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Why Securus Technologies Is Keeping Prisons Safe

Each day I come to work in this prison, I know that I am a target because the inmates are looking for any opportunity to take out their frustration on authority. The fact that the inmates outnumber staff makes things a dangerous mix, but add into that mix drugs and weapons, and you go from dangerous to deadly in a second. That is why we have to spend so much time working on eliminating contraband from our jail.


The first thing that we do is set up a force of officers inside the visitor center each day, looking closely at how the inmates and visitors interact. We have to do full body searches and x-ray scans because everything is a potential weapon in the hands of an inmate. We even take the police dogs into empty cells during the day and see if we can locate anything that should not be inside the inmate cells.


When we were told Securus Technologies was installing an inmate call monitoring system, we didn’t realize this was going to be another tool we could use to control the flow of these items into our prison. Securus Technologies is headed by their CEO Richard Smith, who says that he and his entire staff are committed to the objective of making the world safe. Little did we know how much safer this one resource would actually make our own little world.


Hours after learning how the LBS software works, we began to pick up on conversations from inmates about where they hide their drugs. Then we got alerts some inmates were asking if family could bring drugs, or how they are buying drugs from other inmates. Each call helps us identify a problem that we can now fix quickly so the entire prison is that much safer.

Clay Siegall Pushing Limits at Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics was started in 1998 by a group of likeminded professionals in the medical fraternity. Clay currently serves as the company’s chief executive. He is also on the company’s board thereby helping the company to grow greatly. He secured for the company $1.2 billion, most of it from the private sector, for expansion and research.

Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a company which specializes in medicine development, palliative care and scientific creativity. The company leads the way in the development of ‘antibody drug conjugates’. Seattle Genetics’ first product was approved by FDA giving the company the green light to develop its new drug: ADCENTRIS. The partnership Seattle has with Takeda Pharmaceuticals has made it possible for its products to reach over 60 countries.


Siegall was in ‘Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute’ before founding Seattle Genetics. He has also worked at the ‘National Institute of Health’ for three years. He sits in the ‘Alder BioPharmaceuticals board of directors. He also has a place on the ‘Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals board‘.


Clay Siegall has been awarded for his contribution in the medical industry repeatedly. Clay has 15 patents and has written 70 papers in his field of specialty. He is the 2013 ‘Alumnus of the Year’ recipient from ‘University of Maryland’. Clay is also the 2012 recipient of the ‘Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.


Siegall graduated from ‘University of Maryland’ with a major in Biology. He was intrigued by DNA and Heredity so much that he went back to class for his Ph.D at ‘George Washington University’, where he studied genetics.

Seattle Genetics’ Vision and Mission

Seattle Genetics is determined to find curative medicine for cancer. Clay was forced, as a child, to watch his dad suffer from cancer for five long years. This experience motivated him, and still does, to find a cure for the disease.

New Entrepreneurs

Clay’s advice to entrepreneurs who are new in the industry is that they should interact with shrewd entrepreneurs in the field. This networking will help them to establish themselves in the industry without too much loss and suffering experienced by upstarts.

Paul Mampilly, An Experienced Investor Worth Watching for the Mega Trends

     Paul Mampilly began his foray into the financial world in 1991. He started his career entering Wall Street, working as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. Paul quickly rose through the ranks, later taking charge of multi-million dollar accounts under positions held at ING and Deutsche Bank.

2006 was a good year for Paul, as he showcased his prowess with managing hedgefunds. Kinetics Asset Management recruited Paul, and saw their assets rise to an appraisal of $25 billion. This company’s six-billion dollar firm saw a significant 26% annual return, thanks to Paul’s leadership and expertise.

During the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, Paul remained steadfast with his skills. As a participant for the Templeton Foundation, he took a starting investment of $50 million and grew that investment into a whopping $88 million dollars. After spending enough time expanding the wealth of the elite on Wall Street, he shifted his focus to helping everyday people grow their investments.

