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Equities First Gets The Job Done

There are a number of banks and financial institutions that will claim that they lend on stocks using equities as collateral for loans. If you own a business, you might keep that in mind if you every need emergency funds, and your business has a temporary problem with cash flow. It happens some times. It depends on the market or the weather or any other number of factors. Equities First Resume Here.

If you go to a bank to obtain loan on equities, they will look at a proposal that you must prepare for them to see how the funds will be spent. Then, they will tell you a number of equities upon which they can not lend. It is prohibited by the government for certain institutions to lend money of some equities. Then, they let you know that they will lend on up to 40% of the value of the stocks. And the final insult is the interest rate, which is much higher than you had expected. Visit

Then you decide to look into Equities First South Africa. You discover that they can lend up to an 80% loan to value ratio against your equities. You do not have to write up a business proposal detailing the purpose of the loan. You do not have to tell them what will be done with the funds. They are a private company, and do not have to adhere to the rules and government regulations placed on banks and institutional lenders. Their interest rate is much lower than the institutional lenders and banks. And, most important, the funding is readily available. Contact Equities First.

You wonder why you ever wasted your time at the bank. You should have gone to Equities First, first!

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George Soros – A Man Of Action

Mention the name George Soros and watch the excitement. The Soros name is at the paradigm of controversy – garnering admiration and adoration on Investopedia from the left and criticism and derision from the right. Liberal Democrats view him as an angel. Conservative Republicans view him as a demon.

George Soros’ view of the world has been deeply and profoundly influenced by his upbringing as a Jew in Hungary during the Nazi invasion and occupation and the subsequent Russian invasion.

Soros threw himself whole-heartedly into the presidential election of 2016 on Forbes. As a bellwether fundraiser, he enabled Clinton to amass resources several times that of Trump. He guided fundraising efforts on behalf of Clinton and served as a liaison with several other wealthy donors. It is also worth noting that Soros personally donated approximately $25 million to liberal causes including the Clinton campaign.

Although his candidate Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, George Soros has promised to continue as part of the system and work toward liberal causes and mid-term elections.

The 2016 election cycle largely mimics the disappointment of the 2004 election cycle. Soros was one of the first and most vocal opponents of both the Bush policies and the Iraq war.

After waging a He concentrated his efforts on international foundations spreading democracy throughout the world.

Although the 2016 election campaign reached a similar conclusion to the 2004 election campaign, the difference was in Soros’ reaction on After the 2004 campaign, he largely withdrew from politics in America. After the 2016 campaign, he threw himself into politics in America.

Soros and followers split into different sections with each section working a different specific issue.

Many of them highlighted the fact that Hillary Clinton received the majority of the popular vote and the only thing necessary for greater future success is to get more Democrats to the polls in strategic precincts. They concentrated on analyzing what else went wrong and how to correct it in the future.

The attendees agreed that more effort needs to be focused on the state and local levels and on issues that hold a particular importance for liberal Democrats.

Unlike the aftermath of the 2004 campaign, this time Soros intends to serve as a catalyst for continued fundraising for Democratic causes.

This time, George Soros has reemerged as the fundraising legend of old. and as the demonized, self-hating Jew of times gone by.

Soros acquaintances say that he is more politically active than he has in decades and has rededicated himself to working for causes he loves, including immigration, justice and religious tolerance

Bruce Levenson: Business Man for Sports Teams

Bruce Levenson is a success story. He has founded United Communications Group along with his partner Mr. Ed Peskowitz in 1977. He was also a writer that has done some work under Washington Star and Observer Publishing prior to starting the company. He also owns Atlanta Spirit LLC. Bruce Levenson has also presided over the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. According to PR News, he participates in many philanthropic activities. Looking at his many achievements and activities, you could say that he is very involved in many aspects of society. He is also involved in sports entertainment. He juggles a lot of responsibilities and still manages to keep on top of everything.

One of the most recent activities he has done was sell the Atlanta Hawks. He has made a large profit from the team. Under his ownership, the Atlanta Hawks have been a valuable and a strong team for the NBA. The overall process of selling the team was a drawn out process. It did turn out that he didn’t manage to sell the team for what he thought they were going to sell for. Many advisers and experts had a prediction of the final bidding price, and the actual final price turned out to be just a little bit lower than the predicted price. Either way, the team still proved to be a profitable team for Levenson who is now going to pursue other activities.

Bruce Levenson’s influence in society can’t be ignored. It has been very significant. It is safe to say that there will be greater projects that he will take on. He will also get involved in more meaningful tasks. He has proven to be a great influence in the lives he was involved in. Many people have looked to him and will continue to look to him as an example.

