Strikes Impact People and Pets in Iceland

A strike by the Association of Academics (the “BHM”) in Iceland has disrupted many services, from hospital operations to the importation of family pets. The striking organization encompasses many occupations in that island nation, including midwives, X-ray technicians and veterinarians.

Since the strike, an estimated 180 medical operations have been postponed at Landspitali National University Hospital, including 15 involving angioplasty procedures. Some 700 patients have also had outpatient appointments postponed. Hospital officials reported that only the most pressing types of medical procedures are being performed, leaving many patients without services.

This week, Dan told me that Thelma Rut Magnusdottir told the news media that the strike has also adversely impacted her efforts to return her pet Chihuahau, “Tutzy,” back home. She moved with her dog to Norway two years ago, but decided to return Tutzy to her mother’s home in Iceland. After obtaining the necessary permits and arranging for the dog to enter quarantine upon arrival, she sent Tutzy on a flight to Keflavik International Airport. But when he arrived, the veterinarian who would normally have inspected him was unavailable due to the strike. Airport officials contacted Ms. Magnusdottir and gave her two choices: either send Tutzy back to Norway or have the little dog destroyed.

Tutzy’s owner opted to have him returned to her in Norway. But she indicated that now she must begin the entire, expensive shipment and permitting process all over from the beginning.

George Lucas Is Planning A Large Affordable Housing Project In Marin County

George Lucas says there are too many rich people in Marin County, and he wants to do something about that inequality. Lucas wants to bring working people to the county, and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. George is planning a massive affordable housing project near Novato, California. His neighbors didn’t want him to expand his Skywalker studio on the same property back in 2012, so in a way, some people are calling this new project “payback time.”

Mashable said that the Lucas affordable housing project will be another battle for the creator of Star Wars. But Lucas is not worried about his neighbors anymore. He almost got the funding for the project in 2013, but the funding fell through. This time, George says, he’ll do it his way and with his money.

Marin County has the fifth highest income-per-capita in the country. Marin is the home of wealthy tech companies and affluent business people. The average household income in Marin is $91,480, but that figure may change once Lucas completes his housing project. The 253,000 residents of the county may not like what Lucas is doing, but it is his property and his money.

A Unique Collection of Excellence

In 1986, the Sultan of Brunei purchased the acclaimed London hotel, the Dorchester. Eleven years later, the Dorchester Collection was founded in order to operate and maintain high-end luxury hotels around the world. The company, owned by the Brunei Agency, which is an arm of the Ministry of France, Brunei, seeks to be the “ultimate hotel management company” of the world. It currently boasts nearly five thousand employees and has won multiple awards, including four at the HR Excellence Awards in London, July 2014. The Dorchester Collection walked away with the HR Director of the Year award, the Best HR Team, an Outstanding Employee Engagement Strategy award and the coveted Gold Award.

The Dorchester Collection either fully owns or operates for third parties ten of the world’s most famous hotels, from the UK to Europe and the US. Each of these hotels painstakingly retains its unique characteristics, right down to being renovated and refurbished so that historic buildings and cabanas blend well with modern state-of-the-art facilities, five-star restaurants, spas and other top of the line amenities.

The hotels of the Collection were well-known in their own right prior to acquisition by the company between 1986 and 2013. There has been some talk of purchasing a hotel in New York, but that deal has not yet been finalized.

Three of these fine hotels are in the UK, two in London: The Dorchester (1986), 45 Park Lane (2011), and one in Berkshire, Coworth Park. Two fine hotels in Paris are part of the Collection: Le Meurice and The Plaza Athene, both purchased in 1997. In Switzerland, Le Richemond of Genevea (2011) joins the family. Two exquisite hotels of Italy are part of the Collection, the Hotel Principe de Savoia of Milan and the Hotel Eden in Rome, acquired in 2003 and 2013, respectively. In the United States, The Beverly Hills Hotel of Beverly Hills, California, purchased in 1995 is often affectionately referred to as “the Pink Palace.” A second California hotel, the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, became part of the Collection in 2008.

Coworth Park and the Hotel Bel-Air were both renovated in 2008. The Coworth reopened for business in 2010 and the Hotel Bel-Air in 2011.

Houston is Given a High-end Retail Space with the Help of Haidar Barbouti

The business of real estate has been notoriously tough to navigate for some of the most impressive business people in the world, but Haidar Barbouti has made a success of his global real estate company since 1986. A global reach means Haidar’s name is known in commercial real estate circles across a variety of countries, within the US his companies have a reach from Houston, Texas to New York, New York. Perhaps the most impressive piece of business completed by Barbouti was acquiring the Highland Village complex in 1990, which has made the name of the man who is now known as one of the world’s top commercial real estate owners and managers.


