Strange Amenities Lure Buyers and Renters In New York City

No longer are real estate perks limited to things like on site laundry and rooftops. Many of the New York City real estate locations are trying to lure both buyers and renters alike with some interesting amenities. Better yet, some of these apartment units are available for what is considered to be reasonable pricing, for New York City, at least. All of the near amenities are not limited to NYC luxury real estate.


Take the apartments at 180 Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, as an example. This apartment building is located near the artistic college Pratt Institute and has several art related amenities such as a music rehearsing and recording space, an art studio, and an art gallery all on site. For students with an artistic leaning the building is quite attractive. Given that the units go for as little as $2,750 to rent a one bedroom, this is a legitimate option.


Town Real Estate’s website indicates that some of the other amenities are limited to the NYC luxury real estate market. On site pools and dog spas are some of the other cited amenities that are unusual. One57 on 57th Street has an extensive library space, while Sky on 42nd street has a billiards room and full court basketball space. 360 Furmam Street in Brooklyn has a golf simulator room and an outdoor putting space. These NYC luxury real estate units come with a premium price but also a degree of originality that can lure in luxury buyers or renters.


Finding these apartments with these unique amenities can be challenging and that is where a good real estate broker can step in and make a real difference. Town Residential Real Estate is a local real estate company that has its roots in NYC being founded and headquartered there and the real estate agents and professionals who manage and work for the company are intimately knowledgeable of the NYC real estate market.


This intimacy means that Town Residential Realty has the ability to identify these amenities and help you understand the real benefit of them, as well as the added cost, so that you can make a wise decision on your real estate rental or purchase.

Three Years is All Town Residential Needed

Town Residential recently opened up their tenth office on the Hudson in Manhattan. This was something that they were able to do after only three years and it was something that was nearly unheard of for a real estate agency in New York City because of the way that the market works for people.


There were many times when Town Residential knew that they needed to do something but they did not because they were so busy helping their clients get the most out of the business. They wanted to make sure that their clients were happy and they knew that this was going to be the major key to the success that they hoped to see during their time in the real estate business. It allowed them to grow and get even more clients than what they had originally planned to have. They saw immense growth as a direct result of their customer service skills.


As a real estate agency, Town Residential thought that it would be a wise decision to make sure that they were friendly with plenty of land developers. They wanted to make sure that they could get the help that they needed when new developments opened and it was something that they truly felt would be able to help them. It paid off in the end because they were able to make sure that they got the help that they needed and they are now able to give their clients the best in access to different things that open up from the beginning.


It was not always easy for Town Residential, but they continued to push hard to make sure that they were getting things done for their clients. This led to their business being better and to them growing as a business. They were able to give their clients the best of everything and this showed in the way that their clients were appreciative of everything that they had to offer. They wanted to make sure that their clients were happy and they knew that it would lead to success in their own business.


The tenth office that was recently opened is located on an entire floor of a building right along the Hudson river. This was something that they knew they needed to be able to suit all of the clients that they had and it was something that helped them to grow as a business. There were many times when they were not able to serve their clients in that area properly because they did not have the office space. Now that they do, they are able to help all of their clients no matter where they are located at in New York City.


OSI Provides Food Solutions

OSI Group is a company that is a part of the food industry. They have worked very hard to be able to provide their services to the masses and the majority of the food products that they have are for people and for restaurants that serve a large number of people. They have been able to provide the majority of their clients with the food options that they need with the way that they have been able to service them. They have been a huge player in the food industry market because of the way that they have been able to do many different things with the food industry.

The innovators at OSI Group have come up with a way where food can be stored and can be sent to different areas around the world. They have made sure that they only use the state of the art techniques that they have been using so that the food will remain as fresh as possible while they are getting it to different places that will then use it in recipes. OSI takes the freshness of food very seriously because they believe that it is a direct reflection of their commitment to their clients.

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When it comes to the different food that OSI offers, they don’t just have food that needs to be prepared. While this is a huge part of their market, they do also make food that is already prepared and needs only to be heated up and served to clients. In this way, they have been able to make sure that they are satisfying requirements in every aspect of the food industry. It has been a big help to the way that restaurants and others are able to order the food that they need to be able to have.

