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BMG: Selecting A Reputable Bank In Brazil

Are you looking for a good bank for your needs? Do you want to find out why BMG is a great choice for your business or personal banking needs? If you are researching banks in Brazil or trying to choose the best bank for your situation, it’s extremely important that you make the right choice. There are many financial institutions in this country, including BMG, but you need to keep in mind that not all banks are created equal. It is imperative to check the reputation and reliability of a bank before making your choice.

Choosing a bank for your personal or business needs involves more than picking the nearest local bank. It is necessary to consider the services and features that you need and the fees for the various services. Ideally you will choose a bank with knowledgeable professionals who are hardworking and will ensure customer satisfaction. You want to choose a bank that will take the time to find out your needs and strive to help you. For business accounts, reliable professionals will present you with various options and guide you in choosing the right ones for you.

BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor has worked in the banking field for many years and has a track record of rendering high quality services to customers. BMG has many positive reviews and people in Brazil are always raving about the features and services offered by the bank. Marcio Alaor makes sure that customers are provided with the best quality financial servies and money management solutions available. Their proven record of rendering outstanding services has made the bank one of the most trusted financial institutions in the country. Many people in Brazil recognize Marcio Alaor as a strong leader and pleasant person.

It is also essential to make sure that the bank you choose, has fast response time. This means, that any time you contact customer support they will usually get back to you promptly or within a reasonable time period. BMG demonstrates a genuine interest in their banking customers and a dedication to quick service and top notch customer support.

Every person should have a reliable and supportive financial institution that sufficiently meets his or her needs. Be sure that you’re getting the most out of your bank or other financial institution. Some features are more valuable or in high demand than others because they can save money and time — two valuable commodities for business owners. When it comes to services, features and fees, banks vary significantly.

With a little common sense, you should not experience any difficulty choosing a dependable financial institution for your requirement. Visit BMG at their website to learn more about the bank.


The banking industry of Brazil has experienced tremendous growth since 2004. The credit exposure was at 23% at 2004 but has since grown to over 60% in 2015. BMG BANCO bank is one of the leading banks in the industry who have contributed to the immersive growth. The Bank is the pioneer in consignment credit industry. The sector is among the fastest growing in the industry. The bank advances consignment credit to a majority of its customers. Most clients include the workers union workers and social retires. These groups were previously uncovered in the loan industry by other banks.
The entry of BMG significantly boosted most of its customer who are very crucial to a vibrant economy. The bank has over 60000 agents and 3000 points of sales distributed throughout the country. Other than the consignment credit sector, the bank is also financing its customers in asset financing and mortgages.
The bank is a leading sponsor of the Brazilian national soccer. It has overgrown the traditional sponsors like Adidas and Coca-Cola. Many players in the national team of Brazil have a connection with the bank. The bank also sponsors other philanthropic interests of the society. The projects started by the bank have significantly improved the lives of the community.
The current president of the bank is Mr. Richardo Guimaries. He is a graduate of Una-Faculdade University. He has an extensive experience in the business administration and management. Guimaries is also the chief executive officer of the BANCO BMG GROUP. It’s the parent company of BMG bank. Besides, he serves as a member of the board of the group. Since Mr. Guimaries took the leadership of BMG group, the bank has grown significantly in market shares. The bank is leading player in the consignment credit industry. It occupies over 80% of the market. The bank has also invested heavily in other sectors of credit industry under his leadership.

Guimaries is also an active soccer support. His leadership has widely supported the sport that has an enormous following in Brazil. The bank has diversified its investment to target large companies and individuals. BMG is the first bank in Brazil to offer fund receivables. Under Guimaries leadership, the bank took advantage of the adjustment of public payroll loan act in 2003. It launched an aggressive campaign to market its services in the banking correspondents. It now serves the largest of some employee in the retirees, pensioners, local and state servants, military personnel and armed forces. The bank has received several prestigious awards under the presidency of Mr. Guimaries. They include the famous best financial conglomerate by the Getulio Vargas Foundation. It marketing model has grown very successful drawing the attention from the market and other banks.