Haidar Barbouti has been a major player in the commercial real estate industry since leaving college in 1986, which means he has around 30 years of experience working in this field. He and other members of his family now own and operate a wide variety of commercial real estate businesses throughout the world, which means the Barbouti family are now one of the world’s best known owners of office buildings, commercial buildings and shopping centers. The Barbouti family can now be found as owners of commercial buildings in some of the world’s most famous and best respected cities in the world.

The prime location operated by Haidar Barbouti remains the Highland Shopping Center that is well known for stretching over 500,000 square feet of prime real estate on the historic Westheimer Road in Houston, Texas. Over the course of the last two decades the Highland Shopping Center has been developed to include more than $150 million worth of commercial real estate and shopping space. After purchasing and developing the property formerly known as Highland Village Barbouti remains responsible for the daily leasing and negotiations for the center in a bid to maintain the exclusive nature of the development.

Igor Cornelsen Knows Profit in Brazil

He was a hero of investing in his day and still offers advice, the iconic Igor Cornelsen. He helped build the number eight economic center in the world, Brazil. Some say he is the reason the agriculture sector has become a major exporter, and that his consultancy with Brazil’s leaders has grown the business culture of all South America.

“Be sure to connect with the natives,” Igor advised. The networking, developing working relationships, and knowledge of local finance and business operation modes, sort of mirror all of Brazilian culture. Most Brazilians are business owners, they will advice you happily, if you will spend a little time sharing your connections with them.

“Be ready for some red tape,” Igor advised. The Brazilian market is regulated by the government, an obstacle course of taxes, rules, and some cultural barriers, all is well understood by Igor. “Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end,” Igor Cornelsen once stated.

Get to know all the restrictions on the use of foreign-currency, Igor advised. Foreign currency is tightly controlled in Brazil. This is complicated by the arbitrary exchange rates, a problem Igor handles. “There’s no such thing as free money,” Igor reminds us, Brazil’s Central Bank can override any tax rate they please, but most in-country business transactions are taxed at steady, official commercial rates. Igor’s documented profile for investors is considered required reading for outside investors of Brazilian stock portfolios. Here are the top four tips in his profile document.

1. Banks in Brazil include the 10 major commercial and investment banks that have weathered all the economic waves of the last seventy years.

2. Fresh blood can create recovery, so Igor is encouraged by Joaquim Levy being appointed Brazil’s Finance Minister, because Levy is a friend of the private sector.

3. China is important in Igor’s view of interconnected markets. He sees a strong China as a good customer of raw materials, something Brazil can supply. However, in some markets there is direct competition with China.

4. Problems with Brazil’s currency value have been weathered there for decades. Igor sees the problems with exporting goods and the Central Bank of Brazil dollar swaps as signs that the local currency is way overvalued. Igor expects the new government will interfere less, resulting in a lowered valuation to in turn encourage investment.

3 Tips for Finding Premium Quality New York City Real Estate

When people think of real estate in New York City the first thing that usually comes to mind is how expensive it is. To a degree this is true. The Big Apple is known as a place where things are upscale, high-class, and cost accordingly. However, it is still possible to find exceptional deals on the fanciest of fancy condos, apartments, and real estate in NYC that won’t place a huge strain on your budget. In fact, getting a great deal is as easy as following these powerful tips.


One great way to find your dream property in NYC is to talk to people you know who already own real estate in the area or who do business there. Great deals on real estate in any part of the country are like diamonds in the rough: you have to look for them if you want to find them. The good news is that people in your network may already have found them and can pass along that information to you, all you have to do is ask. Sometimes the best deals are only a phone call or lunch meeting away.

Classified Ads

Sometimes you need to reach outside of your network and get a hold of people who know where the best deals are on NYC real estate. In this case placing a classified ad is a great way to get started. The thing to remember when placing classified ads is that the medium you use will have a huge impact on the results you get. For example, if you’re looking for a multi-million dollar condo, placing a Craig’s List ad may not be as effective as using an online service dedicated to helping you find properties in that price range.

Using TOWN Real Estate

Speaking of using online services to find upscale properties, TOWN Real Estate is always happy to help. This site gathers information on all the best deals in NYC properties and allows you to brows through them quickly and easily. They have information on everything from $39 million condos to apartments costing only $1,300 monthly. Regardless of what you’re looking for, TOWN Real Estate has information on it. You can check out their website by going to and take a look at the various offers they have available. Each property comes with extensive information on it and pictures so you can get an idea of what it looks like. If you have any questions, a licensed real estate representative is always just a phone call or email away.