The OSI Group mainly serves clients in the United States, but they have recently branched out into different areas. Along with serving other countries, OSI is also happy to provide the equipment for people so that they can have what they need to cook the food. They sell small appliances and utensils that will allow the people to be able to be confident in the way that they cook their food. This has been a major help for people who may not have the equipment that others have so that they can be successful with their OSI food.

While the OSI Group has been able to provide a lot of things to their clients and they have been successful in doing so, they still want to get better than what they are. Despite the major success that they have seen, they want to continue pushing for more things for their clients and for their own business. They plan to branch even further into the food industry in the future so that they will be able to get exactly what they need from the industry. They are hoping to be the single most successful food service company in the restaurant industry.

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Achievements of George Soros

George Soros is widely known for his philanthropy and support of non-governmental organizations that supports justice and equality for all. His success in the financial industry grants him freedom to run most of is charitable works, he lobbies of the rights of the oppressed and underprivileged in the society. Soros remains famous for his lucrative gains from the English financial markets in the early 1990s; the Eastern Europe transition from communism is one of his major works that makes him iconic in the economy of Europe on He is one of the principal financiers of the central Europe University which at its core promotes critical thinking. His major works date back to the year 1979 where he funded many students from the University of Cape Town. Soros is currently the chairman and the chief operating officer of the Open Society. This corporation was formed and embraces the fact that the society in which we live is imperfect, and thus there are unending prospects of its improvement and change. Many black students from South Africa are beneficiaries of his ambitions to end apartheid by promoting education in the country on The principal focus of is foundation is to establish a free government that would uphold the democracy of the people. His success in the finical market has given him the strength to take firm stands even on controversial issues in the society.

Being the chairman and founder of the Open Society, George Soros has enabled his organization to partner with more than 100 countries. He is committed to an idea open free society which would be a better place to live in by all people. His primary focus is making governments accountable and enabling the people to stand for their rights while at the same time ensuring the division of the natural resources equally. His philanthropic work on Politico has spread and received partnership in many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. His passion for a free society is evidenced by the fact that he has hired lawyers that would defend them. Soros campaigns for release and justice for all people. Some of the civil unrest and violence causes in the world is mining of minerals. Through some of his works, George Soros has equipped mammy societies not only with necessary knowledge but also funding to enable them realize their rights and have a share of the natural resource.

His established international system is a fortress to many; it includes funding to some of the marginalized groups and refugees. Soros being one of the widely known supporters of democracy, he has donated funds to boost the campaigns of Hillary Clinton. He is also expected to give more as the election draws nearer, he is one of the prominent supporters of democratic governments not only in the United States but also globally.

Lime Crime Launches Brand New Products


Lime Crime is one of the top makeup brands on the market and is currently being used by thousands upon thousands of people worldwide. The reason it is so popular is because of the quality of the ingredients that are put into each and every product that you will find on store shelves. You will find that this brand uses vegan ingredients that truly change the way people are seeing makeup for the first time in their lives.

The Lime Crime brand has also come out with a variety of new products such as their super foil eyeshadows and metallic velveteen finishes. These products enable you to create a look that is uniquely your own and something that you simply would not be able to create with any other type of brand or product on the market. This is why so many people have chosen Lime Crime as the brand of choice for their own needs.


If you feel that Lime Crime is a wonderful brand for you as it has been for so many other people, you can visit the website or social media accounts to learn more. You will also be able to learn about the different ingredients that go into creating every single product in this particular line. There is a reason so many people are head over heels with this brand, and mainly this is because of the quality of the products that are being used and the fact that people are actually able to create looks that they wouldn’t be able to do with any other brand on the market.


If you choose to purchase any of their super foil eyeshadow palettes or their Velveteen finishes, you will be able to find these items on the Internet or in a local cosmetic store near you. This is an option for so many people and has completely changed the way people are viewing makeup because of the fact they’re able to buy products that truly work. You will never want to go back to another brand now that you know how popular this one is and how beneficial it can be for your own makeup needs.