The Eucatex Group Article

The Eucatex Group is an organization out of Brazil that has pioneered the world of industry by supplying companies with their high-grade insulation and eucalyptus wood fibers. Eucatex has over 60 years of experience and has branched out to supply hotels with laminated wood flooring. These are only a few examples of how Eucatex is a blend of innovation and experience in construction.

Eucatex is a company of vision and is headed by a CEO of vision named Flávio Maluf. Facebook shows that Mr. Maluf is not only an accomplished entrepreneur, as he is president of multiple flourishing companies, he is also a graduate of FAAP in Brazil and is a certified mechanical engineer. With his company achieving such accolades as being rated as a top company in corporate citizenship in Brazil, Eucatex is obviously a first class company.

Another area where Eucatex shows innovation is a flourishing forestry that is available for lease, this is a good opportunity to partner with Eucatex. With a 12 year lease, the land could be optimized and rural property value this is a prime company to invest in high-quality wood.

There are many companies that are successful, but few can be successful and show the ambition and desire to progress. Eucatex has the opportunity to grow and flourish in this economy as an investment opportunity and a healthy source of high-quality materials. The Eucatex group and Mr. Maluf specify that relations with investors and communication is key to building a successful business, and to help the quality of life in construction projects.

You Have To Know This Legend Of Excellence

There are the successful people, and then there are the very successful people like Shaygan Kheradpir. It’s like success looked at from a critical angle of how one starts a career and gears it up to recognition, fame and power. That’s much like the career of one Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter.

Shaygan was born in London and later moved to Iran where he grew up. He then moved to the United States where he went to Cornell University and acquired his Bachelors, Masters as well a Doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering. He decided to concentrate his expertise in control systems.

Come 1987, and Mr. Kheradpir was ready to launch his great career working for GTE Corporation. Shaygan worked hard and earned his recognition, such that in the year 2000, he was made the CTO/CIO of Verizon when GTE and Bell Atlantic merged.

During his 11 year stint at Verizon, this man put together a 7,000-strong IT support team and helped come up with new innovative products like lobi and Verizon One. He also pulled off successful negotiations with vendors and achieved a 30 percent decrease in technology expenditures besides encouraging efficient use of assets and launching an outsourcing program to India. Shaygan Kheradpir helped develop Verizon into a global leader in the 21st century media and communication systems.

When he started working for Barclays in 2011, it almost immediately became clear that success and power went wherever this man was. This time, he worked in the Barclays London office. He debuted there as the operating officer in charge of the retail bank. His good job then resulted to him being put in charge of both operations and technology for the whole global bank.

However, it’s not just mere luck that made it so, but rather the man’s capabilities when he was given a job. To make prove of that, let it be remembered that this man was responsible for the wholesome positive cultural change undergone by Barclays in order to both modernize and digitize its operations across the world. He also helped develop some of the most impacting products for the bank, with Cloudit and Pingit being the most noticeable.

In 2014, Shaygan Kheradpir wanted to advance his career further, and when his star shone brighter, he went to work as the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks. He also became a board member in the company.

And he has achieved even more. Apart from holding some patents to his name, Shaygan has, as a professor, taught electrical engineering at the Northeastern University and even became a member of the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s achievements even put his name to the Hall of Fame (CIO Magazine), 2007 edition.

Madison Street Capital: Global Investment Innovations

Madison Street Capital can be classified as an Investment Banking Firm that is based in Chicago, Illinois, US. Their primary goal is to provide financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions expertise, valuation services and financial opinions to both public and private firms. Though they sometimes work with large corporations, their aim is to assist medium sized groups. They offer their services through Asia, Africa and North America.

They aim at a global markets and is designed to help their consumers to succeed in that market. Madison Street Capital is committed to excellence in leadership and integrity as well as a broad range of services. Some of those other services include Company Valuation, Capital Reconstruction, Bankruptcy Services and tax compliance. They offer many more services, looking at anything that can help their customers to succeed in today’s growing global market.

They view emerging markets as essential for global growths, and that is where much of their work occurs. Madison Street Capital has gained customers around the world through their commitment to unwavering high levels of professional standards. They offer an honest evaluation of all clients financial and growth needs.

They see their work as focused in partnering with mid-level market firms. Their goal is to help them find their way around complex transactions in order to achieve the highest level outcome for each individual group. Madison Street Capital recognizes that each firm is unique and will need different solutions. They do not feel that one path is right for every corporation. That belief is responsible for much of their growth and success.

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has helped hundreds of vertical markets meet their financial goals. Their global views have given equal emphasis to both local businesses and networks. The company was founded in 2005 and has experienced a rapid rise in the market of managing the financial growth of many vertical industries. Their leadership members include Charles Botchway as CEO and Karl D’ Cunha as the Senior Managing Director.

