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Pain management is not something that can be done only through the use of pain medications. In fact, based on my own personal experience, using pain medications to manage chronic pain can often make things much worse. I’ve been on many different pain medications, including Morphine, Hydrocodone and others for the past five years to try and manage my pain levels. While they all seemed to work at first, minus the dizziness and other side effects, eventually they didn’t work at all, and the dosage had to be continually increased. I was tired of having to take pill after pill to keep my pain under control, and the pills were not even helping. What was I going to do? Luckily, I found Nobilis Health.

I am a 27-year-old female, and I’m a single mother of three children. I couldn’t go under the knife and receive surgery because then I would be absent away from my kids. I had to find another option. I talked to my doctor, who was just about 30 minutes from Dallas, and he finally recommended that I go to Nobilis Health. When I asked him what that place was, he seemed surprised that I didn’t already know. You see, he was a new doctor for me because I had just moved to the area about six months ago. When he began to explain to me all of the great services that Nobilis Health offered, I finally had hope.

The following week he put in my referral to go and see someone at Nobilis Health. When I talked with their doctor about my problems with pain, they told me that while surgery may eventually have to be the course of action, right now they wanted to handle my case with pain management. They didn’t just want me to be taking pain medications. They wanted me to be able to actually get better and be able to do more with my life. The great choices that Nobilis Health gave me had me in tears. Not only did they want to work with me but they told me that if the pain management plan they had set up for me actually worked, I might finally be able to cut off the pain medications once and for all.

I love the thought of being pain-free, and I know that is what’s best for me and my children too. So, what happened next with my visit to Nobilis Health? Shortly after my first meeting, we started with my pain management plan. They made my experience there better than any other healthcare experience I have had in the past, and we worked on different types of therapies to fix my pain. Ever since I started at their center, I can already tell a difference in the levels of my pain. I no longer wake up in extreme pain, and I even feel better throughout the day. I would highly recommend Nobilis Health to anyone who wants to feel better when they are constantly dealing with chronic pain.

Brian Bonar Makes Sound Financial Decisions in San Diego

An Asset to Any Business
Brian Bonar is an excellent person to contact if your business is in need of help with making financial decisions. Mr. Bonar is a genius when it comes to financial matters. He is currently at Dalrada Financial Services. Brian is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer He offers his specialty expertise to every business. These include acquisitions and mergers. He is highly experienced, adds integrity and he will provide creative solutions that will be exceptional.

Financial Services that Provide Sound Solutions
Brian Bonar and Dalrada Financial Services take pride in providing businesses
with some of the following services:
*tax strategy solutions
*assistance in achieving your financial goals
*protection and capital
*determine risk exposure
*custom tailored services that will suit your company’s particular needs

A trustworthy financial company will assist your business to lower the overall cost. This is the job of a company that provides financial solutions to your business.

Maximize Resources
A trustworthy financial company will provide your company with an uncomplicated, cost-effective, and a robust bottom line. These are not difficult to implement with an efficient and savvy company that specializes in solutions for business. When your business chooses to accept the assistance of a financial company, you can expect solid products. You will receive protection and capital that will lead to rewards for risks. Your business will appreciate developing a lifelong relationship that will only prove to prosper.

Strategy Orientated
Brian Bonar and Dalrada Financial Services are strategy oriented and have developed superior plans and solutions for businesses. Every company can use the expertise and highly professional assistance from a financial company that will provide sound advice that will lead your company to success. Their expertise will offer your business a stress-free environment that is filled with sound solutions.

Growth of QNet under the Spiritual Guidance of Joseph Bismark

QNet is an e-commerce company that is under the Qi Group. The firm was established in 1998 by Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran. The company deals in direct selling of products and services. The headquarters of the company are located in Hong Kong.

QNet uses the bilateral pyramid unit system. This system works by having representatives who recommend goods and services to consumers and receive cash compensation depending on the sales volume. The company sells home care, energy, nutrition, cosmetics and fashion accessories. On the services sector, they offer online education courses and vacation packages. QNet has branches in Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey and India.

Over the years, the company has changed its focus to health and general wellness products. All their products are made using organic ingredients. The company also serves vegetarian meals during the company’s events. According to the company’s founders, a team that is healthy is more likely to produce better working results. The company has made strides in their campaign against diabetes, obesity, cancer and other life style diseases. QNet is planning to shift its manufacturing base to India. The company would like to improve the economy of the country while offering job opportunities. A number of their products are currently being manufactured in India. The move is set to reduce the cost of production significantly. Under the tutelage of Joseph Bismark, the company incorporates spirituality in business practices.

