Boraie Development To Have a Hand In Revamping New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a historic city in the state of New Jersey. Admittedly, the city has had its ups and downs. Over the decades, the region has seen its real estate market experience positives and negatives. Effective redevelopment strategies are the only means in which the positives can be sustained. Recently, as reported in the New Jersey Spotlight, a series of new development endeavors are being put in motion.

The redevelopment project that is being put in motion is not exactly a miniscule one. Several different players are all coming together to drive the multi-million dollar development plans to completion. The main focus right now is on the downtown district, but other connecting neighborhoods are going to be brought into the mix as well.

The path to rebuilding New Brunswick and its downtown (and surrounding college) area has been a slow one. While certain segments of the region are contemporary, low-rent retail stores are very prevalent. These establishments are not indicative of a geographic area burgeoning with renewed vigor or interest. The new redevelopment plans hope to change this.

Boraie Development is one of the partners in the forthcoming projects and its presence should prove to be a major positive for those hoping to see results. The Manta profile of the company reveals the extent of the business it engages in: roughly $10 million to $20 million in revenue per year. An article in PR Newswire also shows the scope of some of the luxury projects Boraie Development has had a hand in. The presence of this company among the entities looking to redevelop the business district should instill confidence in many.

Work on a ” 17-story residential high-rise” and the creation of a “$300 million quad” for Rutgers University are two of the projects. Enhancing “The Hub” located near the town’s train station is another item in the works. Hopefully, all of these projects will come together effectively and result in a brilliant new look for New Brunswick.

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Blue Santa; A US Money Reserve Strategy

Many people can afford to go holiday shopping and buy gifts and goodies for their families and favorite relatives, but there are also scores of others who don’t have the means to celebrate Christmas like the rest. The United States Money Reserve initiated a campaign, to raise money for the Austin Police Department’s Operation Blue Santa, several years ago. The aim this year is to raise $10,000 for families who are less fortunate.

Within the Austin community, it’s the Austin Police Department’s, Blue Santa project, which prepares meals and delivers them to the underprivileged. So cooking at home for the homeless and the less fortunate, and helping out the Austin Police to deliver a holiday meal and wrapped gift for every child, is what Operation Blue Santa has been doing for quite a while.

The US Money reserve was formed as a precious metals fund by veterans of the gold market. The most important thing was the impeccable and candid customer service and knowledge of the outside world. It has now become one of the largest distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins; precious metals that are advantageous and beneficial to anyone who holds them.

The Blue Santa, non-profit operation, has offered meals to more than 5000 families in the United States so far. Along with the Austin Energy Department, the Austin Water utilities, the Texas National Guard and Austin’s Fire Department, they make people, with little means, feel loved and sheltered during the holiday season.

The money reserve campaign is an annual fundraiser, where Santa comes wearing a blue suit and police boots; representative of Austin’s Police Department crew. The fundraiser itself was able to partially fulfill the philanthropic needs of Austin. We will ask all families and friends to share and contribute to this meritorious task, especially since this is the season for giving back!

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Exploring The Relevance and Position of Solo Capital


Business is a topic that many people would like to pursue in the angle that profitability is possible. However, many have shunned the fact that some instances like lack of information could lead to losses that are regrettable in the long run. Before you implement any idea, it is necessary to weight all the aspects of the project to ensure that you will have made the right decision. If possible, you can involve a professional in the area of business to ensure you get the right results. Hiring professionals will allow you to make accurate strategies that will bring forth the right results and allow you to manage the business better. Solo Capital has been ranked among top investment companies that have handled most issues affecting the business world. They have come up with solutions for various challenges that people face while implementing different projects.

Investment management is one of the areas that Solo Capital has ventured into. They have allowed many investors to succeed in their various projects and have also come up with ideas that can help to make certain projects better. Solo Capital is an ideal company that has been ranked highly for handling different aspects of business and allowing for honest practices. This explains the reason many people have confidently invested in allowing them to manage their investments despite the fact they are of high value. Working for more than 10 years, Solo Capital has maintained integrity and honesty in all the works they have handled.

Security is a major issue that businesses are supposed to deal with. If one lacks the technical know-how that can allow for proper strategy formulation while searching for security options, it can become difficult to run a business. Solo Capital eliminates all this fear as they avail all the answers one may be looking for to cater for business security. Solo Capital has also been cited in various dailies for coming up with creative solutions and revolutionizing the business world.

