What to Look for in Dog Food

Pet food is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States with companies selling about $23.9 billion dollars in food annually. More than ever, customers are buying premium dog food. In fact, sales of high-quality dog food have surged to $10.5 billion dollars and now accounts for 45 percent of the market.

Much of the marketing of these high quality dog food is hype with many manufacturers using the same words that consumers are looking for in their own food choices. Consumers can find gluten-free dog food, food where the first ingredient is vegetables and even dog food that must be refrigerated to make sure it keeps properly. Consumers that are wondering what the best dog food is to feed their favorite pooch need to remember that dogs are carnivorous. They still need a diet that mimics prey caught in the wild.

All dog foods must put the ingredients on the label so consumers can compare what is in choices that they are considering. For example, Beneful dog food contains yellow corn, carrots, peas and spinach. The prey that they would have caught in the wild are likely to have these same ingredients in their stomachs. Additionally, dogs need a high-quality protein. That’s why Beneful dog food contains chicken, and meat meal. Dogs also need no potatoes in their food because the starch offsets the healthy ingredients in the dog food. Therefore, owners will never find potatoes in Beneful.

While many manufacturers will suggest that you try their innovative product, changing dog foods often is never a good idea. Therefore, you should stick with one food. If you choose to trade to Beneful, and we hope you do, then make sure to change gradually over the course of two weeks.




Sam Tabar Invests in a Kickstarter Company, THINX Undergarments


Sam Tabar, who About.me lists as a prominent attorney as well as a renowned capital strategist has added THINX to his investments portfolio. THINX is a startup company that is involved in helping women both in America and Africa. It specializes in the production of underwear that is fashionable to support women’s incontinence and menstruation. When one pair of the undergarments is purchased then sanitary pads made of cloth and are reusable are provided via AFRIpads. They are given to African women who would have otherwise missed going to school or work. This company started off as a result of a Kickstarter campaign and at the moment it offers fashionable but functional underwear in five styles.  Sam Tabar also created a charitable campaign to do his own work for the people of Africa.

Tabar makes it evident from his Instagram posts that he holds the belief that this company, THINX, is a special one in regards to the business model it follows and its financial support that persuades the community to think about the global issues as well as offer them with a way of giving back through the purchases they make. He stated that THINX is helping others through its unique design and product of that is making a huge difference in people’s lives. A single purchase guarantees a woman in Uganda of getting seven washable cloth pads that are reusable through the AFRIpads which allows such a woman to go on with her life when on her menses. Normally women in the African continent who do not have adequate resources to help them manage their menstruation are forced to stay at home until it is over. The women who started the THINX Company were introduced to Tabar through some mutual friends as he stated on Vimeo. He was not looking to invest back then but their business model captured his attention. His deep understanding of investment management will spur the company to more growth.

Sam Tabar is a high-flying attorney and also a capital strategist based in the city of New York. He started off his career in the post of an Associate with a firm named Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP after graduating from the Columbia Law School and the Oxford University. While there he gave clients legal advice on the structures and formations of hedge fund, private placement memoranda, investment management contracts, employment issues, side letters and compliance and regulatory issues. He then joined SPARX Group and PMA Investment Advisors in the year 2004 and went on to rise up the ranks to the post of Managing Director and the Business Development co-head. He later joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the Capital Strategy head and Director of its region in the Asia-Pacific. He later rejoined the legal field back in September 2013 when he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as the Senior Associate in charge of Hedge funds, compliance and regulatory issues, fund structure and formation. He then left this firm in the month of August 2014.

Helane Morrison’s Achievements in the Financial Industry

Helane Morrison currently performs her duties as the director and also the counsel of the Hall Partners. She is also on the executive committee of the company. She used to be regional director of the SEC of the San Francisco office before she joined the company in 2007, and she used to perform her duties in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The Commission has its head office at the district office, and she is the first woman to serve in this position at the top of the firm.

Her duties in the San Francisco’s office involve the enforcement and the examination of programs that are supervised by her office. Some of the programs are located in Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Northern California, and northern Nevada. At the Hall Partners, she is taking over from David Bayless, who used to serve as the administrator of the San Francisco’s office for several years. After quitting, Bayless joined the Morrison & Foerster, a law company that is situated in San Francisco.

