Why Securus Technologies Is Keeping Prisons Safe

Each day I come to work in this prison, I know that I am a target because the inmates are looking for any opportunity to take out their frustration on authority. The fact that the inmates outnumber staff makes things a dangerous mix, but add into that mix drugs and weapons, and you go from dangerous to deadly in a second. That is why we have to spend so much time working on eliminating contraband from our jail.


The first thing that we do is set up a force of officers inside the visitor center each day, looking closely at how the inmates and visitors interact. We have to do full body searches and x-ray scans because everything is a potential weapon in the hands of an inmate. We even take the police dogs into empty cells during the day and see if we can locate anything that should not be inside the inmate cells.


When we were told Securus Technologies was installing an inmate call monitoring system, we didn’t realize this was going to be another tool we could use to control the flow of these items into our prison. Securus Technologies is headed by their CEO Richard Smith, who says that he and his entire staff are committed to the objective of making the world safe. Little did we know how much safer this one resource would actually make our own little world.


Hours after learning how the LBS software works, we began to pick up on conversations from inmates about where they hide their drugs. Then we got alerts some inmates were asking if family could bring drugs, or how they are buying drugs from other inmates. Each call helps us identify a problem that we can now fix quickly so the entire prison is that much safer.

Clay Siegall Pushing Limits at Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics was started in 1998 by a group of likeminded professionals in the medical fraternity. Clay currently serves as the company’s chief executive. He is also on the company’s board thereby helping the company to grow greatly. He secured for the company $1.2 billion, most of it from the private sector, for expansion and research.

Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a company which specializes in medicine development, palliative care and scientific creativity. The company leads the way in the development of ‘antibody drug conjugates’. Seattle Genetics’ first product was approved by FDA giving the company the green light to develop its new drug: ADCENTRIS. The partnership Seattle has with Takeda Pharmaceuticals has made it possible for its products to reach over 60 countries.


Siegall was in ‘Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute’ before founding Seattle Genetics. He has also worked at the ‘National Institute of Health’ for three years. He sits in the ‘Alder BioPharmaceuticals board of directors. He also has a place on the ‘Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals board‘.


Clay Siegall has been awarded for his contribution in the medical industry repeatedly. Clay has 15 patents and has written 70 papers in his field of specialty. He is the 2013 ‘Alumnus of the Year’ recipient from ‘University of Maryland’. Clay is also the 2012 recipient of the ‘Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.


Siegall graduated from ‘University of Maryland’ with a major in Biology. He was intrigued by DNA and Heredity so much that he went back to class for his Ph.D at ‘George Washington University’, where he studied genetics.

Seattle Genetics’ Vision and Mission

Seattle Genetics is determined to find curative medicine for cancer. Clay was forced, as a child, to watch his dad suffer from cancer for five long years. This experience motivated him, and still does, to find a cure for the disease.

New Entrepreneurs

Clay’s advice to entrepreneurs who are new in the industry is that they should interact with shrewd entrepreneurs in the field. This networking will help them to establish themselves in the industry without too much loss and suffering experienced by upstarts.