Taking Advantage Of Market Information To Transform BMG

It is necessary to gather facts that can help one to manage a business more easily and this is one of the things that have allowed BMG out stand out in the market. The company is among leading banks in Brazil, which have been able to offer unique products that have allowed different categories of people to benefit. Getting the right information takes more than just observing the movement of economic forces. Customers can also relay important details that when applied cold lead to more success within a business. If possible, it is necessary to hire a professional who is able to give facts about different sets of information. This is what has kept BMG at the top of the list despite numerous challenges that the company has been able to tackle.

BMG is a leading firm that has worked on ensuring they have the best professionals in the company. They have hired professionals in all areas to ensure the company receives the best feedback about the changes that occur in the market. This has allowed them to adjust accordingly and to get details that are necessary to allow them to manage different projects. BMG is also among firms that have maintained respectable rates for their customers. They have ensured the remuneration offered is encouraging, something that has allowed their workers to dispense services without undue stress.

Working on products to ensure customers will appreciate takes more than just implementing production. Statistical data that spells about the state of the market is also necessary to allow one to make the right decision. Ricardo Guimarães offers information stating that BMG has been able to offer support for research and implementation of the right information. They have trained their professionals to ensure they are able to analyze information so as to learn about the needs of the market. This has assisted in marketing and maintaining visibility all through.

Ricardo Guimarães also offers information stating that BMG has honored the need to offer support to community projects that can help to make life better. On this, they have allowed different categories of people to benefit from their sponsorship programs, which have been implemented especially on sports and education. The company has invested in offering support for young talent in football and other games. This has allowed them to effortlessly market their services and products, something that has also earned them a positive reputation.

Marcio Alaor Is Honored In His Home Town

The annual Santo Antonio do Monte 33rd agricultural exhibition that started on the 21st and ended on the 24th of August 2014 saw Marcio Alaor receive much tribute. The Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court was opened. Marcio was honored in his hometown for his contribution and work done at BMG. Besides the tribute, a plaque having a describing his attributes was created. Local authorities and politicians attended his inauguration. Luis Antonio Resene was among the guest speakers. Luis highly praised Marcio and his contributions to the society. He also acknowledged the great work done by workers of the Exhibition Center.
Prior to the tribute, the food court was a grain warehouse. The venue was deemed an appropriate place to honor Marcio Alaor given his humble beginnings. Marcio Alaor was once a shoe shiner. He worked hard to join university and his leadership abilities saw him recruited at BMG. In his acceptance speech, Marcio thanked the town members for the honor and his family for the support they have shown him. Additionally, he appreciated the fact that the town chose to honor him while he was still alive rather than after his death, as it is common in most places.
Marcio insisted that honoring people when they are alive is a great way of allowing the honoree to be part of a growing society. Alaor hopes that other people within the society will be recognized for the work they do. He prays that those leaving out of the town like him will always have a relationship with the place where they trace their roots.
Marcio has been helpful to the town of Santo Antonio do Monte. He also pays attention to the rural areas within the city. Over the years, Marcio has maintained a great relationship with his hometown and in turn his hometown has greatly supported him in his endeavors. Marcio is the vice president of the Banco de Minas Gerais. The town, which has little land for agriculture, is still the largest producer of milk in West Central. The present local authorities’ officials spoke of the importance of city members to support city members even those who are not residing in the city.
In attendance, was the Rural Union president, Vilmar Octavian. Vilmar expressed his gratitude in how Marcio has been involved in supporting farmers from Santo Antonio do Monte. The launch of the food court is a representation of the strides and developments that the city is working hard to achieve. The town mayor, Wilmar Son, thanked Marcio for the contributions he has and continues to make in Santo Antonio do Monte. He said that the food court was an incentive to the members to create more developments aimed at enhancing growth of the city.