Helane Morrison supervised various investigations ever since she joined the company, and some of the investigations have led to an action of reinforcement being taken against the Republic Securities of New York, Dean Witter, and California Micro Devises. Below is one of her cases, for your reading enjoyment.

Even before she began performing her duties at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Morrison represented various clients who had been sued by SEC. Her work entailed defending the customers in lawsuits and also representing some officers during SEC investigations. Other duties involved supporting the brokers and also other stock brokers firms in suits. She performed her work while working for a company based in San Francisco that is under the ownership of Canady, Rice, Howard, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin.  You can see her resume which is littered with her impressive work experience and achievements on her LinkedIn account.

Helane Morrison graduated from the Boalt Hall School of Law with a bachelor’s degree in law. The institution is based in UC-Berkley. She is among the highly ranked administrators who work within the SEC. She is hardworking, and her determination in her work has led to the increase in the workforce of the employees who work for the San Francisco district office. The increase of staff is also due to increasing the workload for both the enforcement department and the examination section.

The examination section is concerned with the booking and recording of the registered entities such as the mutual funds, investment advisers, and registered entities while the enforcement workforce is concerned with the investigations and the prosecutions of the persons who cheat the investors. Below, are Helane’s thoughts on the dishonesty of the plaintiff’s pursuing legal action against one of her clients.

The Dog Food Will Never Be the Same Again

The dog food industry has changed for the better, and people are applauding the dog food companies that are providing this change. There are a wide range of companies that are becoming big fans of the food that is on the market right now. People can choose organic meals for their pets. They can buy meals that can be refrigerated. There is a new line of healthy premium pet food, and there is no turning back from this point. Consumers are patronizing these brands, and it has become evident that this pet food is improving as demand grows for more premium food. I have become a fan of the premium dog food that is being marketed because I know that this is going to ultimately lead to longer health for my dogs. Beneful, for example, has food that has the keyword “healthy” in the title. This is why I patronize the Beneful brand. I don’t have to even give it any thought. I know about the brand. I am aware of the company. All that I have to do is search for things like the Beneful Healthy Weight in grocery stores, and I have all that I need. Beneful has the variety that I need, and I hope that this Purina company will continue making more of the dog food variety that is currently on the market. It is a company that has managed to expand because it is becoming the face of healthy dog food. I think that this is the perfect company for this type of healthy dog food. I may have never discovered healthy pet food if it wasn’t for Beneful. Now I know that this is the best company for this type of premium food. The healthy brands that are on the market today represent a big change. FreshPet is offering exciting dog food choices. Honest Kitchen is certainly providing healthy choices. Beneful and Nature’s Variety are also offering great choices. This gives consumers a lot of foods to consider. The dog food industry will never be the same again after moving forward with premium foods.

BMG: Selecting A Reputable Bank In Brazil

Are you looking for a good bank for your needs? Do you want to find out why BMG is a great choice for your business or personal banking needs? If you are researching banks in Brazil or trying to choose the best bank for your situation, it’s extremely important that you make the right choice. There are many financial institutions in this country, including BMG, but you need to keep in mind that not all banks are created equal. It is imperative to check the reputation and reliability of a bank before making your choice.

Choosing a bank for your personal or business needs involves more than picking the nearest local bank. It is necessary to consider the services and features that you need and the fees for the various services. Ideally you will choose a bank with knowledgeable professionals who are hardworking and will ensure customer satisfaction. You want to choose a bank that will take the time to find out your needs and strive to help you. For business accounts, reliable professionals will present you with various options and guide you in choosing the right ones for you.

BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor has worked in the banking field for many years and has a track record of rendering high quality services to customers. BMG has many positive reviews and people in Brazil are always raving about the features and services offered by the bank. Marcio Alaor makes sure that customers are provided with the best quality financial servies and money management solutions available. Their proven record of rendering outstanding services has made the bank one of the most trusted financial institutions in the country. Many people in Brazil recognize Marcio Alaor as a strong leader and pleasant person.

It is also essential to make sure that the bank you choose, has fast response time. This means, that any time you contact customer support they will usually get back to you promptly or within a reasonable time period. BMG demonstrates a genuine interest in their banking customers and a dedication to quick service and top notch customer support.

Every person should have a reliable and supportive financial institution that sufficiently meets his or her needs. Be sure that you’re getting the most out of your bank or other financial institution. Some features are more valuable or in high demand than others because they can save money and time — two valuable commodities for business owners. When it comes to services, features and fees, banks vary significantly.

