George Soros – A Man Of Action

Mention the name George Soros and watch the excitement. The Soros name is at the paradigm of controversy – garnering admiration and adoration on Investopedia from the left and criticism and derision from the right. Liberal Democrats view him as an angel. Conservative Republicans view him as a demon.

George Soros’ view of the world has been deeply and profoundly influenced by his upbringing as a Jew in Hungary during the Nazi invasion and occupation and the subsequent Russian invasion.

Soros threw himself whole-heartedly into the presidential election of 2016 on Forbes. As a bellwether fundraiser, he enabled Clinton to amass resources several times that of Trump. He guided fundraising efforts on behalf of Clinton and served as a liaison with several other wealthy donors. It is also worth noting that Soros personally donated approximately $25 million to liberal causes including the Clinton campaign.

Although his candidate Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, George Soros has promised to continue as part of the system and work toward liberal causes and mid-term elections.

The 2016 election cycle largely mimics the disappointment of the 2004 election cycle. Soros was one of the first and most vocal opponents of both the Bush policies and the Iraq war.

After waging a He concentrated his efforts on international foundations spreading democracy throughout the world.

Although the 2016 election campaign reached a similar conclusion to the 2004 election campaign, the difference was in Soros’ reaction on After the 2004 campaign, he largely withdrew from politics in America. After the 2016 campaign, he threw himself into politics in America.

Soros and followers split into different sections with each section working a different specific issue.

Many of them highlighted the fact that Hillary Clinton received the majority of the popular vote and the only thing necessary for greater future success is to get more Democrats to the polls in strategic precincts. They concentrated on analyzing what else went wrong and how to correct it in the future.

The attendees agreed that more effort needs to be focused on the state and local levels and on issues that hold a particular importance for liberal Democrats.

Unlike the aftermath of the 2004 campaign, this time Soros intends to serve as a catalyst for continued fundraising for Democratic causes.

This time, George Soros has reemerged as the fundraising legend of old. and as the demonized, self-hating Jew of times gone by.

Soros acquaintances say that he is more politically active than he has in decades and has rededicated himself to working for causes he loves, including immigration, justice and religious tolerance