A Few Things About Bernado Chua You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Sometime amateur photographer Bernardo Chua subscribes to the school of thought that every individual can do something remarkable for himself and for society when provided with the chance. He is one of the most recognized names in the direct sales industry and is the Founder of Organo Gold, an international coffee brand that is well known for all matters related to offering numerous health benefits. Chua has been very instrumental in making and running Gano Excel and his current company, Organo Gold. He grew up in the Philippines but had a very strong knowledge of the Chinese culture from the onset.

Affectionately referred to as Bernie by friends and family, he was aware of Ganoderma and would end up being the first business person to make huge successes selling its products outside the Asian market. When he was setting up his business model, he saw a big opportunity to work with individuals in direct sales and that played a very big role in the company being able to penetrate the Asian and the global market as well. Bernardo is of the very firm belief that direct sales are the best ways to sell in every industry that deals with consumer goods.

He is considered one of the most successful business people in the Pacific Rim. Through his career, he has been recognized and awarded with a few accolades for his exemplary contribution to matters related to empowering people from all over the world and hence improving their lifestyles. Now that he has been able to establish his company on the global platform, he continues to focus on redefining its business so that it continues being on the front line when all matters related to producing and selling top quality products are concerned.

When matters related to providing the best quality are concerned, he does not shy away from any report that gets produced. He is known to work very closely with the creme de la creme of Ganoderma producers in the world that makes it easily possible for him to sell sell his products at a good price regardless of their high quality. He is also sufficiently philanthropic towards Ganoderma research thus allowing Organo Gold to have the first priority when any breakthroughs are discovered. Bernado is also a very spiritual person and he sees potential in every person. Throughout his career, he has continually been able to empower many people through Facebook and other avenues, not just financially but also spiritually through his different publications on self-belief.