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For the Love of Your Dog

As any dog owner knows, a dog isn’t just a dog. A dog is family. Your dog’s sole purpose in life is to please you. You are his everything. Shouldn’t you try to return that favor? Long walks, car rides with the windows down, and the right food, is a good start. Keeping your dog healthy is the single most important way to return your love. Routine veterinary care and proper nutrition are vital to keeping your furry friend around for a long time. Beneful dog food by PurinaStore® offers premium ingredients and 100% of your dog’s daily nutrients.
Beneful Originals dry dog food: provides real meat, vegetables, in an antioxidant dense kibble that is proven well loved by dogs, large and small. With choices like chicken, beef and salmon you can give a wide range of core proteins for the health of your dog. There is a perfect recipe for whichever stage of life your best friend is in. They even make a smaller kibble just for your pint-size pup. Purina® also developed a nutritious healthy weight dry dog food for our pudgy friends.

Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food: is the perfect companion to the Beneful Originals dry food. Made with real meats like beef, chicken and salmon, Chopped Blends combines carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach with your choice of finely chopped meat. Chopped Blends combines high nutrition with a savory sauce, that your dog will thank you for.

In addition to Beneful‘s Chopped Blends, they offer another wet food specially formulated for your pooch, the Medley line. The Medley provides more of the savory gravy which makes it perfect for mixing with dry kibble. With favors like, Tuscan Style, Romana Style and Mediterranean Style, ensures your dog will beg for more. They are 100% completely balanced for optimum nutrition.

For an after dinner treat, offer your dog a Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges snack. From mini to large, your dog is sure to be satisfied. Ingredients include real parsley to freshen your dog’s breath and the ridges help reduce plaque and tarter. They will happily chew their way to better dental health.

If There Was No Beneful, I’d Prepare My Dog’s Food Myself

I loved Beneful’s recent youtube commercial featuring the people who make Beneful dog food. They feed it to their pets for the same reason that I do; it’s made with high quality ingredients. I feed all seven of my dogs Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food ( with real chicken. While several of them are not overweight, they are elderly, and they lead a sedentary lifestyle. They love the taste, and I feel better knowing that they are maintaining a healthy weight.

Every Sunday, I give my beagles Beneful Incredibites, the canned food made for small dogs. The two of them love the little bits of carrots and wild rice in the food. The larger dogs each enjoy a tub of Beneful’s chopped blends. My redtick hound picks out all of the peas first, because they are his favorite. Occasionally, I’ll add extra frozen peas to his tub as a special treat. My dogs also like Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Ridge Twists. They are the only dental treats that I have ever found that my dogs actually enjoy. If you’ve ever tried brushing a dog’s teeth, you will understand what a great invention dental treats are.

I will always stick with Beneful because I’ve never found another dog food manufacturer that cares so much about pet nutrition; the Nutrition Research team at Nestlé Purinastore is led by a woman with a PhD in Animal Nutrition. She, along with her team of pet nutrition experts, evaluates every ingredient that goes into Beneful. I know some people just feed their dog the cheapest dog food they can find, but for me, it’s Beneful or I’ll cook their food myself rather than give them any other dog food.



Dog Health

When it comes to owning a dog, your dogs health is very important. In most cases your dog ends up becoming a part of the family, and just like any other family member, you want to make sure that your dog stays healthy. And there are many ways in doing sure.

One important part of keeping your dog healthy is taking him/her for a vet check at least once a year. Taking your dog for a yearly vet examine can help to prevent from any future problems. When your dog goes for a yearly vet exam your vet will check your dogs stance, fur, how they walk, the eyes, the skin, the ears, the nose and face, the mouth, the teeth, the lungs, and the heartbeat. A yearly vet check up is strongly recommended by veterinarians. A dog cannot tell you how they are feeling, so there could be complications that you don’t even know about, and a vet could catch any complications from a check up. If a disease or a problem with your dog is detected your vet can treat your dog before it gets worse.

Another important part of keeping your dog healthy is making your dog exercises. Many people forget to make sure their dogs get exercise and many people do not know that without exercise your dog will act out. Without exercise your dog might start becoming hyper, rough, and unruly. Your dog needs exercise just as humans do. Exercising your dog helps to reduce digestive problems, it helps keep the dog healthy, and helps to keep your dogs weight under control. Some good ways to exercise your dog are to go for a walk, playing fetch, or letting your dog out to run.

What your dog eats plays a huge factor when it comes to your dogs health. Choosing a dog food is important for your dog. What a dog eats rubs off on his/her health and attitude. A good recommended dog brand that is good for dogs is Beneful. Beneful dog food is healthy and full of real meats that your dog will love. There are different flavors of Beneful and different textures of food such as wet, dry, and treats. Beneful has great ratings and reviews and a good brand of food to keep your dog in good shape.