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Is beneful a real word?

When companies are designing answer their products they want a name that will be instantly recognizable and communicate a message. At the same time they often a name that is unique to them and can be copyrighted. One of the greatest successes in this tricky endeavor was Purina’s brand of pet food Beneful.

Beneful sounds like it could be a real word but it isn’t. It is, however, a combination two words that are commonly used and understood, benefit and full. These words share a common design with other positive terms. Mind, thought, and hope becomes mindful, thoughtful, hopeful, while Beneful beneficial shows us that the food is full of benefit for your pet. While it may not currently be a word in the dictionary only time will tell if it will make it there eventually. Because the word follows the rules of English, it very well could be an excellent candidate for a new addition to the dictionary.

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