Brokerage is also an area that has helped many acquire property while others have been able to get good deals for their property. This is an area Solo Capital has managed without any traces of failure. They only work based on their principle, which states that honesty in business is what leads to success and stability. Solo Capital is also available on Twitter, or you can also check on their page on Facebook for all the updates you may need to learn about.

The Key to Success

Years ago I used to work for a company called Stephen Murray CCMP Capital with a man named Stephen Murray. My first day in the office Stephen welcomed me with open arms and gave me the benefit of the doubt that I was nothing but the best. I wanted more than anything to show him how hard of a worker I was and the amount of ambition that was inside me. The great thing about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is that he already knew how I was before I had to show him. He read right through me and told me he knew I would be a great asset to his team.

Throughout the years working at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital I had come to realize that working at any firm is not all about your clients. It is also about who you are working with and the way that you present yourself to everyone, even outside of work. You never know who is going to walk into your office; it could be someone you were just rude to a few days ago. Working for Stephen Murray taught a few good life lessons that will probably stay with me till the day I move on from the earth.

Now a days I work from my home as an investor. It had been one of my ultimate goals in life and working at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on fortune made it possible for me. I ended up saving a lot of money while working there and I had financial specialists along the way helping me budget my money to help make it possible. I know have the mind set that I can do anything I please with just a little bit of motivation and patience to get me by. If everyone in this world could even just practice patience like I was taught by Stephen, than anyone in this world could accomplish anything that crosses their path. Right now my main goal is to teach my grandson this life lesson and maybe even one day get him into CCMP Capital where he can also strive to make a better life for himself. I will not give up on him either way because having that support is the most important piece to success.

An Interview With Sergio Cortes: The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

The clothes and voice must be very close. The way one walks, looks at other people, and behaves toward them–for an impersonator to be successful, it all must be very similar to the individual who is being impersonated. Embracing the art and music of another, making that a career–it requires precision.

In his Facebook profile, Sergio Cortes is reported to be an artist with exceptional talent in singing, composing, dancing and acting–this can’t be said of all impersonators. He also looks very much like the very famous artist he impersonates, and that is not easy. With this in mind, consider that the look-alikes who are the most talented make fans look closely in wonder, and those unfamiliar with the artist become curious. According to Sergio Cortes himself, looking like Michael Jackson is not only his career, it’s a privilege.

The similarity is such that it’s hard to believe the pop star wasn’t reborn from the ashes. In 2009, Sergio Cortes was considered one of the best impersonators of deceased American Singers. The Spanish 43-year-old was born on July 30, but even as a child his mother told him she thought he looked like Michael Jackson. At that time, Michael was part of the Jackson 5 group, and had just started his brilliant career; initially based in America, soon to be an international sensation. That was the turning point of Sergio’s own career, according to Cortes himself: “I started to pay attention to detail. As Michael sang, danced, and carried himself before the media and their fans, I watched. I had a different vision than what could be seen on TV, which gave me the proper information to interpret precisely.”

As a teenager, he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson; and the photos taken that day had enormous repercussions. It was then Sergio’s passion for Michael’s music started to become a double career. He went on to receive invitations to perform as an American Idol in several countries.

Today, his resemblance to the pop idol has earned Sergio Cortes various showcases, performances and more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is through social networks that impersonators disclose their work, talk to fans, and receive proposals for new shows.

Sergio Cortes admits he was very upset after the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, when he passed away while sleeping in his mansion in Los Angeles, USA. “It’s even harder when you have incorporated the foibles of this idol. You know all about his life and interpret it as part of your everyday life. His death has had a big impact on my life,” says Sergio Cortes. According to the look-alike, this impact helps him perform, and it helps fans of the late singer overcome the pain of the substantial loss.

Other famous artists are also commonly imitated and have lookalikes, just as Sergio Cortes. Some are even called twins of celebrities, due to their similarity being so great. Among this list are singers, actors, politicians and other celebrities of television. In Brazil, Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas, Renato Russo and Ronaldinho are among the most imitated.

Source: R7

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How George Soros is Helping Voting Rights in the United States


It is often surprising for average Americans to learn that their beloved democratic systems are not impervious to flaws and undue influence from certain interest groups. In the United States, the intersection of politics, special interests and the democratic process is not a pretty sight, and this is something that billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros is truly concerned with.

George Soros is one of the greatest minds in the world of finance. Born in Hungary, this American citizen made investment history in the 1990s as a foreign currency trader. Soros had a penchant for “trading cable,” which means that he closely followed the currency pair of the United States dollar and the British pound. On one occasion, he took a risky position against the British pound; this transaction would net him more than a billion dollars in just a few days.