Paul saw a dire need for people who were not part of the Wall Street in-crowd. Common people need assistance with financial planning, developing investment goals, and navigating the money market. Despite retiring from Wall Street, Paul found an even greater fulfillment providing his services to an even larger audience. He developed True Momentum as a research service in 2017, in addition to releasing newsletters via Profits Unlimited to benefit others.

Paul Mampilly spends anywhere between 30 to 40 hours researching stock picks before making any recommendations. He credits his productivity on his habit of keeping abreast of the latest stock information, as well as studying trends that make an impact. Currently, Paul is focused on the Internet of Things and the Millennial generation’s current and future pull on the economy.

Paul Mampilly cultivated his successful career by keeping a fluid mindset to overcome failure; stocks and investing is a trial-and-error business. He didn’t go to college but has no regrets. Paul believes in spending money on books. He is encouraged by continually learning and amassing knowledge. Paul has been featured on CNBC and Fox Business News for his expertise.

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Samuel Straunch Gives Insight Regarding the Best Suburban Areas to Live in the U.S

Urban life is loved and desired by many people today. Residing near your workplace and having full access to recreational facilities is a dream come true. But in the recent past, home prices have been soaring high, making life in the city a bit strenuous for most people. It is for this reason that Samuel Straunch, a real estate expert, decided to give alternative areas where one can reside and still enjoy the full benefits that come with the big city.

Northeast Denver is just minutes away from Denver, Colorado and has an average house price of $270000, a fair price for many people. Wylie is an alternative place of residence for those seeking to stay in Dallas. The location has an average home price which is 26 percent lower than in Texas. Dublin is becoming a common residential area located on the outskirts of San Francisco with 22 percent lower median home price. Daffan is a great alternative for Austin, where home buyers can save up to 33 percent. Palm River- Clair Mel is a great alternative for Tampa. Also, most families will prefer Vista East to Orlando.

If you thought that you could not afford a home in Miami, here is some great news for you! You can still have access and enjoy high-life by settling in Cutler Bay. If you find the home prices at San Jones not affordable, grab the residential houses at Milpitas, and you will enjoy every bit of it!

About Samuel Straunch

Samuel Straunch is a well know real estate expert with over 15 years of experience in the field. Samuel Straunch is currently based in South Florida. He is the founder and principal of Metrik Real Estate, a company that runs Equity and Development, Brokerage and Management operating systems in both Florida and Latin America. Before joining the real estate world, Samuel Straunch worked as a banker.

Samuel Straunch holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University. He also graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Samuel also studied Business at Harvard University.

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How Jose AuriemoNeto and Inc. have Built Brazils Leading Realtor, JHSF

JHSF Participacoes is a mammoth real estate development company operating from Brazil. The conglomerate gets comprised of five smaller subsidiaries all specializing in the same industry. The branches are JHSF Shopping Malls, JHSF Merger, JHSF JHSF Retail and Properties and Hotels JHSF. The global brand handles many aspects of the construction and eventual easing out process. The firm has been associated with the creation of high-end prime commercial, luxury and residential premises in places like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, and Manaus and in Uruguay.

About JHSF

The company got started in the early seventies. It has since remained to be a family-owned and managed business venture. JHSF is registered to two brothers, Jose and Fabio Auriemo and two other local investment partners. In 2007, the company’s management agreed to go public and its shares are now listed and trading at the Bovespa trading index. That IPO raised around half a billion for the realtor and its share shareholders equity value. The overall valuation of the company has continued appreciating to now stand at R $ 3.3 B, according to the establishments’ official website. In the coming months, they’ve lined up bold expansion plans to transform the outlet into the premier developer not just in the country but in the entire South American continent as well. Click here to know more.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose Neto is JHSF’s present Chairman and CEO. He’s among the founding partners of this successful real estate development company located in Brazil. Mr. Neto is mostly in charge of running the shopping and retail section of their vast portfolio. The investor plans and strategies on the development work for these malls and retail outlets situated all over the capital and the nation. Jose’s also handles signing on new partner firms and clients. For instance, he recently oversaw the landing of lucrative deals involving the globally renowned fashion retailers Jimmy Choo, Hermes Birkin, and Pucci. In the past, this seasoned business executive has served as the CEO and Founder of the company, CidadeJardim and at B Stores in Brazil. Other high-end shopping centers managed and run by the conglomerate include the Bela Vista in El Salvador and the Subway Tucuruvi shopping outlet in Sao Roque.