With a little common sense, you should not experience any difficulty choosing a dependable financial institution for your requirement. Visit BMG at their website to learn more about the bank.

Boraie Development To Have a Hand In Revamping New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a historic city in the state of New Jersey. Admittedly, the city has had its ups and downs. Over the decades, the region has seen its real estate market experience positives and negatives. Effective redevelopment strategies are the only means in which the positives can be sustained. Recently, as reported in the New Jersey Spotlight, a series of new development endeavors are being put in motion.

The redevelopment project that is being put in motion is not exactly a miniscule one. Several different players are all coming together to drive the multi-million dollar development plans to completion. The main focus right now is on the downtown district, but other connecting neighborhoods are going to be brought into the mix as well.

The path to rebuilding New Brunswick and its downtown (and surrounding college) area has been a slow one. While certain segments of the region are contemporary, low-rent retail stores are very prevalent. These establishments are not indicative of a geographic area burgeoning with renewed vigor or interest. The new redevelopment plans hope to change this.

Boraie Development is one of the partners in the forthcoming projects and its presence should prove to be a major positive for those hoping to see results. The Manta profile of the company reveals the extent of the business it engages in: roughly $10 million to $20 million in revenue per year. An article in PR Newswire also shows the scope of some of the luxury projects Boraie Development has had a hand in. The presence of this company among the entities looking to redevelop the business district should instill confidence in many.

Work on a ” 17-story residential high-rise” and the creation of a “$300 million quad” for Rutgers University are two of the projects. Enhancing “The Hub” located near the town’s train station is another item in the works. Hopefully, all of these projects will come together effectively and result in a brilliant new look for New Brunswick.

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Blue Santa; A US Money Reserve Strategy

Many people can afford to go holiday shopping and buy gifts and goodies for their families and favorite relatives, but there are also scores of others who don’t have the means to celebrate Christmas like the rest. The United States Money Reserve initiated a campaign, to raise money for the Austin Police Department’s Operation Blue Santa, several years ago. The aim this year is to raise $10,000 for families who are less fortunate.

Within the Austin community, it’s the Austin Police Department’s, Blue Santa project, which prepares meals and delivers them to the underprivileged. So cooking at home for the homeless and the less fortunate, and helping out the Austin Police to deliver a holiday meal and wrapped gift for every child, is what Operation Blue Santa has been doing for quite a while.

The US Money reserve was formed as a precious metals fund by veterans of the gold market. The most important thing was the impeccable and candid customer service and knowledge of the outside world. It has now become one of the largest distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins; precious metals that are advantageous and beneficial to anyone who holds them.

The Blue Santa, non-profit operation, has offered meals to more than 5000 families in the United States so far. Along with the Austin Energy Department, the Austin Water utilities, the Texas National Guard and Austin’s Fire Department, they make people, with little means, feel loved and sheltered during the holiday season.

The money reserve campaign is an annual fundraiser, where Santa comes wearing a blue suit and police boots; representative of Austin’s Police Department crew. The fundraiser itself was able to partially fulfill the philanthropic needs of Austin. We will ask all families and friends to share and contribute to this meritorious task, especially since this is the season for giving back!

Source: GoFundMe


Exploring The Relevance and Position of Solo Capital


Business is a topic that many people would like to pursue in the angle that profitability is possible. However, many have shunned the fact that some instances like lack of information could lead to losses that are regrettable in the long run. Before you implement any idea, it is necessary to weight all the aspects of the project to ensure that you will have made the right decision. If possible, you can involve a professional in the area of business to ensure you get the right results. Hiring professionals will allow you to make accurate strategies that will bring forth the right results and allow you to manage the business better. Solo Capital has been ranked among top investment companies that have handled most issues affecting the business world. They have come up with solutions for various challenges that people face while implementing different projects.

Investment management is one of the areas that Solo Capital has ventured into. They have allowed many investors to succeed in their various projects and have also come up with ideas that can help to make certain projects better. Solo Capital is an ideal company that has been ranked highly for handling different aspects of business and allowing for honest practices. This explains the reason many people have confidently invested in allowing them to manage their investments despite the fact they are of high value. Working for more than 10 years, Solo Capital has maintained integrity and honesty in all the works they have handled.

