Venezuela Expected to Reach Complete Economic Collapse

It has been predicted by expert Danilo Diaz Granados that Venezuela could reach a “total economic collapse” within the next 12 to 18 months. The International Monetary Report revealed that the country is expected to enter a state of hyperinflation, reaching levels of an astounding 720%, making the country’s inflation rate the highest in the world.
The Miami Herald reported that the country’s economy is in such a state of panic that “thieves are not stealing local currency, but are instead hunting out U.S. dollars.” It was reported earlier in April that President Maduro would make adjustments to the government’s required weekly work schedule and change the time zone to help conserve electricity. Reports of brownouts began nearly two years ago, shortly after Maduro took office. Due to drought, the country’s hydro-powered energy sources have decreaesed output, resulting in even more shortages in electricity.

The citizens of Venezuela are suffering greatly in other ways as well. Store shelves that were once stocked multiple times a week now lie empty. Most stores receive sporadic shipments. The Wall Street Journal reported in October 2014, fingerprint scanners were installed at grocery stores in order to ensure fair food rationing. Photographs in the article show store shelves stocked to the hilt, a far cry from grocery shopping in Venezuela in March 2016. Other necessities have been rationed as well, such as electricity, toilet paper, and running water. The same article notes that running water is being cut off to homes, sometimes for more than 100 hours per week.

Venezuela’s New Time Zone and Energy Crisis

Checking out that time zone app and feeling a little confused? You can relax because you didn’t misread anything. If you’re looking to see what time it is in Venezuela, note that beginning May 1, 2016 Venezuela will be in a different time zone. The announcement was made by the government following an order made by President Nicolas Maduro.
The sudden change in the country’s time zone is part of an initiative to help reduce the consumption of electricity. Much of the country’s electricity is hydro powered, and a recent drought has caused a water shortage. Maduro made some announcements and changes regarding energy conservation in Venezuela.

Maduro called for a reduction of the work week at the federal level. Federal employees like Norka Luque will now work Monday through Thursday. They will have Friday through Sunday off to help conserve electricity. Maduro has suggested that shopping centers produce their own energy and requested all theaters to close early. The president has gone as far as to ask women to avoid using blow dryers for their hair to conserve energy.

Some scoffed at Maduro’s orders, calling them a half-hearted attempt to stop a cannonball. Officials had previously warned the government that water levels at the dams had dropped below the levels needed to prevent electrical blackouts.

Bloomberg reported that current water levels at the dam were at approximately 243 feet above sea level. If the water level drops another three feet, energy production at the hydro plant would have to be shut down to prevent damage to the turbines.

It is suspected that if the plant is shut down, a major increase of rationing will occur throughout the country.

Maduro said that he would announce the new time zone and energy conservation initiative in coming days.

The last time the time zone in Venezuela was modified was in 2007 by former President Hugo Chavez.

Philip Diehl Talks of What Has Made US Money Reserve Successful

Philip Diehl, who is the Current President of U.S. Money Reserve and former U.S. Mint Director was recently interviewed by Eric Dye, the host of a show in Enterprise Radio. The show gives the top executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to give insights into their experiences, services, products, latest creations and strategies.

In the interview, Diehl shared about his leadership background, the strong customer service exhibited by the U.S. Money Reserve and what the future holds for the gold market.

Diehl is among the best U.S. Mint Directors ever who has achieved quite a lot. It is during his tenure that the U.S. government-issued platinum coin was minted for the first time and several other key achievements.

In the interview, he talked at length about the strategies and principles that made him achieve that much. One of them is a strong focus to customer satisfaction.

A report from Crunchbase has it that after becoming U.S. Money Reserve’s President, he has continued with the same enthusiasm by applying the same principles and strategies. This is what has made the company what it is today. The U.S. Money Reserve is among the leading distributors of precious bars, bullion, and coins.

The company has launched the IRA program which enables customers to keep gold as a way of protecting their financial future after retirement and also benefit from the expected rise in the prices of gold.

These gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the U.S. government are legal tender and it is advisable for consumers to acquire them in advance. The value of dollar can fluctuate in future but the value of precious stones is expected to only increase in future. Keeping wealth in precious metals is therefore very secure as compared keeping it in cash. These coins issued by the U.S. government are a perfect way of keeping your wealth.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Based in Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve was established in 2001 and it is among the leading private distributors of the gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the U.S. government. The company serves many clients in the United States and has helped them keep their wealth in precious metals.

The company employs professionals who have the perfect knowledge about the precious metals market. These professionals help the clients to keep their wealth in the products that will bring them the highest profit. U.S. Money Reserve outshines all the other players in the market by the exceptional services that it offers to its clients.

Adapted from PR Newswire

How Highland Capital Management Will Benefit From Argentina’s Bond Issuance

Argentina is bidding to make a comeback to the global bond markets in the next one month. The country is banking on Highland Capital Management to lead a consortium of buyers of the bonds valued at 12 billion dollars. The wealth management firm is in charge of assets worth 19billion dollars. The company itself is eager to purchase a sizeable portion of the securities. This is according to its president and co-founder, James Dondero.

Over the past six months, Highland Capital has trimmed its holdings in the Argentinian economy in anticipation of the securities issue. Before this, it was the biggest shareholder of Argentina’s notes worth 4 billion dollars. This investment comes of age in 2033. The intent that the firm has shown is proof that the South American country is on the path of recovery. This has been preceded by the current attempts to sell a record amount of securities. This will ensure that all its external debts are settled amicable. At the moment, debtors like billionaire Paul Singer are threatening to freeze the economy if their debts are not paid.

Dondero further states that Highland Capital plans to hold onto their original investment but will snap up the new issuance. He also expresses his sanguinity that Argentina’s treasury will price the stocks rationally to facilitate buying and selling. He recommends that the pricing be done relative to other Latin America nations. American law will be applied during the issuance of the debt. It is expected that yields will drop to around 6 percent in the short term. However, its fortunes will improve with time. This will play an important role in stabilizing the nation’s fiscal and monetary position.

The investment guru has had an impeccable career in the industry. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, where he majored in accounting and finance. He is a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Jim, as he is popularly known, has served in senior management positions at various notable firms. He was at the helm of American Express’ fixed income funds between 1985 and 1989. He also worked at GIC where he was the Chief Investment Officer.
Besides his role at Highland Capital, Jim serves as the president of NextBank and NextPoint Advisors. He is the board chair of Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. He also participates in educational charities in Texas.

Sanjay Shah Helping Autism Patients

Sanjay Shah has been aiming at helping autism patients by running a charity program called Autism Rocks. He founded Autism Rocks in the year 2011 after his son was diagnosed with that condition. Shah wanted to consider other children who are suffering from autism and may not have the privileges that are possessed by his son. He, therefore, settled to starting something that would help the entire world of autism.
Autism rocks work by organizing concerts around the world. The concerts are then used as avenues for collecting money and raising awareness of autism. The money gathered from the autism show us used in autism research. Shah works in close cooperation with autism research organizations that aim improving health care for autism patients.
Shah has been successful in running his business. He is the owner of Solo Capital, which was founded two years before the founding of autism rocks. Shah also owns other firms in London where he was born and has been living. Shah went to Kings College whereby he studied medicine. After his studies, he went to work in an investment bank. The first investment bank that employed Shah was Meryl Lynch. This bank gave him the confidence needed to work for other investment banks and companies that offered financial investment services.
Sanjay Shah was working for some company until the year 2009 when the economic challenges experienced in the world made him redundant. He, therefore, settled in starting his company, and that marked the beginning of Solo Capital.
Among the other companies that are owned by Shah are Malta and Cayman Inc. All the businesses that are owned by Shah are working in the financial investment industry. It is because of the big experience he had earned in this industry that Shah was able to run the firms successfully.
Autism rocks have received the same management that Shah had given to his companies. This is the management theta saw Solo Capital and the other companies that he owned grow into international standards. He has been looking forward to getting more willing individuals to contribute to the foundation.

