Strange Amenities Lure Buyers and Renters In New York City

No longer are real estate perks limited to things like on site laundry and rooftops. Many of the New York City real estate locations are trying to lure both buyers and renters alike with some interesting amenities. Better yet, some of these apartment units are available for what is considered to be reasonable pricing, for New York City, at least. All of the near amenities are not limited to NYC luxury real estate.


Take the apartments at 180 Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, as an example. This apartment building is located near the artistic college Pratt Institute and has several art related amenities such as a music rehearsing and recording space, an art studio, and an art gallery all on site. For students with an artistic leaning the building is quite attractive. Given that the units go for as little as $2,750 to rent a one bedroom, this is a legitimate option.


Town Real Estate’s website indicates that some of the other amenities are limited to the NYC luxury real estate market. On site pools and dog spas are some of the other cited amenities that are unusual. One57 on 57th Street has an extensive library space, while Sky on 42nd street has a billiards room and full court basketball space. 360 Furmam Street in Brooklyn has a golf simulator room and an outdoor putting space. These NYC luxury real estate units come with a premium price but also a degree of originality that can lure in luxury buyers or renters.


Finding these apartments with these unique amenities can be challenging and that is where a good real estate broker can step in and make a real difference. Town Residential Real Estate is a local real estate company that has its roots in NYC being founded and headquartered there and the real estate agents and professionals who manage and work for the company are intimately knowledgeable of the NYC real estate market.


This intimacy means that Town Residential Realty has the ability to identify these amenities and help you understand the real benefit of them, as well as the added cost, so that you can make a wise decision on your real estate rental or purchase.