Bruce Levenson: Business Man for Sports Teams

Bruce Levenson is a success story. He has founded United Communications Group along with his partner Mr. Ed Peskowitz in 1977. He was also a writer that has done some work under Washington Star and Observer Publishing prior to starting the company. He also owns Atlanta Spirit LLC. Bruce Levenson has also presided over the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. According to PR News, he participates in many philanthropic activities. Looking at his many achievements and activities, you could say that he is very involved in many aspects of society. He is also involved in sports entertainment. He juggles a lot of responsibilities and still manages to keep on top of everything.

One of the most recent activities he has done was sell the Atlanta Hawks. He has made a large profit from the team. Under his ownership, the Atlanta Hawks have been a valuable and a strong team for the NBA. The overall process of selling the team was a drawn out process. It did turn out that he didn’t manage to sell the team for what he thought they were going to sell for. Many advisers and experts had a prediction of the final bidding price, and the actual final price turned out to be just a little bit lower than the predicted price. Either way, the team still proved to be a profitable team for Levenson who is now going to pursue other activities.

Bruce Levenson’s influence in society can’t be ignored. It has been very significant. It is safe to say that there will be greater projects that he will take on. He will also get involved in more meaningful tasks. He has proven to be a great influence in the lives he was involved in. Many people have looked to him and will continue to look to him as an example.

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