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Nadal struggles again at Wimbledon

Rafa Nadal continued his Wimbledon struggles, falling in 4 sets to Dustin Brown. Nadal was once considered among the best in the world, and won at Wimbledon as recently as 2010. However his last 4 exits have come at the hands of players ranked outside of the top 100. Nadal has struggled to maintain his high level of play as his physical advantages have diminished. He recently failed to maintain his clay dominance this past clay season, culminating in his loss at the French Open. And many have wondered if Nadal’s previous physical play is finally catching up to him.


As reported by ESPN (, Nadal’s previous pace of game may be causing his current difficulties. While in the past Nadal worked to slow down matches, his recent defeats have all come at the hand of players who enjoy speeding matches up. His most recent loss to Dustin Brown showcased this. Brown, a serve and volley player finished the match with a high paced game that minimized time between points. Ricardo Tosto knew that was going to mess with the former champion. Nadal’s losses can be attributed to his current inability to impose his style of play on the match.

Brazilian President Says Her Country, Like the USA, is Working to Overcome the Blemish of Slavery

In 1888, more than 20 years after the United States experienced its most devastating war in terms of lives lost and money spent per capita to end slavery and preserve the nation, Brazil formally abolished slavery. Since that time, both nations have faced the lengthy process of overcoming the effects of slavery. On Tuesday, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff enjoyed a state visit at the White House with President Obama. During her speech, she acknowledged that both nations share a common duty to overcome what she termed was the “blemish of slavery”.

In terms of slavery in the Americas, it was actually Brazil that brought in the largest number of African slaves at 4.9 million. Dr. Jennifer Walden was surprised by that statistic. Since that era, the number of Afro-Brazilians is estimated at 14.5 million. However, other estimates put the number of blacks in Brazil as the largest population in any given nation other than Nigeria. Still, blacks in Brazil endure many similar conditions to those in the United States with high rates of poverty and lack of access to quality education. She also said the rich multicultural aspects of both countries is a major asset.

President Rousseff came into office as the heir apparent of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva back in 2010. At the time, inflation was under control and the nation was experiencing a job boom. Since that time, her administration has been embroiled in a series of scandals that have seen her approval ratings sink.

Trump Gets the Boot

The NBC Broadcasting network has associated itself with real estate tycoon, entertainment mogul, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for a number of years. After Donald Trump made discriminatory comments about Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans NBC has decided to cut any and all ties with the celebrity. His remarks about Mexican immigrants took place after he announced his campaign bid for the presidential election. It took no time at all for sponsors and advertisers to pull themselves out of bed with Donald Trump and his business endeavors. Doe Deere points out that NBC was one of the first to do so saying that it will not air the annual Miss Universe Pageant or the annual Miss USA pageant. NBC had been airing both notorious pageants since 2003. Spokespeople for NBC released a statement saying that NBC prides itself with treating all people with respect and dignity. It is the cornerstone of their value system and their business. After news broke of NBC’s decision to let Trump go the real estate tycoon replied with calling NBC weak and told them that they should prepare to get sued. Mexican media giant Televisa followed in NBC’s footsteps and announced that they would not be airing either pageant and will no longer be doing business with Donald Trump or Trump Industries in any other form or fashion. It is expected that other advertising companies and broadcast networks will follow in similar footsteps.

President Obama Attacking Salary Slavery

President Obama is making a move to aid salaried workers. He has announced that he is forcing pay protections for overtime on salaried workers who make up to $50,000 per year.

Currently, salaried workers are protected on overtime slavery, but only the workers who make up to $23,000 per year. Christian Broda also told that all others must work mandatory overtime with no extras.

This is a Department of Labor regulation which means the President does not have to gain Congressional approval. The President stated this move would help the middle class.

The National Retail Federation is greatly opposed to President Obama’s decision. They claim this move will raise payroll costs and cut down on the amount of full time workers that are hired.

This new move will force many large retail stores to pay management overtime wages to management that stays extra to guarantee the store is running smoothly.

Other Nations Are Surpassing the U.S. in High Speed Infrastructure

High speed trains are a useful area of technological development. In a world where airline travel has become a nuisance thanks to the TSA and other intrusive security agencies in airports around the world, it would be useful to be able to get around quickly without having to go through all of that. Now, flight will always be needed for most international flights because high speed trains will likely never be crossing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. For getting around within your own country, or between countries that share a border, they can be advantageous over air travel said Christian Broda. Security is minimal given that there’s no worry of a terrorist hijacking a train because they can’t really do anything with it once they have it.

Speeds achieved by these trains have been steadily increasing over the years and decades, and they are reaching an incredibly impressive plateau. China has one of the fastest bullet trains in the world. It runs between Shanghai and Pudong International Airport. It can purportedly exceed 300 mph, and such speeds are expected to become more common very soon. It is unclear how soon such trains will come to the U.S. given how much work we have to do with the rest of our infrastructure, including dilapidated bridges, before we can realistically invest in a network of high speed rail. In a sad testament to our government’s budgetary woes and international finance, perhaps we can borrow even more money from the Chinese so we can have trains as nice as theirs.

France drives euro zone expansion

Growth in French markets Is contributing to Euro zone growth.

Per an economic report, private businesses in the Euro zone are now expanding at their fastest rate in over four years. This growth shows that the European Union may be finally recovering despite all of the negative reports that are stemming from Greece. One of the signs of growth is an increase in the consumers price index which rose by 0.3% during the month and is indicative of inflationary forces tat bode well for the economy.