Joseph Bismark left the comforts of his home at the age of nine to live in a monastery in the Philippines Mountain. He left the monastery at the age of seventeen having learnt that for a business to do well, spirituality has to be involved in all the aspects of the business. Armed with the spirituality principles and business acumen, Bismark joined the entrepreneurship world. It was until 1998 that he co founded the QI group of companies. In addition, Mr. Bismark co founded the RYTHM foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility branch of the company. He uses the foundation to promote spiritual growth, interact with the members of the community and plan communal activities.
Mr. Bismark currently holds the position of managing director in the company. In his spare time he writes, teaches yoga and martial arts. His principles and believes have been instrumental in enhancing the organizational goals of the group. Bismark believes in being honest irrespective of the outcomes, maintaining open channels of communication, being dynamic and treating people with absolute respect.

What it means to be the Founder of a Corporation like the Computer Sciences Corporation

Eric Pulier has always shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of business, as evident with the Computer Sciences Corporation. As a very sharp and astute thinker, he knows opportunity when he sees it, and when he sees it he grabs it. A Harvard graduate, he jumped headfirst into the world of technology with the Computer Sciences Corporation which wowed investors who eventually purchased it for an undisclosed multimillion dollar sum. Pulier has continued this trend throughout his entire career, building 16 other groundbreaking enterprise software startups, essentially revolutionizing the way and ease in which corporations manage the digital parts of their business.

Pulier’s vision is a profound one. He always seems to have the magic touch when it comes to impressing investors into purchasing large sums of his enormously profitable businesses. Over the lifetime of his career, he has received over one half billion dollars from top venture capitalists and angel investors to help aid the process of developing each of his many enterprises. The financial returns that Eric enabled each of his investors to attain with the sale of the Computer Sciences Corporation is staggering, so much that the world of venture capital did everything they could to recruit Eric to become a fellow venture capitalist in hopes that they he would make their businesses more successful, and he did.

Eric Pulier is known as the industry’s number one rainmaker, which is evident with the research and development that he conducted to establish the computer sciences Corporation into a company that changed the way that executives looked at enterprise software. Lots of early-stage businesses have gone to Eric personally, asking for his help and advice. The companies who showed strength in character and promise were drafted and groomed under the tutelage of Eric Pulier and his team of brilliant rainmakers. His angel investing career has earned him quite a large sum of money and an enormous amount of money he donates to philanthropic charities and causes that peak his interest.

As a devoted activist, Eric has always cherished his ability to change and move the world, one person at a time. Whether it is in business or the world of philanthropy, Eric has shown a great amount of devotion and dedication to improving the way others live through technology which is obviously the premise for the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Eric Pulier, with a background of writing columns for the Harvard Crimson, learned what it means to take something that is often glossed over and make it into something extraordinary because that is what creative types do. He simply applies that same mentality to technology and with enormous success, if I do say so myself.

FreedomPop: Free Mobile Service Arrives in the UK

According to the Daily Mail, a Los Angeles-based mobile phone service that’s been running in the US for three years is now expanding to the UK. The service, an app provided by FreedomPop, promises users a free mobile phone contract that offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MBs of data, all free, to its UK customers. Users are also given a phone number allowing them to receive international phone calls at no charge.

If a user finds the 200MBs of data allotted insufficient, FreedomPop provides the option of filling out third-party surveys and downloading coupons in exchange for more data. Additionally, data that goes unused can be gifted at no charge to the user’s friends and family. Users are able to check their data, minutes, and texts anytime either within the app or via push notification to prevent any charges incurred from going over their monthly limit.

In its three years of operation in the US, FreedomPop has acquired almost one million customers, and since its recent launch in the UK in May, 250,000 have signed up for the service. FreedomPop is the first mobile provider in the UK to offer a “free service, guaranteed for life,” according to the chief executive and co-founder, Stephen Stokols. The company runs under the belief that “everyone should have access to mobile services” and is enthusiastic about offering customers in the UK this unique opportunity. The UK is the first country, among seven set to launch within the next year, to provide the service, with 20 total countries set to have access to it by 2017.