Try A ‘No Poo” Shampoo

The benefits of using a “natural” or “no poo” shampoo are many. You will notice that sulfate-free shampoos do not lather, but they are not any less effective at keeping your hair clean and will actually help to protect not only your locks, but your skin as well. You will also notice that you do not need all of those “extra” products that are for repairing damaged hair because your hair won’t be stripped of its natural oils by harsh chemicals. When you use a “no poo” shampoo, your hair will be much healthier and have more body and shine. You will also notice that frizz and split ends will go away on their own. Using a sulfate-free shampoo is a great idea, especially if your have a scalp sensitivity or if your hair is very dry or very brittle.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners are made of natural ingredients that will nourish and strengthen your hair. A WEN Cleansing Conditioners will replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It will leave your hair feeling clean without the use of harsh chemicals. It contains natural ingredients like glycerin that will moisturize your hair, chamomile extract that is soothing and calming, and panthenol, which will strengthen your hair. Wen Hair also contains wild cherry bark, which will condition hair, and rosemary extract that has been designed to soothe hair. All of these ingredients make for a product that is safe to use on all hair types, including permed and color-treated locks.

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Fabletics Goes into Collaboration with Demi Lovato to Influence Lives

Great news people, Fabletics, the industry’s leading sportswear for ladies has announced its first ever collaboration and it is by none other than Demi Lovato. This news could not have come at any other better time than this when the popular brand is making tremendous strides in the industry. Fabletics brand products not only helps women have an easy time with their exercises, but also brings leisure into the picture hence commonly referred to as the ‘athleisure’ brand.


One great thing about the Fabletics-Demi Lovato collaboration is the renewed commitment to female empowerment, body positivity and inclusion. Demi Lovato being a singer and an influential figure in her capacity brings into the equation her creativity, inspiration and passion to create redefined and unique Fabletics products. In addition to the new Demi Lovato Fabletics inspired collections, the brand will still continue supporting the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign. This UN based foundation is a movement by girls for girls and seeks to endow girls at their different capacities to take on leadership positions and champion for change all over the world.


The Fabletics Demi inspired fitness collections is set to launch its products mid of May 2017. Among the products that will be on this initial release include a variety of leggings and tops. The full performance kit is set to launch come August 2017 and will include everything from leggings and bras to layering wears, hoods, jackets and many more. Expect a wide range of Fabletics collection with a special Demi feel.


Apart from the above news, Fabletics has always secured its number spot in many markets including Amazon. Despite its market domineering, the brand has been able to achieve an amazing growth of up to $250 million in only three years. Inasmuch as this is a difficult milestone to achieve Fabletics has comfortably done it. Kate Hudson majorly attributes such success of her brand to their commitment in achieving their client’s preferences. Thanks to the brand’s subscription mechanism, they are able to know what products their clients want and prefers thus working around it to ensure that they are satisfied always.


The other factor that has made Fabletics thrive on the Amazon market is its focus on culture, people and accessibility. By combining the above three factors with affordable products prices Fabletics products have been made easily accessible to anybody thus helping it take the fitness fashion industry by storm.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is popular fashion-based fitness wear brand co-founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson. With the goal of empowering women live an active and healthy lifestyle through exercising; the brand has been involved in the manufacturing of a number of women’s activewear products. The brands products take in keen consideration when it comes to quality and safety of the manufacturing material.


In addition to making fitness products, Fabletics brand has also actively involved itself with charitable courses. A course close to its heart being the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign. Through this foundation, the brand has made the world a better place for girls through its generous money contributions.