Aside from being active in the worlds of foreign currency trading and hedge fund investing, Soros is also known for his philanthropy and political activism. He is a staunch believer in the concept of open society, whereby people enjoy certain civil freedoms that truly make up democracy. Soros believes that the rights of people should not only be mentioned; they should be respected and upheld at all times.

In 2004, Soros made history in American politics by donating millions for the purpose of mobilizing voters. While many analysts believed that such an effort was not necessary in a democratic republic such as the United States, Soros’ activism revealed that certain state jurisdictions have been involved in the suppression of fair voting access since the early 21st century. Through legislative and rulemaking efforts, voter protection has been decimated in jurisdictions traditionally considered to be political battleground states.

Through his own charity, the Open Society Foundations, Soros has been funding legal efforts to restore voting rights to the jurisdictions where certain groups, typically minorities, have been affected. As of mid-2015, Soros had not yet made a move towards funding Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign; however, he had already donated more than $5 million to fund federal lawsuits that challenge certain laws ostensibly passed to combat voter fraud.

One example of what Soros is helping to overcome can be seen in North Carolina, where student ID cards cannot be used for voting. In the past, students could get their ID cards and register in advance so that they could vote when they turned 18 years old; alas, new state legislation did away with that. The case is pending, but Soros is hopeful that individual freedoms will prevail.

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The Perfect London Vacation Rentals From WorldEscape

I’ve always done a lot of traveling. When I was a kid, we traveled all over the world. My parents were a bit older and had a lot of money to spend on us. So when my oldest sister’s daughter was graduating from college, I started to think about the best possible way for us to celebrate. She’d done very well in school and I wanted to be the great aunt who would give her the ideal graduation gift. I was able to quickly think about it and came up with the perfect idea. I would take her to London.

London is one of my favorite places in all the world. This fabulous city is a treasure trove of spaces devoted to all things. I’d been here many times before but never before with someone so special. My eldest niece is great kid. I wanted to show her London as I had seen it before with my friends. The trick was finding the best possible place to stay while we were here. This is why I was so happy to find people who would be able to direct me to the London vacation rental I had in mind. WorldEscape proved to be the perfect partner is my search for an ideal rental for me and my niece. They know London almost as well as I do.

With their help, I was able to find the best possible place for us to stay. It was bright and airy as well as having two bedrooms to allow both of us our privacy while we were staying there. I was very happy to find that I could pick out the right London vacation rental for our needs. The place I chose from me and my niece was just right. The rooms were warm and we had a nice full bath. I like to cook so I was pleased to have a full kitchen where I could make all kinds of meals for us to share. The place was just as I had seen in all of the pictures shown right on the site.

Madison Street Capital Helps Facilitate Major Business Deals

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank that specializes in a unique niche in the business world. Businesses are partnering, merging and buying each other every day. Madison Street Capital stands squarely between two businesses before a deal is done, and the company provides valuation reports that help both sides in a deal make the right decision. Everyone who has made a business deal before understands the inherent need for valuation, and Madison Street Capital provides the reports that are needed to complete a deal.

#1: How Does Madison Street Do Their Job?

Madison Street Capital completes research on both sides in every business deal they facilitate. The research shows the overall value of each business, and both sides are given a report that shares the information equally. Both sides in these deals may choose to ask for more information, and Madison Street offers that information as swiftly as possible. The two sides may use this information in any way they like, and Madison Street remains in the fold when both parties wish to complete their deal.

#2: How Deep Does Valuation Go?

Madison Street Capital digs deep into each company to arrive at a value that is fair for both companies. Many companies do not have a value that is easy to see, but Madison Street may easily uncover how valuable a company truly is. Madison Street does the same on the other hand. Some companies are not quite as valuable as they appear, and Madison Street ensures that both parties are not fooled in a deal.

#3: The Work Is Swift

Business deals take time to complete, but Madison Street does not want either side to languish while waiting for an answer. Reports from Madison Street Capital are used to complete business deals while Madison Street moderates, and both sides will funnel their cash through Madison Street to complete the deal. Madison Street acts as the middle man that helps complete the deal without bias. The facilitator for a deal of this style is paid a small fee, and Madison Street is happy to complete a deal for any client.

The Madison Street Capital name is synonymous with proper valuation of businesses across the world, and the company works hard to help each new deal go through as it should. Any business that wishes to complete a new sale or merger must seek out Madison Street Capital for their expertise.