About U.S. Money Reserve: The Gold Leader Of America


The U.S Money Service was created by experts in the gold market that comprehended the requirement of combining trustworthy guidance, expert market knowledge and top-notch customer service that was very crucial in the purchase of precious metals. Currently, as amongst the biggest distributors of U.S government: platinum, silver and gold coins, they take pleasure in working with thousands of customers that have taken the advantage of the many financial gains accrued from having precious metals.
U.S Money Reserve constantly strives to offer the most outstanding precious stones issued by the government – platinum, silver and gold coins, in the marketplace. Through the years, most of their clientele have placed their faith in their capability of helping in choosing coins that have the highest value. Owed to these many and wise purchases, the greater part of these individuals are gaining much profit today.
The U.S Money reserve clients are served by highly qualified individuals with a team of about 100 knowledgeable and experienced professionals including coin research professionals, shipping and vault departments, inventory department, business support development, customer relations department, industry leading numismatic expert and senior gold specialists.
The U.S money Reserve is among the leading distributors of platinum, silver and gold coins in the nations with the inclusion of coins made by the United States Mint, that enjoy full support by the U.S for their purity, weight and content. This means that clients purchasing the U.S issued coins can be confident that the coins have the stated among of platinum, silver or gold. Additionally, these coins have authorization from Congress and are made with the face value denominations, making them certified U.S lawful tenders.
There are many reasons why clients choose U.S Money Reserve for their precious stones’ purchases. Amongst these reasons are 100% money back guarantee, price protections programs, access to the best coins in the market, experienced gold professionals, and clients can take physical passions of their coins.
The clients have the advantage of working with top gold specialists that have years of expertise in the platinum, silver and gold markets. These experts are capable of explaining all the crucial details on purchasing the US Government coins and are always happy to help when making decisions and selections of the precious stones.
One of the main advantages of making purchases with the U.S Money Reserve is that the clients become the owners of the tangible asset that can get delivered to their banks, offices or homes. These coins are not paper stocks certifications, but legal tenders of platinum, silver and gold.


BMG Bank Brazil

Mr. Gumaraes Ricardo is the owner of Banco de Minas Gerais S.A.and he works as its leader and president. Since 2004, Mr. Ricardo has been the president and executive officer of BMG S.A de C.V. Mr. Ricardo has served as the Financial Executive officer of the bank from 1980 to 1989. He then served as the bank’s CEO from 1989. Mr. Rcardo received an appointment as the bank’s vice premier of the panel of decision-making officers in 1996. Since 2008 April, Mr. Ricardo has been the company’s director. He has also served as a participant in the group of councilors for the bank. Mr. Ricardo graduated with a business administration degree from the University of Felcudae in 1988.

BMG bank is a commercial institution privately controlled and owned by the Pentagna family. This bank has had a close involvement with the country’s financial industry since 1930 during its establishment. This organization is a commercial bank that offers products to institutions and individuals. Before 1990, the bank’s core business was the consumer and wholesale financing, and it was the leader for light and heavy vehicle financing in 1980’s. From 1998, this bank has shifted its focus to the providence of payroll loans and is now a point of reference for this operation.

In 2012 July, The Bank signed a covenant of association with Unibasco S.A, which was aimed at offering payroll loans commercialization and distribution of in Brazil. The two institutions united to form a joint venture that is called BMG Banco Itau Cosignado S.A. in 2014, the two organizations signed an agreement that will unify their business that would focus on the payroll loans at the joint operation. BMG currently holds 40% of the total voting share stocks and its partner Banco Itau holds the remaining 60% shares. The unification of this businesses has brought numerous advantages to BMG. This standardization has enabled the concentrate bank focus on tactical products like Payroll Credit card and used automobile financing.

The bank is keen to keep its conservative profile as well as the profitability of its products. This achievement is brought about by quality customer portfolio and responsible credit. The bank additionally is working to meet customer and new business needs that add value to the company. With its long history as a pioneer financial institution in the country, BMG has substantial experience and expertise in all its aspects of operations. The bank has a strong brand recognition and solid governance practices that propel it in the bank market.

Top Financial Tips to Thrive a Business

To succeed in business or employment, one has to adhere to some basic rules. The following are some that cut across all areas that involves money to help one succeed financially.

Earning Highly while Spending Less than the Income
People should make sure that they understand their job worth in the market. That can be done by personal evaluation of one’s skills, productivity, job tasks and the current rates and fiscal contribution to the company. Being underpaid even a dollar per day can have a cumulative adverse effect over the course of one’s life. People should also avoid spending more than their income since it is illogical, unsustainable and has repercussions.

Sticking to Budget
How can people know where their money is going if they do not budget? How can people formulate spending or saving goals they have no account of their money? The answers to these queries are the main reasons why creating a budget and adhering to it is essential.

Pay Off Debts
Credit card debt and other existing debts are obstacles to financial progression. Being a debt-free person gives one a favorable environment of saving or investing. Ambitious persons can never save or conduct business flawlessly when there are existing debts that keep haunting them.

Savings Plan
One must be earning in everything financial endeavor. When people wait until they meet all their other financial duties before paying themselves, they mostly end up lacking a healthy savings plan or investments. All people should resolve to set aside at least five to ten percent of their salary or profits for savings prior paying their bills. Better yet, people can have money automatically deducted from their paychecks and deposited into separate accounts.

Keeping Good Records
People who do not keep good records normally fail to claim all their credits and income tax deductions. Therefore, one should set up a recording system and use it always. The small amounts of money that may be lost in the long run may be quite significant.

