US Money Reserve Helping Consumers with Redesign

While there are far too many opportunities to invest in these days, the fact of the matter is you have to stay true to the simplest of investment advice. More and more people are trying to become too technical in nature and it is only hurting their chances at significant returns and wealth generation along the way. That is why when it comes to trying to find investments for the future, one of the best ideologies to follow is to invest in what you know and stay away from the rest of the market.

If you can stick with simple investments you will better understand what you are actually investing in and that makes the most overall sense. The US Money Reserve knows and understands this which is why their entire business model is based on investing in precious metals, coins, gold, and other specific value that is easily able to be understood. You might not get complex derivatives of securities or technical investments, but having the understanding of what gold is truly is not a high hurdle to jump over. Plus, by investing in specific assets that you understand, you will also be able to know why they are valuable, what causes their price to fluctuate, when it would be a good time to buy or sell, and etc.

Gold is a very simple item to understand just because it is so safe. People have seen gold as a valuable commodity for hundreds and even thousands of years, and as long as investors continue to seek out safe investments, then gold will continue to be one of the investments everyone wants to be in. That means when you are looking to tuck your money into a safe investment vehicle for the long run, gold is not only a safe bet historically; it also is a safe bet moving forward because of how volatile the rest of the markets are and continue to be. In short, when it becomes scary in the markets, the rest of the investors will start to flock to gold and those who have it can sell it for a premium.

At the end of the day, a sound investment strategy simply comes down to making the best decisions over a long period of time. Thankfully for investors there are opportunities to secure valuable long-term investments with gold and other assets by working with the US Money Reserve.

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Cotemar Mexico Believes In Making A Difference

Standing strong as one of the largest giants in both the oil and energy industries, Cotemar Mexico has been around since all the way back in 1979 with the mission decided that they were going to do big things in the regards to services concerning offshore oil in order to help compose more production in both the gas and oil industries in order to assist people world wide with the mass production of more energy. With a strongly set business plan heavily engaged in the use of what they have deemed “efficient processes” in order to manage the best current technology available to do their jobs with the highest level of progress that they can master.

Comprised of a staff who is driven, passionate, brave, and committed to the progress of both the oil industry as well as the gas industry, Cotemar Mexico does all that it can with what it has and the teams involved in the process to make everything surrounding energy in this world running faster.

Envisioning a world made up of much higher levels of intense participation and cooperation from its people in the pursuit of oil and gas energy, Cotemar Mexico prides themselves on being what they refer to themselves as a “sustainable company” that works long and hard with loyal and creative minds in order to configure unusual innovative ideas of how to harvest and direct the energy that comes from gas and oil in order to produce a level of involvement so outrageous that they will eventually gain global notoriety for their assistance in bringing people together in the searches and processes involved in collecting and utilizing gas and oil for both the production of new technologies and the pursuit of providing more jobs world wide to those in need of work.

With a sole focus of providing the absolute best services which they can possibly attest to in the areas of maintenance, maritime operations, modernization, and construction, Cotemar Mexico has built themselves from the ground up to become the best of the best in their field and assist to the best of their ability in the general pursuit of genuinely believing that they are helping people all over the world gain easier, simpler lives with less stress and more opportunities through their jobs dealing with oil and gas as energy sources that the people of the earth constantly call attention to needing.

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US Money Reserve Is Preserving Your Wealth

U.S. Money Reserve had recently launched their own e-commerce store, featuring a new line of collectible coins. The new online shop will be selling their offerings of gold, silver and platinum coins.


U.S. Money Reserve is one of he most popular gold dealers in the world. Since 2001, they have been making international deals of gold trading and have become extremely reputable over he years. The company has a veteran staff that is well versed in the world of gold, investment and business in general.


The company had previously relied on brick & mortar sales, televised advertising and sales over the phone. It is better late than never for this company to dive it’s way into the online marketplace.


The website features a new modern look that is compatible with the internet’s web 2.0 standards. Not only do they have a shiny new website, but they also have a dedicated team for customer support. Trust and reliability still remains at the core of this business, irregardless of the new platform this company is taking.