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Remarkable Finance Executive, Brian Bonar

Finance, by definition, is a field that deals with the allocation of liabilities and assets over a specified period under the conditions of uncertainty and certainty. It is also the art of the money management. Finance aims at pricing the assets based on their expected rate of return after risking. There exist various financial experts and executives around the globe.

One of the leading fruitful finance executives is Brian Bonar. He is President of Trucept Incorporated. He has a broad business leadership background having served in various companies. He was named as the Chief Executive Officer, the Secretary, and Treasurer of the insurer, financial officer and the Board chairman of Trucept in early 2010. Before this, Brian Bonar was a Director of the Board of STTN on May 2009. Three months later, he was appointed as its President. Mr. Bonar has more than eighteen years of experience with IBM in Asia, United States of America and Europe. Besides, he has twenty years in both public and private companies in various locations of the United Kingdom and the US.

From the year 2003 to 2006, Mr. Brian was the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Solvis Group, which gives services like PEO, ASO and staffing to majorly the call centre and medical segments. From 2004 to 2009, Brian was the Chief Executive and the Board Chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation which is based in California. It provides services like health insurance, workers compensation and other various insurance products to the final consumer and marketed through staffing and PEO companies. From early September 2007 to 2009, Brian was a member of the Directors Board and the President of Allegiant Professional, which is a publicly traded Company. Between the same period still, he formed the AMS outsourcing, a PEO, focusing primarily on the transport marketplace. He also established extensions in Mexico and Czech Republic.

In the period between the years 2004 to 2009, Brian Bonar was a Board member in various organizations and Companies that include American Marine LCC, Warning Management Corporation, The Solvis Group among others. The experience of Brian Bonar, his vast knowledge of how to build a structure and his contacts in the PEO field was the key element that informed his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept. He holds an honorary degree from Wales in the United Kingdom. He is a doctor of philosophy in International Business from Stafford University. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering holder from the University of Strathclyde. Brian is a specialist in acquisitions and mergers. He has a personable and a creative approach to life combining the creative power of an architect with the technical genius of an engineer. He loves playing golf, boating trips and spending time with his family.

Kyle Bass and Clovis Oncology

Clovis Oncology just had the FDA referee whistle blown regarding one of their pharmaceuticals. Their new drug Rociletinib was shown to be less effective in actuality than it was represented in clinical trials. As a result, Clovis stock took a seventy percent stock market dive; though it bounced back near where it had been shortly thereafter. Kyle Bass feels as though the stock market’s response was “overly punitive”, and he has good reason to.

Kyle Bass knows how pharmaceutical organizations work, and Clovis’ shenanigans are certainly not his first rodeo. Several years back, Bass started an organization called the “Coalition For Affordable Drugs”. This coalition was successful in decreasing the cost of drugs for a number of pharmaceuticals. Not only was it able to decrease their cost, but like one domino knocking over another, this cost declination ended up lowering their overall stock value. Bass immediately made a profit from this, and though legal, it now appears as though the entire thing were a charade specifically aimed at this purpose. Congress, no strangers to underhanded and financially lucrative shenanigans themselves, was very quick to cut off the bipartisan gloss and get Bass’ loophole sewn shut. But as Bass’ predictions with Clovis reveal, he’s far from finished in his manipulative tactics.

Bass believes that Clovis stock will remain worthy of investment for two main reasons. Firstly, Bass thinks their next drug is going to be very lucrative for the organization, and thus for any investors tied to it through the stock market. Secondly, Bass also knows that pharmaceutical corporations pull all manner of hi-jinks on the sly. For example, AstraZeneca really has some nasty ways about it, and has even gone so far as to selectively test pharmaceuticals in clinical trials on groups known to have a positive or negative reaction to drugs in general. The greatest example of this is a drug they used for cancer tested on Asian patients, who have been statistically more likely to respond positively to lung-cancer medication. This drug wasn’t marketed in Asia, though; it was marketed in the United States. So AstraZeneca had, in effect, fudged the numbers; and they’d done so in a quasi-legal way. But when millions are on the line, it makes sense that they’d pull something like this. Such is Kyle Bass’ reasoning, anyway; and a reason that he hasn’t pulled his Clovis horse from the race as yet.

Bass has controversial ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina, where he is also from; and is famous for exploding on the financial scene in 2008 when he successfully predicted America’s sub-prime lending crisis, although plenty of websites have had negative things to say. A hedge fund manager based in Texas, Bass has been making waves for nearly a decade, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. It makes sense to keep an eye on a guy like Bass.