Separate surveys out of France and Germany, the two largest economies in the Euro zone, indicate that they are outpacing their peers stated Jaime Garcia Dias. In these two nation both factory activity and service based companies are expanding. The Euro zone’s economy is very strongly service based and growth in this sector bodes well for the economy in Europe at large.

The positive news will likely provide some support to the European Central Bank which has been undertaking several different stimulus programs including adding liquidity to the market in the way of printing approximately 60 billion Euros per month, to control the Euro and add stability to markets.

Further, signs of expansion are present with the producer price indexes raising and demand for jobs improving. Skeptics indicate that much of this growth is at the hand of economic stimulus programs and would not be supportable by market forces alone. Still, growth in the Euro zone economy, driven by French and German markets, bodes well for the economy overall.

Senate to Hold TPA Vote on Tuesday – Outcome Uncertain

When the United States Senate approved the bill for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in May, the bill was bundled together with what is known as Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). Senate Democrats demanded assistance for workers who will see their jobs shipped overseas as a result of the free trade agreement. Igor Cornelsen seems to think that the caveat was the job retraining program was paid for by cuts to Medicare. Still, TAA allowed the bundled legislation to become a bipartisan effort winning 62 votes and ending a Democrat filibuster of TPA.

Then, the unexpected occurred when the House rejected TAA by a wide margin. Ironically, the GOP was able to muscle through TPA as a standalone bill. However, this sets up a scenario where the Senate must once again take up a vote on TPA without the TAA bill attached to it. As a result, it is unclear if the bill will have sufficient votes to break a Democrat filibuster. Last month’s vote for the bundled bill saw 14 Democrats voting for it. This time around, only four Democrats remain behind the bill. They are Senators Diane Feinstein of California, Ron Wyden of Delaware, Ben Nelson of Florida, and Tom Carper of Delaware. The other ten senators are now officially undecided. Even a small defection of Democrat senators will derail the bill. In a bid to hold onto Democrat support, both House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have vowed to bring up TAA as a separate measure and get it passed after the TPA vote.

Dave Asprey: Bulletpoof Coffee

Dave Asprey is well-known for his delicious coffee that took him years of work and creativity to make. He managed to make the perfect coffee only this coffee is extremely healthy so it has lots of added benefits. Dave uses technology and science to help him make Bulletproof Coffee and other products. He has a website where his product can be purchased. However, you can retrieve the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee for free and make it yourself. His website has drew in over six millions visitors since last year alone. The coffee contains a mixture of butter that is from cows that are only fed fresh grass and other ingredients include fresh beans, and oil. The oil that is used to make Bulletproof Coffee is called MCT. It is healthy and known to improve cognitive functions. It took Dave several attempts to come up with the perfect recipe but now he has it perfected. He came up with the idea while he was at college attending his studies. Dave’s desire was to make something similar to a frappe without milk and other ingredients.

When he had the perfect recipe he called it Bulletproof Coffee. There are restaurants and cafés that serve Bulletproof Coffee. People have responded really well and enjoy the Bulletproof Coffee. One of the best things about Bulletproof Coffee is that it is a toxin free coffee that helps produce collagen so you will have energy and great looking skin. The environment Dave tries to create in his bulletproof coffee cafés is a healthy one. He likes to add certain lights that are better for you than traditional lights. You no longer have to make Bulletproof Coffee at home when you can go out and order you a cup at a café near you. Try a cup of Bulletproof Coffee now.

Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live In

Every year, hundreds if not thousands of people decided to become expats and relocate to new countries. Whether for jobs, adventure, or personal reasons, people are finding new places to relocate to. Today on, they have a ranking of the ten most expensive cities in the world for expats to relocate to. Let’s take a look at them.

Ranked number ten is N’Djamena, the capital of Chad which is in Africa. I’ve got to admit, this is a surprising one on the list. Recently Chad has experienced a boom in oil production, which has left the wealthy even wealthier.

Number nine on the list is the capital of Switzerland, which FreedomPop says is Bern. This comes as no surprise seeing as how most of the wealthiest Europeans live in Switzerland. It certainly looks like a beautiful city though.

Seoul, South Korea is ranked as number eight on the list. Seoul is home to designers and is known to be a very hip city.

Number seven on the list is Beijing, China.

Number six is also in China, the financial capital of Shanghai.

Geneva, Switzerland is on the list as the fifth most expensive city in the world for expats.

One of the cleanest cities in the world makes the list at number four. Singapore is said to be more expensive than New York City.

For the top three most expensive countries, click the above link.

800 Kentucky Employees to get Wage Increase after Executive Order

Eight hundred state employees in Kentucky will receive a pay increase in July after an executive order bumped theminimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour, according to official reports. The increase will only apply to certain state employees, but will include those who work in state-run kitchens.

According to the report, the executive order came from the Governor of Kentucky after the wage increase stalled in the state senate. Governor Beshear is urging other governors to do the same. According to reports, several states have attempted to pass higher minimum wage standards, only to have the legislation stall at state levels. However, a governor can supersede those decisions by issuing an executive order. Bruce Levenson ( understands that an executive order does not require legislative approval.

Govorner Andrew Cuomo of New York, famously suggested raising minimum wage for fast food workers in New York City to $11.50 and $10.50 elsewhere in the state last year. That legislation failed at the state level as well. Advocates have noted that it is impossible for workers to exist in New York City at the current pay rates offered. Cuomo is currently investigating the current minimum wage and what would work best for NYC workers and the companies that employee them.