Brian Bonar is an individual who has thrived through observing these financial principles. Currently, he is the Chairman as well as the CEO of Trucept Inc., formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. He is globally acclaimed in the business of merging and acquisition of high-yielding entities. He is also renowned in turnaround management, sourcing, restructuring, process improvement, and strategy. His prowess has made to be honored by many prestigious financial organizations. Bonar is a mechanical engineer by profession who graduated from Watt Technical College with an undergraduate degree. He later earned a master’s degree in the same course from the Stafford University in 1973. Dr. Bonar also holds a Ph.D. in international business development studies from Stafford University. He started his career at IBM in the year 1969 as the Procurement Manager. He later served as director of engineering at QMS. He has since served in other firms in various executive posts up to the year 2011. Bonar then started his companies, which include Bezier Systems that he started in 1994 and AMS Outsourcing in the year 2006.

The Lime Crime Brand Still Goes Strong

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that has become very strong with teenagers. This is one of those lipstick brands with other accessories. This is one of the best possible solutions for girls that are interested in getting a style that is different from everyone else that is out there.

I discovered this brand through my kids, and I have purchased some of the Lime Crime products for a lot of different age groups. I have a large family, and I have been able to buy the things like the lip gloss for the kids in my family. I have purchased the Unicorn Lipstick for some of my daughters and their cousins who are all teenagers. I have also been able to get some eye liner accessories for myself. This is such a nice brand because it spices things up. This is makeup that you will certainly remember. The colors are quite daring, and I like all the new colors that are on the market.

As a Lime Crime fan I have decided to follow Doe Deere– the CEO of Lime Crime – on Twitter. This is a great way to get updates – with photos – of the new additions to the Lime Crime brand. I recently saw a new bold color like “Squash” that is on Twitter. This is a colorful makeup that is great for harvest time. I have been impressed with the colors that are so bold.

I certainly think that Lime Crime is the perfect type of makeup for those that do not have any audacious colors in their collection. Sometimes you just want to go rogue and do something that is not so traditional. That is why I love what the Lime Crime brand does. It puts something fresh and exciting on the market. It gives people that ability to pick from something other than the limited lipstick and lip gloss styles that are on the market today.

My husband really seems to delight in these bold colors. He has never commented on my makeup before, but he really seems to take a liking to the colors that are presented by Lime Crime. That is reason enough for me to stay tuned into what this brand is doing.

I think that Doe Deere has created something that people wanted even if people didn’t realize that they wanted it. There certainly is a buzz in the air about these Lime Crime products. The colors are so extreme, but it fits this young generation of free spirits so well. Sometimes they just don’t want to be subtle. Sometimes my daughters just want to be expressive with a brand of lipstick that makes them feel like true individuals. That is why I was glad to discover the Lime Crime brand. Actually, it was my daughters that made the discovery, but I stay more in tune with the new products than they do. I know what they like so I have been happy to buy these products.

White Shark Is Handpicked By Google As SMB Partner

White Shark Media was co-founded in 2012 by Gary Garth, CEO, and Andrew Lolk, CMO. Their experience in sales and marketing together filled a void in marketing media across the globe. AdWords is a special talent knowing what particular words will trigger sales, interest, leads, and promote products. These two entrepreneurs have an edge on AdWords. White Shark Media has a team of Certified AdWord Professionals. The Shark team are experts in promoting businesses through just the right phrase, word, and setting the stage for adding traffic and sales leads.

Over the past few years they have promoted thousands of clients through their talents and staff’s ingenuity. They have also learned from their customers by listening, learning and applying input from customers and staff. This has increased their search for excellence in better customer service. It is because White Shark Media turns the complaints into opportunities. Constantly honing their customer service not only helped them, but significantly helped their customers build on their dreams and challenge their goals.

Connecting with customers and bridging any communication gaps adds strength to any campaign program and tightens the connecting relationship with clients. Truly building a cohesive working relationship improves the customer’s ability to perform and connect with their customer base.

White Shark is determined to stay connected with their customers through monthly review meetings where they share a computer screen to review together the reports ensuring their clients understand the campaign results and projections.
When a client wants to speak to their representative at White Shark, they are not channeled through the main phone system. They are given a direct number to the person handling their campaign, dial that number and speak with the person handling their account. This is a refreshing response and clients constantly comment of the ease of contact. They realize the value of their client’s time and the annoyance of being on hold and constantly in transfer mode.

Although White Shark does not offer SEO services, they will review any SEO proposals their clients receive and advise.

White Shark Media is extremely proud to have been handpicked by Google as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. AdWords is the key to attracting new traffic to websites and turning that traffic into sales. With White Shark’s Certified AdWord Staff, they have passed Google’s most stringent requirements making them a top selection in Premier Partner Program.

White Shark Media’s track record, and customer base client base. Added to Google’s strengths they will undoubtedly continue their successful climb.