Spoiling Our Pets With Gourmet Meal Selections

Dogs are in for a real treat as many dog food manufacturers have gone gourmet with pet cuisine. Several of the small and large dog food producers are giving your pet a taste of the good life.

Freshpet Inc., one of the smaller dog food providers, has gone gourmet. Michael Hieger, manufacturing Chief, is so confident of his Freshpet gourmet blend that he held a surprise tasting as visitors witnessed Hieger popping a sample of their dog food in his mouth and with a smile he replies “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” That’s a bonafide test sampling. Beneful is a fast growing pet food provider with a market share in the area of $23.7 billion, and further proof that pets are going for the gourmet meals.

Nestle’s Purinastore  Beneful has been helping dog owners maintain the weight of their dog through their website orders. The weight loss or weight maintenance program is a dog food specially blended via personalization. Pet owners complete a questionnaire on their website providing details about their pet and health conditions. They also provide food preferences their pet enjoys and nutritional needs. The food is blended according to specifications from the owner and shipped directly to the pet’s home.

Approximately 7-months ago, Purina Beneful purchased Merrick Pet Care. Merrick was the first certified organic pet food producer of dog food. The dog food line Merrick created the Backcountry label, which includes Game Bird and Pacific Catch.

Mars Petcare, another leader in pet food sales now touting their pet food is “farm-to-table” ready with their Nutro Farm’s Harvest line with added antioxidants like blueberries and cranberries included in their pet’s meals. Nutro Farm’s Harvest is claiming the berries are picked at the perfect time and freeze-dried to lock in the freshness of the berries, with no artificial flavors or colors.

Mars’ also has a line of pet food that dogs crave. Cesar Home Delights only makes two menu items at this time, and they are lasagne and beef stroganoff for dogs. No pet owners, this isn’t a meal to be shared by pet and pet owner.

The new slogan for pets is “eat-like-your-owner” is apparently taking off. Sales of these gourmet products are gaining its share of the market over the past few years. Dog food manufacturers are adding fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains to kibble and canned foods. Lamb and chicken are popular meat blends blended with the fruits and vegetables.


George Soros on EU Collapse

The European Union is close to collapse. It has been facing crisis after crisis. They have had to deal with the Greek debt. They have had to face terrorism. They are currently experiencing a mass influx of refugees that is unsustainable and causing chaos, fear and violence. And according to George Soros, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is furthering the newer Syrian refugee crisis in order to push the EU to crumble.

Forbes billionaire Soros wrote an article that was published by Project Syndicate. In the article he was critical of the leadership in the United States and the European Union for not seeing through President Putin’s claims that he is the west’s ally in the war on ISIS. Soros said it was actually the opposite. President Putin has ordered airstrikes on northern Syria and southern Syria. These air strikes forced thousands of people from their homes and toward Europe with the hope of gaining asylum. Putin knows that if Europe is flooded with immigrants, xenophobic problems like fear, chaos and violence will increase and the European Union will fall a part.

Soros explains that President Putin has a vested interest in the European Union falling. The biggest benefit will be economic. In 2017 Russia’s foreign debt matures. There are also sanctions being held on Russia by the EU. If the EU crumbles, there will be no authority to enforce the sanctions or hold Russia to their debt.

George Soros is deeply invested in the future of the European Union. His non-profit, the Open Society Foundations, shares similar principles to the ones the EU was founded on. Soros’ goal is to spread the idea of having more open societies, more human rights and more transparency in government. Soros believes in these things because of his background.

Soros was born in Hungary several years before World War II. His family was jewish and had to live under false identities while their country was under Nazi Occupation. The war ended but the communists came. When Soros was 17, he left for London. He attended the London School of Economics and pursued a career in investments. He first worked in England and then moved to the United States. Soros worked for a few New York investment firms and then in the 1970s he started Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund. Soros had significant success and now has a net worth of almost 25 billion dollars.

Soros is now concentrating his efforts on philanthropy and spreading the idea of freedom and better governance to over 100 countries with the Open Society Foundations. Soros believes that the European Union has led the way with progressive human rights. He does not want to see that fade away.

What to Look for in Dog Food

Pet food is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States with companies selling about $23.9 billion dollars in food annually. More than ever, customers are buying premium dog food. In fact, sales of high-quality dog food have surged to $10.5 billion dollars and now accounts for 45 percent of the market.

Much of the marketing of these high quality dog food is hype with many manufacturers using the same words that consumers are looking for in their own food choices. Consumers can find gluten-free dog food, food where the first ingredient is vegetables and even dog food that must be refrigerated to make sure it keeps properly. Consumers that are wondering what the best dog food is to feed their favorite pooch need to remember that dogs are carnivorous. They still need a diet that mimics prey caught in the wild.

All dog foods must put the ingredients on the label so consumers can compare what is in choices that they are considering. For example, Beneful dog food contains yellow corn, carrots, peas and spinach. The prey that they would have caught in the wild are likely to have these same ingredients in their stomachs. Additionally, dogs need a high-quality protein. That’s why Beneful dog food contains chicken, and meat meal. Dogs also need no potatoes in their food because the starch offsets the healthy ingredients in the dog food. Therefore, owners will never find potatoes in Beneful.

While many manufacturers will suggest that you try their innovative product, changing dog foods often is never a good idea. Therefore, you should stick with one food. If you choose to trade to Beneful, and we hope you do, then make sure to change gradually over the course of two weeks.




Sam Tabar Invests in a Kickstarter Company, THINX Undergarments


Sam Tabar, who About.me lists as a prominent attorney as well as a renowned capital strategist has added THINX to his investments portfolio. THINX is a startup company that is involved in helping women both in America and Africa. It specializes in the production of underwear that is fashionable to support women’s incontinence and menstruation. When one pair of the undergarments is purchased then sanitary pads made of cloth and are reusable are provided via AFRIpads. They are given to African women who would have otherwise missed going to school or work. This company started off as a result of a Kickstarter campaign and at the moment it offers fashionable but functional underwear in five styles.  Sam Tabar also created a charitable campaign to do his own work for the people of Africa.

Tabar makes it evident from his Instagram posts that he holds the belief that this company, THINX, is a special one in regards to the business model it follows and its financial support that persuades the community to think about the global issues as well as offer them with a way of giving back through the purchases they make. He stated that THINX is helping others through its unique design and product of that is making a huge difference in people’s lives. A single purchase guarantees a woman in Uganda of getting seven washable cloth pads that are reusable through the AFRIpads which allows such a woman to go on with her life when on her menses. Normally women in the African continent who do not have adequate resources to help them manage their menstruation are forced to stay at home until it is over. The women who started the THINX Company were introduced to Tabar through some mutual friends as he stated on Vimeo. He was not looking to invest back then but their business model captured his attention. His deep understanding of investment management will spur the company to more growth.

Sam Tabar is a high-flying attorney and also a capital strategist based in the city of New York. He started off his career in the post of an Associate with a firm named Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP after graduating from the Columbia Law School and the Oxford University. While there he gave clients legal advice on the structures and formations of hedge fund, private placement memoranda, investment management contracts, employment issues, side letters and compliance and regulatory issues. He then joined SPARX Group and PMA Investment Advisors in the year 2004 and went on to rise up the ranks to the post of Managing Director and the Business Development co-head. He later joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the Capital Strategy head and Director of its region in the Asia-Pacific. He later rejoined the legal field back in September 2013 when he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as the Senior Associate in charge of Hedge funds, compliance and regulatory issues, fund structure and formation. He then left this firm in the month of August 2014.