Their new website will also have continually updating pricing charts for gold and silver. The customers may feel encouraged to make purchases when they see the rising statistics of precious metal prices. There is a gold information kit for potential customers to make an informative decision on investing. They also have a large knowledge base on the website that answers frequently asked questions about gold investing.


Whilst exploring their online shop, you may notice many of your favorite American coins. The 1 ounce silver Pearl Harbor coin is on sale for just $21. The 1 ounce Gold American Buffalo coin is on sale for only $1,318. The half ounce American Eagle gold coin is on sale for just $688. There is also a selection of South African, Austrian, Canadian and other international coins.


The shipping on the website is insured with guaranteed delivery times. The Business Consumer Alliance had given the company a AAA rating for their reliability. They also have a 30 day return policy for unsatisfied customers. There is no excuse not to order from this reputable dealer.


The company also offers management of IRA retirement profiles. Diversification of wealth is a great way to plan for retirement in the event of a currency crisis. The Self-Directed IRA plan offers the ability to hold hard assets instead of stocks or mutual funds. Their IRA plans also hold certain tax benefits by tax deference.


Youtube videos are avaiable at for more information.

Hussain Sajwani Has A Knack For Creating Profitable Situations

Hussain Sajwani, chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group, has always had a knack for creating profitable ventures, and his eye for opportunities has led him to many successes. As younger man, he worked for his father, and it was in his father’s watch and pen store that he learned the basics of business and what hard work really means. With a solid foundation in which to begin, he went out into the world of business to seek his own entrepreneurial success. He first got his education at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering.

Hussain Sajwani has worked with many illustrious figures and famous individuals including Versace and Fendi, Bugatti, Tiger Woods, Gil Hanse, and Donald Trump. Recently Donald Trump’s sons Donald Trump jr. and Eric Trump were guests of Sajwani’s for the inauguration of the grand opening of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai at DAMAC Hills, which is 7,205-yard, par-71 course that is located in the middle of the 42-million square foot DAMAC Hills master development. Donald Trump called Hussain Sajwani, “a very, very, very, amazing man,” and The Trump Organization plans to continue to do business with Hussain Sajwani Family and DAMAC going into the future.

Hussain Sajwani’s investing prowess is well-known, and his track record is spotless. His investment company, DICO Investments Co LLC., holds many minority and majority holdings in a variety publicly traded companies and focuses in mainly on acquisitions, private equities, and mergers. One of his most brilliant investments is Al Jazeira Services. This company is listed on the Muscat Securities Market and is worth well over US$ 110 million. When many other investors jumped shipped, Sajwani stuck with the company, through thick and thin, and watched as it rose to the giant it is today.

As a philanthropist, Hussain Sajwani believes in humanity and wants to help people wherever he can. He donated $272,000 to the “Yemen We Care” campaign, which is an organization that has helped provide basic healthcare, education, and relief to millions of Yemeni refugees. He also donated to the Emirates Red Crescent, which has helped to cloth a million children.

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Find A Great Place In New York City Real Estate

Have you ever thought about moving to New York City? If you are interested in moving to New York City, then more than likely, you know the history behind the city, the cost of living, as well as the available accommodations. New York City is an amazing place to be, and some of the buildings have features and amenities, which may not be found anywhere else. It’s possible to get into a building, which has its own concierge service, swimming pools, private service, valet parking and a lot more. Many cities do not have the same luxuries as New York City, which is why many people move there.

If you’d like to live differently, compared to how you lived anywhere else, then New York City is the place to do so. There are high rise buildings, as well as low-rise buildings, single dwellings, apartments, lofts, condos and even houses. You can easily find any type of real estate for sale, rent, lease, or any other type of arrangement, while you’re in New York City. If you’re traveling to New York City, in order to find a place to live, you’ll want to hire a realtor, as soon as possible.

Consider that space is limited in New York City, so you’ll want to take advantage of a company, who knows where to find the best luxury listings in New York City. TOWN Real Estate only deals with luxury NYC real estate, no matter what size they are. Some of the properties are exclusive listings, meaning that they can only be found, by dealing with TOWN Real Estate realtors.

