Malini Saba: Understanding the Mind of a Successful Investor

Most people who have heard of Malini Saba know her as a top international investor with a keen eye on global finances. She has amounted to much in her life and has definitely earned her place in the world of finance through her company Saban. This company interacts with several businesses and industries all over the world, such as large technology companies in the US. Saban even has a few dealings with oil and gas companies from China to name a few, but there is more than what meets the eye regarding Malini Saba.

Who Is Malini Saba?

Malini was born in a middle class household in a regular neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not long after that she moved to Australia where she spent most of her young years, though Malini had her eyes set on the US and managed to get there when she was 19. Of course, like many other foreigners, she only came with 200 dollars to her name, but Malini is a resourceful woman and made things work with the help of her former husband. They both attended Stanford University and stayed in a very economical apartment nearby.

It was through classes, seminars, and gatherings that dealt with investing in (or near) the school where Saba began to get very interested in investing. She would talk to professional investors to get their advice. It was not too long before she began to invest in telecommunication companies and real estate.

An In-Depth Perspective on Saba

Sure, Malini Saba is the kind of woman that many can look up to based on her financial successes, but she is much more than that. For one, Malini’s heart is quite big. She donated 1 million dollars to the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians at the El Camino Hospital in California. When her heart was heavy with sadness as she saw the horror the Tsunami caused in India and Sri Lanka, Saba pledge 10 million dollars to help those who were in need.

Malini is definitely a visionary who understands the needs of people in the immediate sense but also how people might change in the future. This is part of her investment philosophy. She thinks that trends are somewhat fleeting because they might only be popular for a moment. What Saba thinks about is what people might be doing in the future. Helping people is an investment in their potential, which is the spirit she carries into her work.

Susan McGalla Encourages Women to Take Up Executive Positions

Over the years, men have been dominating the corporate world, taking up all the notable and envied management posts and always having the upper hand in every decision. However, change is being embraced as women are rising to take up positions in the corporate scene at, showing the world the great leaders they are and motivating others to step up as well. Susan McGalla is one of these great women that are overcoming all odds and climbing higher up the ladder every passing day. Not only excelling in Susan McGalla’s businesses and endeavors but also motivating other women to join in and be great leaders as well.

Pave your way up
Susan McGalla started out as a single employee, though ambitious. Her ambition has steered her up and helped her to excel in life. She is now a motivator of women, encouraging them not just to remain in their comfort zones but to stand out and be the leaders the world needs. She now not only mentors young women but most people, who want to succeed in the corporate world look up to her and even seek advice from her. The knowledge and all Susan McGalla learned from her employment, before establishing her firm has seen her propel through her way to success.

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Each successful business venture isn’t the effort of one person. To pull all things together and make it in the corporate world, you need to have connections all over and be in good terms with most of your associates. Susan McGalla understands the need for this and in her way to becoming the great leader she is, she formed a lot of networks, which have seen her through.

Have confidence in your skills
Each one needs to trust their instincts and embrace their God-given skills endowed on them. Hard work, determination, resilience, courage, and passion will always see you through any obstacle that comes your way, overcoming each as though it was only a slight set back and using it to climb higher.

Having something that motivates you also serves a greater purpose. Susan McGalla skills have seen her walk through paths that women were evading. She has, however, cleared the road for you by walking it alone. Have the confidence to face your fear and walk the road, at least it’s a little clear for you. Let not men be the only leaders, show the world how great leaders you are.

Luxury NYC Real Estate

New York City is the city where a lot of people go when they want to find jobs. It is also the best place to go for the luxury homes. There are people that are moving to this area because they like the layout of the Manhattan area. This is one of the most popular areas in NYC for luxury real estate.

TOWN Residential has been able to give people a lot of different choices when it comes to the real estate scene in the Big Apple. There are some million dollar condos for people that may be in the market for these types of dwellings. Some people are interested in the loft environments. Others may be interested in Brownstones in NYC. There is a lot of interest in contemporary style homes that are available through TOWN Residential.

