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Investment Banking 101

Investment Banking is a financial program which deals in an assortment of services such as stocks, bonds, marketing, underwriting, and advertising. Investment Banking services are great for businesses that are looking to expand investment portfolios and obtaining capital. Financial Expert Advise is also offered if needed and some of the solutions of this service is making purchases, managing assets, and giving advice for mergers. In other words, Investment Banking is a solid, well-rounded program that is highly effective for gaining higher financial solutions.

Individuals, Government bodies, and Businesses commonly use this type of banking as it offers innovative solutions in financing as well as quality guidance that suits the business’ needs. All investment banking firms aren’t the same and a good (IB) will work along side it’s client to achieve it’s goal whether it’s preparing exclusive paperwork or raising funds.

Have you ever heard of Martin Lustgarten? Lustgarten is one of the most popular investment bankers in the U.S. He is also a successful business owner of his very own company where he’s the current (CEO) and President. This prominent investment banker resides in one of the Sunshine State’s most expensive oceanfront communities. Ponte Vedra, Florida is just no dot on the map, but rather an elite destination of powerful people. Lustgarten Martin Bank is named after it’s founder and it’s currently one of the most successful financial investment institutions in the State of Florida. His business has become very prosperous throughout the years because it’s great at closing some of the largest financial offers. Lustgarten Martin Bank does a great job at acquiring funds/capital from other alternative services in which other investment firms seem to struggle with. The (LMB) is thriving in business thanks to it’s diversified services. The firm also has connection all over the world in places such as Hong Kong, Panama, and Singapore. Martin Lustgarten utilizes his talents fully and has strong economic present in the nation and beyond.

Know More About BMG

BMG is a bank in Brazil that was founded by the Guimarães family. It has over 80 years of solid performance in the financial world. It is a bank with the ability to offer credit solutions for both individuals and companies. It achieves this through products such as the payroll credit card, home equity loans, financing for used vehicles, medium and large companies. BMG keeps its presence in the payroll loan section through Banco Itaú. It is owned by Mr. Ricardo Guimarães, who also serves as its President and Director. Mr. Ricardo is also a member of the Board of Councilors.

BMG’s Main Historical Achievements

In 1930, the Guimarães Family established Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. that was later renamed to BMG. In 1971, BMG Financeira was created and in 1973, BMG switched from being a retail market bank to a wholesale one with no deposit, checking account or checkbooks. Three years later, BMG Leasing was established, and the bank quickly became an industry leader by focusing on the financing of heavy and light vehicles.

In 1985, BMG Financeira acquired majority equity of Brasilinvest Banco Comercial and in 1988; it became a multiple service bank. In April 1989, it was changed to Banco BMG S.A. In 1994 August, BMG acquired the common shares of BMG Leasing from the Guimarães family members. In 1996, BMG began focusing on providing payroll loans to the public sector.
In July 2012, BMG joined the Itaú Unibanco to form a new bank that concentrated exclusively on payroll loans. In 2013, the operations of Banco Itaú began effectively and the level of production of payroll increases.

What Makes BMG Stand Out?

Here are some of the competitive advantages that BMG has over other players in the market.
• Strong Brand Recognition – Throughout BMG’s history, it has stood out in the Brazilian financial market as a result of its operational excellence and sales strength. In so doing, the bank has created a brand recognized globally for its tradition, ability to predict key market movements and technology.
• Corporate Governance Practices – With its experienced and professional management team, BMG voluntarily adopted high-level corporate governance practices. It relies on a Board of Directors.
• Human Capital – BMG also stands out since it recognizes talent. It has high synergy teams that can overcome problems through teamwork and creativeness.
• Conservative Credit Policy – Traditionally, BMG has always dealt with high-quality credit portfolios, and its conservative credit policy has made this possible. Moreover, all credit decisions are made jointly through a credit committee structure.

The Eucatex Group Article

The Eucatex Group is an organization out of Brazil that has pioneered the world of industry by supplying companies with their high-grade insulation and eucalyptus wood fibers. Eucatex has over 60 years of experience and has branched out to supply hotels with laminated wood flooring. These are only a few examples of how Eucatex is a blend of innovation and experience in construction.

Eucatex is a company of vision and is headed by a CEO of vision named Flávio Maluf. Facebook shows that Mr. Maluf is not only an accomplished entrepreneur, as he is president of multiple flourishing companies, he is also a graduate of FAAP in Brazil and is a certified mechanical engineer. With his company achieving such accolades as being rated as a top company in corporate citizenship in Brazil, Eucatex is obviously a first class company.

Another area where Eucatex shows innovation is a flourishing forestry that is available for lease, this is a good opportunity to partner with Eucatex. With a 12 year lease, the land could be optimized and rural property value this is a prime company to invest in high-quality wood.

There are many companies that are successful, but few can be successful and show the ambition and desire to progress. Eucatex has the opportunity to grow and flourish in this economy as an investment opportunity and a healthy source of high-quality materials. The Eucatex group and Mr. Maluf specify that relations with investors and communication is key to building a successful business, and to help the quality of life in construction projects.

Big Banks Are Caught Cheating the System Again and Bernie Sanders Has A lot to Say About It

Bernie Sanders has never been a fan of big banking but now he has even more ammo to use against these long standing financial insinuations. Five big banking corporations must pay more than $5 billion in restitution and have also plead guilty to several crimes. Banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup were found guilty of manipulating interest rates and currency exchanges in order to increase profits, exactly the kind of activity which led to America’s great recession.

Sanders has been advocating for the destruction of the big banking system for decades and claims the banks are at the heart of our financial problems as a country, and as a world in our new global economy. And even though the banks have yet again plead guilty to serious crimes against the American public, no one is really being held accountable. Sure, they have to pay billions of dollars in fines but no one is losing their job or going to prison, which is where most people go when they commit these sort of crimes.

As a presidential candidate and long time Senator, Sanders is using his position of power to speak out against the big banks saying, “Today, the six largest financial institutions have nearly $10 trillion in assets, equal to nearly 60 percent of our gross domestic product. Madison Street Capital recently alerted the folks at that they control more than two-thirds of the credit card market and one-third of the mortgages.  These huge institutions are not only involved in fraudulent activities, they have grown even larger and more powerful since the Wall Street crash of 2008.  They are not only an ongoing threat to taxpayers, but a burden on our entire economy.”