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Strange Amenities Lure Buyers and Renters In New York City

No longer are real estate perks limited to things like on site laundry and rooftops. Many of the New York City real estate locations are trying to lure both buyers and renters alike with some interesting amenities. Better yet, some of these apartment units are available for what is considered to be reasonable pricing, for New York City, at least. All of the near amenities are not limited to NYC luxury real estate.


Take the apartments at 180 Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, as an example. This apartment building is located near the artistic college Pratt Institute and has several art related amenities such as a music rehearsing and recording space, an art studio, and an art gallery all on site. For students with an artistic leaning the building is quite attractive. Given that the units go for as little as $2,750 to rent a one bedroom, this is a legitimate option.


Town Real Estate’s website indicates that some of the other amenities are limited to the NYC luxury real estate market. On site pools and dog spas are some of the other cited amenities that are unusual. One57 on 57th Street has an extensive library space, while Sky on 42nd street has a billiards room and full court basketball space. 360 Furmam Street in Brooklyn has a golf simulator room and an outdoor putting space. These NYC luxury real estate units come with a premium price but also a degree of originality that can lure in luxury buyers or renters.


Finding these apartments with these unique amenities can be challenging and that is where a good real estate broker can step in and make a real difference. Town Residential Real Estate is a local real estate company that has its roots in NYC being founded and headquartered there and the real estate agents and professionals who manage and work for the company are intimately knowledgeable of the NYC real estate market.


This intimacy means that Town Residential Realty has the ability to identify these amenities and help you understand the real benefit of them, as well as the added cost, so that you can make a wise decision on your real estate rental or purchase.

The Business Empire of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is the Co-founder and co-CEO Intelligent Beauty and founder of Intermix, His philanthropy and entrepreneur acumen can be seen in the many businesses he has founded including Intelligent Beauty, and Alena Media which he co-founded with Adam Goldenberg.

Surprisingly, the duo sold Alena media e-commerce and performance advertising business even when they were generating high revenue to News Corp. The sale led to Intramix business being ignored, learning that their business was not being given enough attention, Ressler and Adam got frustrated and went into new ventures.

The two business personnel later got new ideas which led to the formation of Intelligent Beauty. The firm deals in online skincare and cosmetics products through an online marketplace called DERMSTORE. Due to increased demand and good relation to their clients, Don Ressler and Adam expanded their business operation. They created a weight-loss system SENSA with the partnership of Dr. Alan Hirsch who was in charge of product development and Brett Brewer who became the CEO. The growth made the venture capitalist reap good and high profits. For instance, in 2008, the company earned them $43 million from Technology Crossover in Ventures.

Plowing back the high profit earned, Don Ressler started a new firm in 2010 called JustFab to reach the new markets. JustFab is a firm that bridges the gap that existed in the parent market. The firm bought children’s fashion subscription service Fabkids and the European fashion e-commerce site The Fab Shoes. To the advantage of JustFab, the acquisitions expanded the market and membership from Spain to France. The FabShoes came in with just five hundred members, together with the three million members, JustFab had, the firm’s membership grew throughout Europe. In fact, JustFab online business has completed a $40 million Series C funding round.

With sufficient funds and large customer pool, Don Ressler and his partner, Adam launched yet another company known as Fabletics. The Fabletics an athletics wear site later acquired a rival shoe subscription service ShoeDazzle in 2013. Besides the acquisition JustFab incorporated FabShoes, kids wear, Fabletics and their massive European market to open an offline store as an extension strategy.

The business acquisitions and JustFab expansion made it possible for the company to acquire $85 million round of funding led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund plus the existing investor Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures at In total, the round earned the company $250 million in capital.

A New Dawn at Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a company that has innovated technological solutions to deal with felonious and domestic impartiality in the United States. The firm tries to ameliorate the well-being of the popular. Many correctional agencies depend on Securus technologies to solve problems related to technology.

Over the years, Securus Technology has produced some of the most technological advancements in the field of prison technology. The improvements are visible to any individual that has been keen enough to watch the news and numerous Hollywood movies that have been noted to have used this splendid system that was released in December of 2015. The THREADS 3.1 according to PR Newswire, is the most advanced, fully integrated “Big Data” analytical tool in the U.S. corrections market today. It’s simple to use and simply has it all. Our familiarized clientele get the same powerful analysis and an upgraded client interface to most recent web-based technologies upon the redesigning of Securus foundation stone Investigative Solutions merchandise. This redesign makes THREADS facile to use and boost system performance.