Why BNG Bank Is Leading In Financial Service Delivery

The development of the banking institutions have led to emergence of economic development among many countries in the world. This has attracted many people who have chosen to invest in different companies with the aim of facilitating economic growth. Brazil is a third world country that is developing rapidly in service provision to its citizens. As a result, many people have gotten employment opportunities from the growing infrastructure development. As such, many people have invested heavily in the banking sector and have contributed a lot of resources towards economic development. BMG Brazil is a leading bank that has generated a lot of revenue geared towards economic development. The bank has been in existence for a long time providing the best services in the banking sector. BMG Bank was established in 1930 by the Pentagna Guimarães family. The bank started offering commercial banking services to companies and individuals. This was the main focus of the bank and it helped many people to acquire heavy and light vehicles in 1980s. The bank developed and started offering other form of banking services geared towards benefiting the general public. In 1998, the bank moved on and started providing payrolls and loans to the government employees and institutions. This has made it develop more opportunities in the banking sector which made it to sign an agreement with Itaú Unibanco S.A. in 2012. This was the breakthrough towards commercialization of payroll loans in Brazil.

BMG Bank has invested a lot in its corporate sector and is focusing on producing the most notable banking services for the Brazilian nation. The bank has invested in professional experienced employees who have continued to offer services that are geared towards customer satisfaction. Marcio Alaor is the Vice President and Director who has invested a lot of skills in ensuring that management part of the company delivers on its mandate. Through Marcio Alaor governance, the bank has developed a robust Anti-Money Laundering Program that has enabled it to sail easily in the financial world while minimizing of counter fate money. Marcio Alaor has contributed a lot in developing strategies that have been used to increase profit outcome. The bank has invested in operational efficiency where it has developed advanced systems that are focused towards increasing service delivery. This is through automating most of the BMG Bank services to reduce on time wastage and increase on the customer base. As a result, the bank has continued to shine as one of the banking institution that has continued to explore the Brazilian economy.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG

BMG Bank is one of the many financial institutions based in Brazil. The bank is currently led by chief executive officer Ricardo Guimaraes. With Ricardo Guimaraes as the chief executive officer, BMG bank has remained as one of the top banks in Brazil. Part of what makes BMG a top bank is the number of services it offers to its customers. These services include loans, deposits, investments and insurance. With these services, any private individual or business will greatly benefit by working with this bank. While the services offered are very beneficial one of the most common services offered by BMG bank is loans. Both individuals and businesses use loans to finance a number of needs they have. While individuals greatly benefit from the loans offered by BMG Bank, businesses often seek loans to finance a number of things to help run and grow their business.

When it comes to business loans, companies will often seek a line of credit to help finance the daily operations. This will usually include funds to help pay their office rent, payroll, utility bills and also other costs such as shipping products. With a line of credit loan offered by BMG bank, businesses will have the money available to stay in operation and avoid going out of business. This is one of the most common and important types of loans for businesses.

Another type of financing for companies is one that entails purchasing inventory. If a company sells certain products it will need to purchase the inventory. While they may make enough money to accomplish this, they may need more funds to purchase it so that they have the products available for their customers. Therefore a loan used to purchase inventory will help a business more efficiently operate.

Companies often seek business loans to purchase equipment and machinery. These things are needed to produce products and are therefore necessary to help run the business. BMG bank offers loans to businesses to help purchase these essential items. With the necessary funds, a company can get updated equipment to help produce their products and satisfy their customers.

A business looking for a loan will also get financing for expansion. There are times when a company will need a bigger facility to run their operations. Since they may lack the funds to purchase a new building themselves, they will look to get a loan to finance it instead. With this type of loan, a company will have the funding they need to help get new updated facilities to more efficiently run their business.

BMG Bank Brazil

Mr. Gumaraes Ricardo is the owner of Banco de Minas Gerais S.A.and he works as its leader and president. Since 2004, Mr. Ricardo has been the president and executive officer of BMG S.A de C.V. Mr. Ricardo has served as the Financial Executive officer of the bank from 1980 to 1989. He then served as the bank’s CEO from 1989. Mr. Rcardo received an appointment as the bank’s vice premier of the panel of decision-making officers in 1996. Since 2008 April, Mr. Ricardo has been the company’s director. He has also served as a participant in the group of councilors for the bank. Mr. Ricardo graduated with a business administration degree from the University of Felcudae in 1988.