Brazilian lawyers like Ricardo Tosto achieve global recognition

In North America and Europe the legal field can seem like it is far ahead of its competitors in other countries, but the legal field in Brazil is filled with prominent professionals and skilled lawyers in corporate, civil and criminal law. In terms of corporate law one of the top lawyers in the country is Ricardo Tosto, a lawyer who has built his reputation on the skilled completion of a number of cases that have made his own practice one of the top companies in Brazil. Tosto not only leads his company, but has also pioneered a number of law precedents and tools in Brazil that have gone on to become staples of the legal system in the country and brought it into the modern world.

Brazil has always seemed like a difficult option for many legal experts around the world as the training and education requirements included in the legal system begin earlier than in most countries. Those wishing to be lawyers in Brazil begin their training at undergraduate level in a tightly controlled system that requires specific targets to be reached in education and a entrance exam to be passed to attend law school. The national bar association is also involved with tightly controlling the working of the system and ensures the highest standards are reached by accredited educational institutions.

Ricardo Tosto is well known for his work in the corporate field and ensures a large amount of his own time and that of his colleagues is taken up with litigation. Tosto is not only one of the top lawyers in the country, he has made sure political views are not brought into his legal practice by representing clients from all sides of the political divide. The staff Tosto brings into his practice are usually well known to him, which has often meant those who have spent time at his practice as interns have returned later to become members of staff and partners in the company. The lawyer himself remains in great demand to represent corporate clients and government agencies who are looking for the best representation available offered without political or economic bias.

Bernie Sanders Adds More Conservative Voters And More Than $15 Million To His Campaign Chest

Clinton Still Enjoys A Lead In The Polls But Sanders Is Gaining On Her

When Bernie Sanders entered the race for the Democratic nominee for president most people didn’t know who he was or what he has done. The self-proclaimed Socialist Democrat has been educating people about his political style, his record and what he plans to do when he is president. His plans are radical, but correct, according to some political analysts.

James Dondero said that the Sanders message is simple if we just truly understand it. America should be given back to Americans, and that message is growing strong roots around the country. Sanders has raised more than $15 million in two months, and most of that money is coming from Middle America. More than 250,000 people have contributed to the Sanders campaign and some experts say that is just the beginning.

The Clinton campaign says that 91 percent of her donations came from the working class, but that percentage number is hard to believe. Clinton represents big business, rich supporters and business as usual in Washington. Clinton claims she is an advocate of the people. But his record tells a different story. Sanders, on the other hand, is what he says he is, and people are starting to believe him. Thousands of people in conservative states are coming out to hear what Sanders has to say. Sanders has a lot to say, and most of it makes sense.

Why You Should Invest in Brazil

Brazil brings up images of sandy beaches in Rio, the rainforest in the Amazon region and vast plains in the Pampas region. As an emerging country, Brazil offers the smart investor an opportunity of high return with minimal risk. Zeca Oliveira agrees that as you consider investing in a foreign country there are several reasons why Brazil should be high on you list.

The Brazilian economy is the sixth largest in the world, tying with the United Kingdom, France and Italy. The GDP of the country is in excess of US$3 trillion with an annual growth rate of 5.3%. The country offers almost 205 million people as potential customers with the vast majority under 54 years old.

The country is also in the spotlight as a tourist destination with the upcoming Summer Olympic Games being held in Rio de Janeiro and the recently completely World Soccer Cup. Mr, Oliveira knows that these tourists will likely expand their trips outside Rio to visit other areas of the country using its 67 airports. The country also boasts of having one of the best communications infrastructures in the world. One hundred percent of the telephone lines are digital and the population carries more than 125 million cell phones.

The workforce is active and Brazil has 111 million workers, 36% of all in South America. Most of these workers are in the services trade (70.4%) while 23.8% work in industrial jobs and 5.8% in agriculture. Sixteen million citizens have earned higher learning degrees from universities and technical institutions. Internet usage is rapidly rising with over 53 million users utilizing some 29 million personal computers.

The natural resources of Brazil are without argument some of the most plentiful in the world. Investors like Zeca Oliveira know that the country is the largest exporter of iron ore, coffee, beef, leather, ethanol and sugar cane. The country is self-sufficient when it comes to oil exporting enough to be the sixth largest export from the country. Brazil’s strategic location makes the import and export of goods through its 46 ports (each with a capacity of 600 millions tons per year) efficient.

All of these reasons point to an economy that will continue to grow and return favorable rates on investments. However, the tax structure in Brazil can be extremely complicated. So if you are wanting to set up your own business in Brazil be prepared to have professional tax assistance to navigate the myriad laws.

Dalrada Financial Corporation and Brian Bonar

The field of finance is very important and complex. It deals with the allocation of assets and liabilities where the conditions of the allocation my be uncertain. In simpler terms, finance is money management. Those who wish to be adept in the field of finance must understand that the value of a currency can increase or decrease over time, also known as deflation and inflation. The risk level and rates of return on investments are also important factors to learn and master. Finances have three categories including corporate finance, public finance, and personal finance. 

One of the top companies in the field of finance is the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The Dalrada Financial Corporation are skilled in giving their clients the best financial, benefit, business, and insurance services. They work one on one with their customers to form a personal plan, specific for each person. This individualism has set the company apart from the others. Dalrada Financial Corporation is all about the protection and growth of their client’s finances. They make sure to form a personalized plan that will not only expand a company but also keep it safe from the numerous financial risks that could easily cause a business to fall. Dalrada Financial Corporation has one of the highest success rates in the field of finance. 