No doubt that the most amazing thing about Securus technologies is the ability to video calls an inmate while one is away from the cell himself. This fact gives one the ability to continue with his day to day activities as he or she chats with his inmate. In an article from crunchbase, this system has helped a great deal maintain the relationship between the convicts and the family they left on the outside. The accessibility of the facility has enabled pre-schedule, or schedule of your Onsite visit or a visit to your loved ones from the rejoinder of your home with the computers help. Cease queuing up to see your loved ones and schedule for the next visit via our online video visitation calendar.

A company that serves more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections bureaus and over 1,200,000 prisoners across North America, normally has a team of highly qualified sales person that help in the day to day running of the business. The project has so far been a huge success that the rate at which people have embraced the technology has left the company with one thing to do, and that is to get themselves a specialist in sales. John Bell joined Securus Technologies, officially from December 30, 2015, as the Senior Vice President of Sales and so far his efforts have paid off, Securus has expanded a great fold and reviews suggest that so far all is running smoothly.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the introduction of the Securus Technology in our prisons has helped a great deal, from the video calls to the ease of access in getting to know how your family is fairing on one in jail; the system can do it all. The induction of THREAD 3.1 which listens to SCP calls within the THREADS application, conduct simultaneous analysis, context-sensitive intelligence and modify mapping and printing, inevitably states that Securus Technology is here to stay. Indeed a Great tool and software. With the help of the government through funding and a leadership structure that’s visionary, the Securus Technology software has no limits to what it can do.

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Though Beneficial, Wikipedia is Full of Bureaucratic Complexities

Wikipedia is among the digital-age ventures that have revolutionized the freedom to creating and disseminating knowledge. Through Wikipedia, information can come from any of its editors. The site has been in existence for 15 years now and it has been revealed, by deep look into its operations, that all is not as it appears. Wikipedia has turned out to be just another organization driven by bureaucratic complexities and it has therefore deviated from its initial ideals of decentralizing power in dissemination of information.

Wikipedia looks perfect to observers and it may be said that it has managed to avoid creating a vertical management structure among its editors and contributors. However, it is important to note that all the editors and contributors have different ranks. For instance, there are those who have earned the rank of ‘super-contributors’ and they enjoy some privileges. This is not what Wikipedia was intended to be.

Recent research has shown that Wikipedia is governed by iron law of oligarchy, meaning that there is a ruling power system. The community has witnessed rapid growth and today it boasts about 30,000 people. How these people interact is however very different and most of the edits can be traced to only 100 people who joined when Wikipedia was just starting. It is these early users who call the shots. The evolution of the site from bureaucracy is therefore very doubtful.

Despite the internal challenges facing Wikipedia, it is w very powerful marketing tool ideal for promoting personal and business reputation. Wikipedia results appear among the first results in Google search engine results. Your business gets a free Search Engine Optimization which increases the traffic to your business translating to increased sales.

With Wikipedia, you can make the edits in your page so your customers will get to see what you want them to see. Having a Wikipedia page also adds to the prestige of your business as compared to those with no page.

Writing a Wikipedia article is not a walk in the park especially if you are not a professional Wikipedia editor. There are many requirements that need to be met before your page is approved. This is why Get Your Wiki are there to help you out. These editors create Wiki page and make sure that your articles meet the requirements such as having credible sources for it to be approved. They also have a monitoring service to make sure that they monitor all the edits in your page and remove those which are not desirable. These are just a few benefits of Get Your Wiki.


Sanjay Shah Helping Autism Patients

Sanjay Shah has been aiming at helping autism patients by running a charity program called Autism Rocks. He founded Autism Rocks in the year 2011 after his son was diagnosed with that condition. Shah wanted to consider other children who are suffering from autism and may not have the privileges that are possessed by his son. He, therefore, settled to starting something that would help the entire world of autism.
Autism rocks work by organizing concerts around the world. The concerts are then used as avenues for collecting money and raising awareness of autism. The money gathered from the autism show us used in autism research. Shah works in close cooperation with autism research organizations that aim improving health care for autism patients.
Shah has been successful in running his business. He is the owner of Solo Capital, which was founded two years before the founding of autism rocks. Shah also owns other firms in London where he was born and has been living. Shah went to Kings College whereby he studied medicine. After his studies, he went to work in an investment bank. The first investment bank that employed Shah was Meryl Lynch. This bank gave him the confidence needed to work for other investment banks and companies that offered financial investment services.
Sanjay Shah was working for some company until the year 2009 when the economic challenges experienced in the world made him redundant. He, therefore, settled in starting his company, and that marked the beginning of Solo Capital.
Among the other companies that are owned by Shah are Malta and Cayman Inc. All the businesses that are owned by Shah are working in the financial investment industry. It is because of the big experience he had earned in this industry that Shah was able to run the firms successfully.
Autism rocks have received the same management that Shah had given to his companies. This is the management theta saw Solo Capital and the other companies that he owned grow into international standards. He has been looking forward to getting more willing individuals to contribute to the foundation.