If There Was No Beneful, I’d Prepare My Dog’s Food Myself

I loved Beneful’s recent youtube commercial featuring the people who make Beneful dog food. They feed it to their pets for the same reason that I do; it’s made with high quality ingredients. I feed all seven of my dogs Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food ( with real chicken. While several of them are not overweight, they are elderly, and they lead a sedentary lifestyle. They love the taste, and I feel better knowing that they are maintaining a healthy weight.

Every Sunday, I give my beagles Beneful Incredibites, the canned food made for small dogs. The two of them love the little bits of carrots and wild rice in the food. The larger dogs each enjoy a tub of Beneful’s chopped blends. My redtick hound picks out all of the peas first, because they are his favorite. Occasionally, I’ll add extra frozen peas to his tub as a special treat. My dogs also like Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Ridge Twists. They are the only dental treats that I have ever found that my dogs actually enjoy. If you’ve ever tried brushing a dog’s teeth, you will understand what a great invention dental treats are.

I will always stick with Beneful because I’ve never found another dog food manufacturer that cares so much about pet nutrition; the Nutrition Research team at Nestlé Purinastore is led by a woman with a PhD in Animal Nutrition. She, along with her team of pet nutrition experts, evaluates every ingredient that goes into Beneful. I know some people just feed their dog the cheapest dog food they can find, but for me, it’s Beneful or I’ll cook their food myself rather than give them any other dog food.



Bruce Levenson Sell Atlanta Hawks Shares For $825 Million

Atlanta Hawks rode the headlines last year as ex-controlling partner and millionaire business mogul, Bruce Levenson in sought a buyer for it. Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs were the top investors chosen by Levenson to handle the transaction. The former NBA team governor on announced in the last quarter of 2014 that he intended to sell his Atlanta Hawks controlling shares. It comprised of the famed Phillips Arena and the Hawks franchise. Goldman Sachs estimated the top-notch NBA team assets at a substantial $1 billion. Levenson was certainly pleased and set out to collect bids.

While Bruce Levenson on time didn’t get the asking price Goldman Sachs insisted on, Tony Ressler winning bid wasn’t far off either. Furthermore, market analysts argue that it’s overpriced by about 27%. The auction ended with billionaire investor and Ares Management LP co-founding partner, Tony Ressler bid of nearly $850 million. CNBC reports that three experts firmly priced the Hawks $900 million to a billion according to a credible source. Andrew Zimbalist, a sports economist at Smith College predicted a reasonable quote of $700-$750 million.

Forbes proposed a conservative quote of $425 million when Hawks governor Levenson announced an imminent sale. Today, NBA teams are production vehicles to garner lucrative income in different markets, especially the competitive advertising industry. This is somewhat influenced the fluency of demands when selling such commodities. It’s no wonder the Hawks sold so high. Prior NBA teams, the Bucks, and Clippers purchases made headlines when they went on the market as well. In fact, this performance racked up NBA team prices.

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer and chief executive Steve Koonin managed to secure long-term employment as the transfer of ownership continued. A BA degree holder, Bruce Levenson graduated American University and Washington University. From the prominent Washington-based school of law, American University, he also received a degree. United Communications Group or UCG, a top-grossing software leader is business Bruce Levenson co-owns alongside Ed Peskowitz.

The company founded in 1977 thrives as a top-notch industry producing cutting-edge software technology. He founded another technology company, TechTarget, a UCG brand that spun out of operation in 2012. Outside of managing businesses, Bruce Levenson continues to support different philanthropic endeavors, including the “I Have a Dream Foundation,” of which he plays a major role as president. He’s also a former NEPA (Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association director). Before starting UCG, Bruce Legend in held a journalism position at Observer Publishing and Washington Star.