Because of the knowledge that the agents have, you’ll be able to find a place in high end districts, and the places are absolutely amazing. Town Real Estate works directly with each customer, and order to find them accommodations, which are to their liking, and they work very hard for their customers. It’s never easy to look for real estate in New York City, but with the right real estate agent, you may find the place of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a home that’s permanent, or one that’s temporary, hire a Town Real Estate Agent.

Securus Giving Cops And Lawyers Some Great Gotcha Moments

Crime dramas are incredibly popular. Many of them contain a gotcha moment where a law enforcement officer or a lawyer meals a criminal with their own words. The most famous gotcha moment in movie history came when Jack Nicholson screamed, “You can’t handle the truth!”


These kind of gotcha moments are pretty rare in the real world. Often times, criminals will deny any criminal activity until evidence can fix them. And rarely will you see a suspect’s own words used against him in the court of law.


But these gotcha moments are making a resurgence thanks to Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a multi-million-dollar telecommunications company that runs the telephones with inside prisons. If you ever find yourself behind bars and requesting your one phone call, chances are you are using Securus Technologies telephone services.


Securus Technologies makes sure to record every single phone call that takes place inside of a jail that they service. It is kind of a creepy thing to do but it serves as another deterrent to stay out of jail. These hundreds of thousands of minutes of phone calls are then logged onto a computer’s hard drive. Law enforcement is then allowed to comb through all of this digital information using proprietary software.


The software allows police officers and lawyers to probe deep into this database in order to pick out one person’s voice. This kind of capability really gives law enforcement and lawyers in edge when it comes to convicting criminals of crimes. If a suspect denies any criminal activity, a lawyer can simply turn on a recorded telephone call that will incriminate them. This technology has really made for some great gotcha moments.


The technology also saves a ton of resources. Law enforcement spends less time searching for evidence when the criminal himself cops to the crime.


Incredible Growth For MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental has already experienced incredible growth even though they have a young history in being a Dental Service Organization. It was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD. This was in 2009. Since then MB2 Dental has grown and has over 60 affiliated dental offices today spread in over six states.

They provide a vast suite of services to their affiliated suites. This way MB2 Dental is helping doctors to run their practice in an efficient manner without the need to give up on control of patient care or compromising on standards of care.

It was The CDI Group that had started its partnership with MB2 Dental in 2014. This was done by designing as well as implementing the proprietary Priority Dental Plan. They have worked very closely with the senior management at MB2 Dental.

Hence they have created a dental plan that is able to fit in to the MB2 brand along with its affiliated practices. It is The CDI Group that has developed the plan marketing materials that included plan brochures, postcards, as well as posters along with tabletop displays. These are available in English and Spanish language.

The Priority Dental Plan has been designed in order to help MB2 Dental affiliated dentists to offer their growing patient base an option where they can receive complete care dentistry in an affordable manner each time that they are visiting an affiliated office.

Thus Priority Dental Plan MB2 Dental is experiencing rapid growth. Hence it has become an integral part of the MB2 culture today. Besides helping their patients to attain highly affordable dental care, this plan has also helped MB2 affiliated dentists in achieving a much higher case acceptance rate.

Hence this plan has become a vital marketing tool that is able to consistently drive new patients towards the MB2 Dental affiliated offices.

Employees of MB2 Dental Solutions find it a fun environment having genuinely hard working people all around them. It allows for growing and learning. Besides, the supervisor will listen. Hence people make the decision to dedicate themselves into the growth of this company.

The management keeps listening to its employees. There are multiple outlets for employees where they can express themselves if they are not comfortable with their direct supervisor.

There are a lot of coffee or lunch together kinds of meetings. Overall it is a great place for people to work in and learn a lot.

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Equities First Gets The Job Done

There are a number of banks and financial institutions that will claim that they lend on stocks using equities as collateral for loans. If you own a business, you might keep that in mind if you every need emergency funds, and your business has a temporary problem with cash flow. It happens some times. It depends on the market or the weather or any other number of factors. Equities First Resume Here.