Sheldon Lavin Has Grown The OSI Group, LLC., From Humble Beginnings In Illinois To One Of The World’s Biggest Meat Processor

Standing at number 58 on the Forbes list of the largest private companies in the US is Sheldon Lavin’s OSI Group. Sheldon grew the company from a small enterprise to the retail giant it is today. He began his career as a consultant with the business called Otto & Sons. Sheldon with tasked with the responsibility of outlying financial strategies for Otto & Sons. Lavin’s business excellence was proved when he arranged for significant funding for Otto in the year 1970. The funds were meant for a meat-processing plant that Otto was keen on building. This facility would enable Otto to become one of McDonald’s meat suppliers. Learn More.

After the partnership with McDonald, Sheldon continued implementing strategies that kept the company growing. When the proprietor of Otto & Sons bowed out to pave the way for his sons and future expansion of the enterprise, Lavin was full enjoined into the business as a partner. Sheldon led the massive enlargement of the company into foreign markets. Contact With Lavin .

Under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin, Otto & Sons became the present day OSI Group, LLC. When an opportunity arose for Sheldon to take up more ownership of the company, he took the chance and became the owner of half of the controlling shares at OSI. Since the year 1980, OSI has seen steady growth to the point that it now boasts a retail presence in over 17 countries and sells meat products to over 85 countries across the globe. The business employs over 20,000 individuals directly, and many others through its retail chain.

Sheldon Lavin attributes the success of the company to the enterprise culture that he has managed to cultivate. To him, his employees are part of his extended family, and each of them plays an important role that makes the company stand out.

Sheldon Lavin has been the recipient of several awards recognizing his role in the business world. He also holds different positions on boards of various Institutions in Illinois such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Goodman Theater, and the Rush University Medical Center. Lavin is a loving dad to three grown children. for more .


Samuel Strauch Suggests Panama To Investors

Samuel Strauch is always coming ahead with various reasons for people to invest in Panama. In fact, it is due to these reasons that so many people from various countries are keen to build homes, offices and even hotels over here.

Samuel Strauch suggests that people should invest in Panama as the prices are more accessible as compared to Miami, and such other places. Panama has a good future, and people would like to invest here for their second or third house. It is easy to get a house here that is facing the sea. Besides, it will have all the comfort as well as the latest technology. All this has made this city a hot spot for people coming in from all across the world to invest here.

The president of Affinity International Realty is Samuel Strauch. He decided to invest in projects here due to its strong demographics and economic growth. People can invest here for a holiday home or a permanent house.

Panama is having a bright future as the country is going through a change. Strong recovery can be seen here in all areas including Real Estate. Hence most people who are coming to Panama today are retired Americans. They are now looking forward to enjoying their free time. This is why they are looking for restaurants, shopping malls besides easy transportation. They are looking for attractive discounts too.

Samuel Strauch also mentions the reasonable cost of living here that is making Panama an attractive destination for Mexicans. The Venezuelans are also willing to put in their money here. This is due to the political reasons mainly. These people are keen to emigrate from their country as they wish to live in a place that is safe and has a stable economy too. Panama is able to fit into all these parameters.

Equity First: Offering Leading

Equity First is a company that knows how important your wealth is to you and also the steps that you should take to secure it. After all, they are in the business of property management. The company offers lending services to their clients in a variety of business endeavors such as risk management services and also advises customers on the investment opportunities that they can partake in to grow their already existing funds.

People are always on the lookout for someone who can help them to secure their money. While looking out for someone like this, people often tend to want an individual or an advisor with an incredible amount of experience working with such clients who they can also trust. Equity First tries its best to ensure that it’s clients have their services taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. All the advisors at Equity First have been specially trained to deal with their customer’s needs and to offer them services that are on par with the standards that Equity First sets for them. The primary focus of the firm is always to give their clients quality service that they won’t get elsewhere from any other advisors.

The company was formed in 2006 and since then has created a name for itself in the world of risk and financial management. Equity First is one of the few companies that have maintained international standards when it comes to offering clients this kind of services in South Africa. By taking note of all the things that firms do wrong when handling their client’s finances, Equity First has been able to chalk up a plan that will work for them and their customers, to ensure the smooth functioning of the business. With innovation and creative solutions, Equity First has helped numerous happy customers, offering them the advice that they couldn’t get elsewhere.,34.htm for more .