BMG bank is a commercial institution privately controlled and owned by the Pentagna family. This bank has had a close involvement with the country’s financial industry since 1930 during its establishment. This organization is a commercial bank that offers products to institutions and individuals. Before 1990, the bank’s core business was the consumer and wholesale financing, and it was the leader for light and heavy vehicle financing in 1980’s. From 1998, this bank has shifted its focus to the providence of payroll loans and is now a point of reference for this operation.

In 2012 July, The Bank signed a covenant of association with Unibasco S.A, which was aimed at offering payroll loans commercialization and distribution of in Brazil. The two institutions united to form a joint venture that is called BMG Banco Itau Cosignado S.A. in 2014, the two organizations signed an agreement that will unify their business that would focus on the payroll loans at the joint operation. BMG currently holds 40% of the total voting share stocks and its partner Banco Itau holds the remaining 60% shares. The unification of this businesses has brought numerous advantages to BMG. This standardization has enabled the concentrate bank focus on tactical products like Payroll Credit card and used automobile financing.

The bank is keen to keep its conservative profile as well as the profitability of its products. This achievement is brought about by quality customer portfolio and responsible credit. The bank additionally is working to meet customer and new business needs that add value to the company. With its long history as a pioneer financial institution in the country, BMG has substantial experience and expertise in all its aspects of operations. The bank has a strong brand recognition and solid governance practices that propel it in the bank market.

Know More About BMG

BMG is a bank in Brazil that was founded by the Guimarães family. It has over 80 years of solid performance in the financial world. It is a bank with the ability to offer credit solutions for both individuals and companies. It achieves this through products such as the payroll credit card, home equity loans, financing for used vehicles, medium and large companies. BMG keeps its presence in the payroll loan section through Banco Itaú. It is owned by Mr. Ricardo Guimarães, who also serves as its President and Director. Mr. Ricardo is also a member of the Board of Councilors.

BMG’s Main Historical Achievements

In 1930, the Guimarães Family established Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. that was later renamed to BMG. In 1971, BMG Financeira was created and in 1973, BMG switched from being a retail market bank to a wholesale one with no deposit, checking account or checkbooks. Three years later, BMG Leasing was established, and the bank quickly became an industry leader by focusing on the financing of heavy and light vehicles.

In 1985, BMG Financeira acquired majority equity of Brasilinvest Banco Comercial and in 1988; it became a multiple service bank. In April 1989, it was changed to Banco BMG S.A. In 1994 August, BMG acquired the common shares of BMG Leasing from the Guimarães family members. In 1996, BMG began focusing on providing payroll loans to the public sector.
In July 2012, BMG joined the Itaú Unibanco to form a new bank that concentrated exclusively on payroll loans. In 2013, the operations of Banco Itaú began effectively and the level of production of payroll increases.

What Makes BMG Stand Out?

Here are some of the competitive advantages that BMG has over other players in the market.
• Strong Brand Recognition – Throughout BMG’s history, it has stood out in the Brazilian financial market as a result of its operational excellence and sales strength. In so doing, the bank has created a brand recognized globally for its tradition, ability to predict key market movements and technology.
• Corporate Governance Practices – With its experienced and professional management team, BMG voluntarily adopted high-level corporate governance practices. It relies on a Board of Directors.
• Human Capital – BMG also stands out since it recognizes talent. It has high synergy teams that can overcome problems through teamwork and creativeness.
• Conservative Credit Policy – Traditionally, BMG has always dealt with high-quality credit portfolios, and its conservative credit policy has made this possible. Moreover, all credit decisions are made jointly through a credit committee structure.

Jaime Garcia Dias: a Trailblazer of Brazilian Literature

It is most often times we hear about the book, but never the author. A marvelous piece of literary art in which the mind behind it is never mentioned. If you enjoy reading, wouldn’t you want to know more about the individual who put their time, passion and energy into your enjoyment? One notable author from the Brazilian community that has recently been showcased via ABC Award of Brazil Dummy Literature is author, Jaime Garcia Dias.

