and long-only funds. These have been the pillars that have made the company to prosper over the years into a multi-billion company. The company was established in 1993 and has it’s headquarter in Dallas, Texas in USA. Good managerial and leadership initiative of James Dondero has made the company to grow in asset management and has approximately over 21 billion assets under its management. The company has also attracted a large number of customers like the public institutions, corporate institutions, pension schemes, foundations and governments. Many pension schemes have benefited greatly from the services offered by the company. Many have developed and acquired assets like residential houses for its members. Corporate institutions have also increased their investment management opportunities through seeking for guidance from the firm before investing in asset financing. The company has continued to grow over the years to open umbrella branches in Singapore, New York and Seoul. James Dondero is also a board member of many notable organizations in USA. For instance, he was recently appointed to the board of directors of the NextPoint Residential Trust and NexBank. This is a publicly traded company with interest in real estate having its shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company deals in acquiring and owning middle-income multifamily properties across the entire USA.

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