Security is a major issue that businesses are supposed to deal with. If one lacks the technical know-how that can allow for proper strategy formulation while searching for security options, it can become difficult to run a business. Solo Capital eliminates all this fear as they avail all the answers one may be looking for to cater for business security. Solo Capital has also been cited in various dailies for coming up with creative solutions and revolutionizing the business world.

Brokerage is also an area that has helped many acquire property while others have been able to get good deals for their property. This is an area Solo Capital has managed without any traces of failure. They only work based on their principle, which states that honesty in business is what leads to success and stability. Solo Capital is also available on Twitter, or you can also check on their page on Facebook for all the updates you may need to learn about.

The Key to Success

Years ago I used to work for a company called Stephen Murray CCMP Capital with a man named Stephen Murray. My first day in the office Stephen welcomed me with open arms and gave me the benefit of the doubt that I was nothing but the best. I wanted more than anything to show him how hard of a worker I was and the amount of ambition that was inside me. The great thing about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is that he already knew how I was before I had to show him. He read right through me and told me he knew I would be a great asset to his team.

Throughout the years working at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital I had come to realize that working at any firm is not all about your clients. It is also about who you are working with and the way that you present yourself to everyone, even outside of work. You never know who is going to walk into your office; it could be someone you were just rude to a few days ago. Working for Stephen Murray taught a few good life lessons that will probably stay with me till the day I move on from the earth.

Now a days I work from my home as an investor. It had been one of my ultimate goals in life and working at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on fortune made it possible for me. I ended up saving a lot of money while working there and I had financial specialists along the way helping me budget my money to help make it possible. I know have the mind set that I can do anything I please with just a little bit of motivation and patience to get me by. If everyone in this world could even just practice patience like I was taught by Stephen, than anyone in this world could accomplish anything that crosses their path. Right now my main goal is to teach my grandson this life lesson and maybe even one day get him into CCMP Capital where he can also strive to make a better life for himself. I will not give up on him either way because having that support is the most important piece to success.

An Interview With Sergio Cortes: The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

The clothes and voice must be very close. The way one walks, looks at other people, and behaves toward them–for an impersonator to be successful, it all must be very similar to the individual who is being impersonated. Embracing the art and music of another, making that a career–it requires precision.

In his Facebook profile, Sergio Cortes is reported to be an artist with exceptional talent in singing, composing, dancing and acting–this can’t be said of all impersonators. He also looks very much like the very famous artist he impersonates, and that is not easy. With this in mind, consider that the look-alikes who are the most talented make fans look closely in wonder, and those unfamiliar with the artist become curious. According to Sergio Cortes himself, looking like Michael Jackson is not only his career, it’s a privilege.

The similarity is such that it’s hard to believe the pop star wasn’t reborn from the ashes. In 2009, Sergio Cortes was considered one of the best impersonators of deceased American Singers. The Spanish 43-year-old was born on July 30, but even as a child his mother told him she thought he looked like Michael Jackson. At that time, Michael was part of the Jackson 5 group, and had just started his brilliant career; initially based in America, soon to be an international sensation. That was the turning point of Sergio’s own career, according to Cortes himself: “I started to pay attention to detail. As Michael sang, danced, and carried himself before the media and their fans, I watched. I had a different vision than what could be seen on TV, which gave me the proper information to interpret precisely.”

As a teenager, he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson; and the photos taken that day had enormous repercussions. It was then Sergio’s passion for Michael’s music started to become a double career. He went on to receive invitations to perform as an American Idol in several countries.

Today, his resemblance to the pop idol has earned Sergio Cortes various showcases, performances and more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is through social networks that impersonators disclose their work, talk to fans, and receive proposals for new shows.

Sergio Cortes admits he was very upset after the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, when he passed away while sleeping in his mansion in Los Angeles, USA. “It’s even harder when you have incorporated the foibles of this idol. You know all about his life and interpret it as part of your everyday life. His death has had a big impact on my life,” says Sergio Cortes. According to the look-alike, this impact helps him perform, and it helps fans of the late singer overcome the pain of the substantial loss.

Other famous artists are also commonly imitated and have lookalikes, just as Sergio Cortes. Some are even called twins of celebrities, due to their similarity being so great. Among this list are singers, actors, politicians and other celebrities of television. In Brazil, Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas, Renato Russo and Ronaldinho are among the most imitated.

Source: R7

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