In Globo they show that Jaime Garcia Dias was born in the Rio de Janeiro area of Brazil and began his writing career very young. His father, Arnaldo Dias, also a fellow writer and journalist, bore a heavy influence on his son. Jaime utilized his father’s previously published pieces as study tools and read each one meticulously and often. His first open reading was at the young age of 18, reading one of his father’s published books. After that reading, Jaime developed his sincere passion for reading and writing, joining other authors in Rio de Janeiro to study.

Between the early and mid 90’s, Dias taught teenagers with an interest pursuing Literature in college. He then fulfilled a management position at the Carioca Literature Academy, continuing to instruct and develop more challenging courses for aspiring journalists. In 2007, he accepted a position as principal and the academy began to thrive intensely. The academy was known to have the most prolific collection of literature in Brazil.

Before reaching the age of 30, Dias had gone on to published ten books and was inducted into the White Crane, an organization that publicizes South America authors around the world. This honor went on to give Dias great exposure and was instrumental in publicizing his name.

One of his more notable pieces of work, “Fell From Heaven” was loved and honored by Argentine author, Joshua Gomez. This kind of attention skyrocketed Dias even further up into the world of literature. The book was recognized throughout huge areas of South America and was center focus of the Latinos Book Meeting in Argentina.

Given that his father had held such inspiration and precedence for his career, he honored him by publishing a chronic entitled “Wise.” This piece opened opportunities for Dias to submit weekly work to publications famous in Brazil. “Chronicles That Made Me a Man” also based on his father was released shortly after. They were memoirs and reflections of childhood tales seen through the perspective of a youthful Jaime and his father.

Among 20 published works such as Two Ways, Canal, Wise and more, five profound literary awards and honors, Dias has found himself on top of the literary world. He is considered one of the leading authors of fiction literature in Brazil.

Brazil’s Legal Climate Is Ready For Business

Brazil has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world over the course of the past decade. Its Presidents have used the notion that a more inclusive society means more business opportunity to help move the country forward. Today, the size of the market opportunity for foreign companies is attracting a lot of large manufacturers who want to compete for the attention of the Brazilian consumer.

For most companies that are considering doing business in Brazil, one of the key questions is what is the legal climate like? In neighboring Argentina, for example, the laws regarding tenancy are so liberal that even native owners of buildings are very careful about who they lease to because each person that leases a building could end up suing to try to take over ownership of the property if stringent conditions aren’t met.

Fortunately, Brazilian law with regards to business is much like European law. It is in fact derived from a combination of the laws of three different European countries. So firms interested in getting started will have a familiar environment within which to work.

Legal Superstars:

There are also quite a few legal personalities within Brazil that attract international clients and quite a bit of media regarding their careers and the cases that they take. One of the most profilic and well-known personalities is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo was renowned for providing services for large companies before branching out on his own with some legal partners. The firm that they started, Leite, Tosto and Barros, Lawyers, has grown into one of the largest legal firms in Brazil. Because they represent individuals, companies, and governments, Ricardo has tried and negotiated in a number of the highest profile cases in Brazil this century. In his spare time, he is able to sit on the board of other firms and provides guidance to the Study Center for Lawyer Studies, a key development center for young lawyers in Brazil.

Open For Business:

The legal climate has normed so much throughout the country that companies should expect that their rights and their responsibilities will be protected in the same manner that they are accustomed to in any other modern economy. For many, the difference is that Brazil is growing much faster than many other economies that they could invest in. At the current moment, a lull in the action has spurred all the major government ministers to consider promoting even more foreign investment as a means of integrating Brazil’s economy even further with that of other large trading partners. This represents an opportunity that probably won’t be equaled in the near future for companies that want to enter the market. So whether you are looking at expanding or wanting help with an existing presence in Brazil, working with their legal and business professionals within their system to get things accomplished can help you achieve solid growth.