If you go to a bank to obtain loan on equities, they will look at a proposal that you must prepare for them to see how the funds will be spent. Then, they will tell you a number of equities upon which they can not lend. It is prohibited by the government for certain institutions to lend money of some equities. Then, they let you know that they will lend on up to 40% of the value of the stocks. And the final insult is the interest rate, which is much higher than you had expected. Visit

Then you decide to look into Equities First South Africa. You discover that they can lend up to an 80% loan to value ratio against your equities. You do not have to write up a business proposal detailing the purpose of the loan. You do not have to tell them what will be done with the funds. They are a private company, and do not have to adhere to the rules and government regulations placed on banks and institutional lenders. Their interest rate is much lower than the institutional lenders and banks. And, most important, the funding is readily available. Contact Equities First.

You wonder why you ever wasted your time at the bank. You should have gone to Equities First, first!

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Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial Health–Focuses on What Matters Most: A Healthy Community

Maggie Gill is CEO of Memorial Health in beautiful, historic Savannah, Georgia. Gill has achieved quite a bit, in her tenure at Memorial Health. The healthcare institution has continually demonstrated “standards of excellence,” during Gill’s tenure. They have done so by attaining many awards, within many areas. The institution is an Academic healthcare setting. It takes its innovative skill-set and provides the best system possible, to its healthcare population.

Maggie Gill believes that in order for a healthcare organization to make the most impact, it must focus its attention, upon providing the consumer with the best in a delivery system.

Ms. Gill, is a very strong, advocate, too, of assuring the healthcare community is well-educated, with regard to matters of health. In order to assure the healthfulness of the community, it is necessary, in part, to provide informational resources, which advise, how to best stay healthy, and prevent health problems.

Maggie, knows, when the community, as a whole, is basically healthy, the associated healthcare costs–when a healthcare concern, does arise, are kept to the minimum.

Healthier living translates to a decrease in the risk of disease. Persons, establishing patterns of healthy living, are able to recover, generally, more easily, too, when a condition, or health issue, becomes apparent.

Memorial Health is a very progressive healthcare institution. It is highly-acclaimed. It provides healthcare, with the objective being: the best expectations are met, in way of health-associated outcomes. Maggie has been described as the “face” of the progressive organization. Her determined spirit and leadership skills are the ingredients that assure successful patient outcomes.

Memorial Health, holds many outstanding achievement awards, in different areas. Maggie, too, on a personal level, has received many awards, in capacity of leader.

Her level of commitment is extra-ordinary. She oversees many areas, inside of Memorial Health, inclusive of: the Perioperative Services area, the Neuro-Science Program, the Orthopedic Program, the Internal Audit Function, Trauma Services, and many more.

She communicates with governmental authorities and with other outside resources. She has “much on her plate:” however, according to the personnel at Memorial Health, Maggie handles everything, expected of her: beautifully.


A Lender Who Will Lend on Equities

When it comes time for an emergency loan, some companies and individuals panic a little bit. That is because they know that they have some equities in other companies, but lenders are loathe to lend on them. If they do lend on them, it’s not for full value. Banks and institutional lenders are restricted as to the loan-value ratio of an equity loan, and they are restricted as to the percentage rate on the loan.

Equities First UK is not such a lender. A private firm, they lend up to an eighty percent loan to value ratio on the stocks and equities they lend against. Their interest rate is half of what other lenders would charge for the same equities. They will make a loan when other lenders won’t even listen to you. And, unlike other lenders, there are no restrictions as to the use of the funds when they make a loan.

The ones who would likely benefit from a great loan from Equities First UK would be businesses and individuals who do not have time to wait for an answer and hear arguments from an institutional lender. That is understandable. No one likes to sit and wait while someone is making up their mind about your future. That is never wracking. When an individual or company needs a short-term emergency loan, they need the money now, with no questions, and no investigation into how the money is going to be used. So, when it comes time for an equity loan, it is time to talk to Equities First UK. for more.