The director of Dalrada Financial Corporation since since August 1995 has been Brian Bonar. He has also been the company’s Chairman of the Board since December 1999. Brian Bonar has decades of financial experience which started in 1992 when he became the Director of Technology Sales. In 1994 he was promoted to the position of Vice President of Marketing and Sales, where he remained until he was promoted yet again to the position of Executive Vice President. Only three years later, in 1997 he was appointed as Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chief Operating Officer and President. Brian Bonar did not stop there, assuming the role of CEO in 1998.

Before he worked at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar had various other positions of note. one of his fist jobs was at IMB, where he remained for 17 years. Afterwards he has a long list of job titles including the Executive Director of Engineering of printing company QMS, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the laser printer corporation Rastek, Worldwide Sales Manager for another laser printer company Adaptec, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing a Sales for Bezier Systems. He went to school at the University of Strathclyde, where he earned his undergraduate degree, and Staffordshire University where he earned his doctorate and MBA. In his free time Brian Bonar volunteers at the Greater San Diego Boys & Girls Club where he is also a board member.

Sam Tabar Heads Crowdfunding Options in the Wake of Law Changes

Crowdfunding has been one of the major areas of growth for many companies and individuals who are struggling to get their idea off the ground. One of the problems many people have is the fact they have recently struggled to understand where they stand in terms of law when they offer funding for a business idea or opportunity. In 2012, the US Government passed into law a piece of legislation designed to put the needs of the investor at the heart of crowdfunding opportunities. This has been of great assistance to investors, such as financial law expert and Lawyerist member, Sam Tabar who have invested in crowdfunded companies and wanted t make sure they understood their position in terms of an investment.

The crowdfunding laws passed by the US Government have been designed to make sure the individual investor can receive some for of return on their investment and is protected from the problems that can be found with any investment. Companies are permitted to be crowdfunded up to $1 million per year under the act and for individuals like Sam Tabar their individual investment could also be limited depending on what they wish to receive in terms of a return on their investment.

Sam Tabar backed a crowdfunded startup designing a new range of underwear for women, which uses a portion of the profits to improve the lives of women in the US and Africa. The THINX underwear range provides sanitary products to women across the world using some of the profits made from underwear sales, which Tabar backed after a chance meeting with the creators of the range.

Houston’s Real Estate Trends

While the real estate scene in Houston still leans toward the suburban shopping center, this trend could well be changing. With over 20 years of commercial real estate expertise, Haidar Barbouti has brought many high end shoppers to Highland Village in Houston with well-known retailers such as Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Crate & Barrel. Houston’s shopping experience has definitely become more than “just a day at the mall”. Haidar Barbouti has also transformed the dining experience for shoppers. Not satisfied with fine dining restaurants available, he opened Up Restaurant on the top of the third story, overlooking the Galleria. This restaurant caters to home cooking and 10 oz. portions for the hearty appetite.

The Galleria in the uptown district of Houston is once again becoming a popular place to shop. This shopping center is considered to be the most visited attraction in the greater Houston area. The Galleria features prestigious, well known retailers, such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Neiman Marcus. The first Tesla Motors and only Prada stores in Texas are also located in the Galleria.

There has been more retail development down Westheimer and Post Oak allowing Houston to continue to grow as a luxury retail destination. Luxury retailers wanting to have their business in Houston are going to look at Oliver McMillan’s place first, to the River Oaks District between uptown and downtown districts second, and then to Highland Village because of having demonstrated quality, high-end retail at street level. Retail shopping on the lower level of high rise buildings has become the norm, rather than the exception.

Because it has become more feasible to buy a home than to rent, Houston’s new construction is still far ahead of most areas. There are more first time home buyers than in the past, which also creates a need for more upscale shopping centers and restaurants.

Investment Opportunities Opened Up By Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has spent more than 30 years working with those who feel they have funds to invest in the stock market and undertake other high quality investment opportunities. Reifler has been involved in high quality investment opportunities since 1982 and now works with his own Forefront Management Group to find new and existing investment opportunities for clients. Reuters is reporting Reifler is now looking to assist the much ignored middle classes of the US by opening up the Forefront Income Trust, which is looking to provide investment opportunities for the middle class of America.

Reifler states he has spent the majority of his career working with what are known as accredited investors, who earn $200,000 per year or more and have over $1 million in assets. The Forefront Management Group are now looking to change the way everyday people invest, which means the fund can be accessed with as little as $2,500 to begin investing with a professional financial company. Reifler states figures often used by those fighting for greater wealth distribution when he states 99 percent of the population are being ignored in terms of investment opportunities and the richest one percent are growing richer. Reifler is attempting to share the wealth created on the stock market and other investment opportunities with the majority by offering a return of eight percent cfor a fund not linked to stock market health. By offering these skills Reifler is hoping the Forefront Management Group will become known as a safe place for first time investors and those with limited funds to begin and continue investing for a number of years.