Sam Tabar: Investment and Legal Professional

The right legal and investment advice is essential. Many people will need the best possible legal and fiscal advice during their lives. Corporate officials need to make sure that they are in compliance with all regional and national laws that may pertain to their business interests. Legal counsel with the extensively experienced Sam Tabar, New York-based capital strategist and attorney can help an individual as well as those who are in charge of corporate interests. They can also help provide people with a higher rate of return on their investments as well as the opportunity to help lower their taxes and reduce the risk of potential capital losses as a result.

Professional help is available from people like Sam Tabar who, according to,  spent years studying both the legal and fiscal markets. A skilled professional can assist those who are in need of their services by working with them as closely as possible in order to help them achieve their fiscal goals. A professional can also help a company ward off any potential problems that may be related to their business such as the risk of a lawsuit. The right legal and fiscal professional is often a necessity in order for companies to function well and for individuals to get to their life goals.

Sam Tabar has an undergraduate degree from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. During his years at this highly prestigious university,  Tabar mastered many subjects and realized that the fields of finance and law were his his interests. His grades at this university were excellent. This enabled him to apply to Columbia University law school.

Tabar has since taken a wide variety of positions in various kinds of law firms as well as the world of financial management. His work has led to serving as an associate at prestigious law firms as well as work in the field of financial management. Over the years,  clients have come trust the always intelligent legal and financial advice of Sam Tabar  that he frequently discusses on The Lawyerist Lab.

A decade of success for BRL Trust

In just one decade the Brazilian financial services company BRL Trust has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most important companies in the country. As the Brazilian economy struggled under a series of difficult years caused by experimental policies from the government BRL Trust quickly found success through the employment of the top experts in Brazil who quickly led the company to become successful. In 2015, BRL Trust now works with some of the top financial institutions in the world to administer loans and a variety of other financial products that have been used by a number of investors of all sizes and investment levels.

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust began life as a loan administrator who had grown so quickly during its first year that it was administering more than 100 loans by the end of 2005. There are many examples of the growth of BRL Trust and how the company has become a major part of the Brazilian economy and has provided stability in a period when financial issues have made major headlines around the world. The issues that have faced the economy of Brazil have not caused major problems for BRL Trust, which has seen a high level of growth that looks set to continue over the coming decades.

The profile of BRL Trust has been raised over the recent years through the role the company has played in the construction projects that have been taking place for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Both sporting events were awarded to Brazil and highlighted the issues the economy of the country has been mired in as the country prepared for the arrival of major global events. BRL Trust has been involved as a loan administrator for many construction projects that would not have been completed on time or on budget had they nor had the financial skills of the professionals at BRL Trust to look after them.

Stock Market Begins Cautiously As It Awaits Fed Report

Stock Market Begins Cautiously As It Awaits Fed Report

The U. S. stock markets opened up cautiously this morning as investors like Gianfrancesco Genoso awaited word on the decision of the United States Federal Reserve from its schedule Open Market Committee Meeting. All markets report early trading to be slow as indicators dipped revealing most investors waiting of the language used by the Federal Reserve as to a possible increase in interest rates. Most investors seem content to simply wait for the afternoon report. Market Await Feds Report On Rate Hike

After several years of an unprecedented period of zero interest rate and quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, investors and bankers are taking cues from the Federal Reserve that a rate hike is not only imminent but is required as the U.S. economy appears to be moving forward in a consistent albeit sluggish pace. The only question is how soon will the first rate hike hit and what how will that hike affect bond prices and the performance of the U.S. dollar. The cue that most observers will be looking for in the afternoon briefing by the Federal Reserve is whether the Reserve uses the term “patience.” This term will indicate that a rate hike will be in play later in the year rather than sooner. If the term is not used, many expect the Reserve to initiate a rate hike as early as their next meeting.

After 80 Years, Barbara Beskind Gets Her Wish

Ever since she was ten-years-old, Barbara Beskind wanted to become an investor. She already invented things for necessity, but dreamed of becoming a professional inventor. One of the first things she invented, as a child, was a hobby horse made from old tires. She was discouraged by a counselor in high school because Beskind needed to get into engineering school in order to become an inventor, and the Engineering Schools were not accepting girls. Barbara Beskind ended up becoming an occupational therapist, wrote books, and learned to paint, instead, but she never gave up her dream to become an inventor. A top design company located in Silicon Valley, made her dream comes true. IDEO created the first design for the Apple mouse.

Two years ago, Beskind applied for a job at IDEO. It took her two months to write a nine page resume and then sent it by snail mail. Despite her age, Barbara Beskind got a job at the company. She takes public transportation each day to create devices for the aged. Because she suffers from macular degeneration, Ricardo Tosto even said she created a Trekker, a modified walker, to help her walk and WordPress Blogs documented that. IDEO finds Barbara Beskind valuable because she can relate to the elderly and knows that they need functional devices and not jeweled and wildly painted things. Barbara Beskind says that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still have your dreams.