Madison Street Capital Reveal Their Performance In 2015 And The Face Of The Hedge Fund Industry Currently.

The recently released 4th edition of the M&A overview of the hedge fund industry was so detailed. Not only did it cover the transaction activity and M&A opportunities in the hedge fund industry but also it shone a light on how the current hedge fund market is. The overview that majorly covered Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm that operates internationally, and its general performance in the financial services industry in 2015. This overview also compared the 2015 performance to that of 2014 and the expectations of the firm in 2016. In 2014, Madison Street Capital recorded a total of 32 hedge deals and in 2015, this figure increased by 10 to reach 42 hedge fund closed globally. In 2014, the transaction volume was lower by 27% compared to the transaction volume of 2015 as measured by AUM, and this means that the transaction volume increased this year. The fourth quarter of 2015, was the best season of the year for Madison Street Capital as most if its transactions came in at this time. The firm plans that in 2016 it will be able to utilize key drivers in its market strategy to increase deal momentum and increase its M&A transactions.

In 2015, the hedge fund industry was not at its best position. Most of the hedge funds recorded a poor market performance, and this was blamed on the industries poor strategies. Despite this, assets in the hedge fund industry were able to maintain an all time high. Still the performance of hedge fund firms dragged and institutional investors had no option but to make allocations for their investments in other alternative asset management sector. Higher returns that could curb the match rising liabilities was what most of the players in the industry were after. The new capital attraction that was aimed at smaller hedge funds led to operations below optimal portfolio capacity levels for most of this firms. Higher operational costs was a threat to hedge fund managers who were also being challenged by downward feels pressure. Putting all these factors together, strategic alternatives wad the way to go for hedge funds of all sizes.

Madison Street Capital offers strategic and financial to its clients in the hedge fund industry. Their fully integrated solutions for this industry include hedge fund asset management, M&A advisory, portfolio valuation and that is majorly on ASC 820 and IAS 39 compliance, financial restructuring, investment capital introduction and financial sponsor coverage. Madison Street Capital has higher prospects of being even more successful in 2016, as the deal environment is getting stronger in the industry. Structural changes that have a place for buyers and sellers will favor the firms success. We all are waiting for the 5th edition of this overview to see what Madison Street Capital managed to achieve in 2016.


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Exploring The Relevance and Position of Solo Capital


Business is a topic that many people would like to pursue in the angle that profitability is possible. However, many have shunned the fact that some instances like lack of information could lead to losses that are regrettable in the long run. Before you implement any idea, it is necessary to weight all the aspects of the project to ensure that you will have made the right decision. If possible, you can involve a professional in the area of business to ensure you get the right results. Hiring professionals will allow you to make accurate strategies that will bring forth the right results and allow you to manage the business better. Solo Capital has been ranked among top investment companies that have handled most issues affecting the business world. They have come up with solutions for various challenges that people face while implementing different projects.

Investment management is one of the areas that Solo Capital has ventured into. They have allowed many investors to succeed in their various projects and have also come up with ideas that can help to make certain projects better. Solo Capital is an ideal company that has been ranked highly for handling different aspects of business and allowing for honest practices. This explains the reason many people have confidently invested in allowing them to manage their investments despite the fact they are of high value. Working for more than 10 years, Solo Capital has maintained integrity and honesty in all the works they have handled.

Security is a major issue that businesses are supposed to deal with. If one lacks the technical know-how that can allow for proper strategy formulation while searching for security options, it can become difficult to run a business. Solo Capital eliminates all this fear as they avail all the answers one may be looking for to cater for business security. Solo Capital has also been cited in various dailies for coming up with creative solutions and revolutionizing the business world.

Brokerage is also an area that has helped many acquire property while others have been able to get good deals for their property. This is an area Solo Capital has managed without any traces of failure. They only work based on their principle, which states that honesty in business is what leads to success and stability. Solo Capital is also available on Twitter, or you can also check on their page on Facebook for all the updates you may need to learn about.