Most people that are checking TOWN Residential will find that there are a lot of different sections of Manhattan that have different styles of homes. Some celebrities live in Tribeca. Others may have homes in the Upper East Side. There are other cool Manhattan homes on the Upper West Side.

Visitors that see New York City for the first time will see a large number of apartments for rent and homes for sale. Some people make the choice to acquire a rental spot, but many people are interested in buying homes there.

Many people are impressed with these luxury homes that have lots of different amenities. Tons of people also are in favor of the homes that are available in this metropolitan area because it puts them in the heart of the city. NYC residents that search for homes through TOWN Residential will find that they are close to a lot of restaurants and shopping centers. That is why many people choose to pay more for the luxurious properties. Residents are aware of the popular properties in Manhattan and many property seekers make a choice to buy homes in areas such as this.

NYC real estate is in high demand right now. There is a huge market for homes that are designed with a luxurious appeal.

Sanjay Shah, CEO of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Solo Capital is a global financial institution based in London,England and regulated by the United Kingdom. The founder, Sanjay Shah, incorporated the company in September of 2011. Since it’s start up, the company has had a positive effect on the world.
Before 2008, when the economic took a dive, which caused Sanjay to be let go from his accounting job at a bank in North London, he had held positions in many reputable banks. He didn’t like it; he felt his time was wasted. While some people dread loosing their jobs, Sanjay Shah took it as an opportunity.
The global financial institute started in a tiny room on the outskirts of London. He started with a handful of employees and now he employs thousands. As well as the office of the tiny room, got it’s own building, which branched out to other countries, and acquired other companies in different parts of the world.
Sanjay arrived to the U.K. with his parents from Kenya, when he was a small child. Allowing him to live in one of the most prestigious areas of London as well as going to school in London. When it came time to choose his career, at first he chose medicine, but after a few years of medical school, he decided to quit. The British millionaire is now retired, and in his mid-forties.
Shah is also the founder of a charitable organization known as Autism Rocks. The organization deals with autism awareness. Autism Rocks was formed after Shah found out that one of his sons had the condition.
Sometime after Solo Capital was born, Sanjay’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism, at two years old. This changed his focus, he became more involved with new developments and studies being done to better understand autism. He founded Autism Rocks, an organization in which the purpose is to raise funds for research and raise public awareness for the disorder. Musicians and artists from around the globe, put on shows which proceeds help raise money for autism research. Many well known pop artists from different countries have contributed to the cause.


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Best Beneful Dog Food Products for Senior Dogs

Finding the best dog food to feed your senior dog is important because of their special dietary needs. Older dogs face a lot more health issues than a young, active, and fit dog does, but it is still possible to meet their dietary needs. A healthy diet is the best way to set your pet up for a healthy lifestyle, and give their bodies what they need to lead a long and healthy life. Beneful is committed to creating an entire line of healthy and wholesome dog food products for senior dogs. Both wet and dry dog food are able to give your dog everything to support optimal health and mobility, a healthy coat of hair, and provide all the nutrients they need with each serving.

Dry dog food is the most popular option for all dogs, and especially senior dogs. Beneful offers several different varieties of dry dog food for senior dog owners to offer their pets. One of the most common choices for senior dogs is the Beneful Originals line of dog food that comes with three different types of protein, chicken, beef, or salmon. The other very common choice for senior dogs is the Healthy Weight dry dog food variety of Beneful, which is made with real chicken as the added protein.

Wet dog food from comes in several different options, and senior dogs that have a hard time chewing and digesting dry dog food will love this option. Each serving of wet dog food is as healthy as the dry options, and come in the same three protein choices as the dry food options. Chopped Blends are a favorite for senior dogs and a great senior dog choice, with plenty of fresh vegetables and meat options to choose from. For pickier dogs with refined tastes, the Medleys are a great culinary treat. Available in Romana, Mediterranean, and Tuscan, the medleys are a healthy wet food option from Beneful that senior dogs will eat right up.

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