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A Few Things About Bernado Chua You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Sometime amateur photographer Bernardo Chua subscribes to the school of thought that every individual can do something remarkable for himself and for society when provided with the chance. He is one of the most recognized names in the direct sales industry and is the Founder of Organo Gold, an international coffee brand that is well known for all matters related to offering numerous health benefits. Chua has been very instrumental in making and running Gano Excel and his current company, Organo Gold. He grew up in the Philippines but had a very strong knowledge of the Chinese culture from the onset.

Affectionately referred to as Bernie by friends and family, he was aware of Ganoderma and would end up being the first business person to make huge successes selling its products outside the Asian market. When he was setting up his business model, he saw a big opportunity to work with individuals in direct sales and that played a very big role in the company being able to penetrate the Asian and the global market as well. Bernardo is of the very firm belief that direct sales are the best ways to sell in every industry that deals with consumer goods.

He is considered one of the most successful business people in the Pacific Rim. Through his career, he has been recognized and awarded with a few accolades for his exemplary contribution to matters related to empowering people from all over the world and hence improving their lifestyles. Now that he has been able to establish his company on the global platform, he continues to focus on redefining its business so that it continues being on the front line when all matters related to producing and selling top quality products are concerned.

When matters related to providing the best quality are concerned, he does not shy away from any report that gets produced. He is known to work very closely with the creme de la creme of Ganoderma producers in the world that makes it easily possible for him to sell sell his products at a good price regardless of their high quality. He is also sufficiently philanthropic towards Ganoderma research thus allowing Organo Gold to have the first priority when any breakthroughs are discovered. Bernado is also a very spiritual person and he sees potential in every person. Throughout his career, he has continually been able to empower many people through Facebook and other avenues, not just financially but also spiritually through his different publications on self-belief.

FreedomPop: Free Mobile Service Arrives in the UK

According to the Daily Mail, a Los Angeles-based mobile phone service that’s been running in the US for three years is now expanding to the UK. The service, an app provided by FreedomPop, promises users a free mobile phone contract that offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MBs of data, all free, to its UK customers. Users are also given a phone number allowing them to receive international phone calls at no charge.

If a user finds the 200MBs of data allotted insufficient, FreedomPop provides the option of filling out third-party surveys and downloading coupons in exchange for more data. Additionally, data that goes unused can be gifted at no charge to the user’s friends and family. Users are able to check their data, minutes, and texts anytime either within the app or via push notification to prevent any charges incurred from going over their monthly limit.

In its three years of operation in the US, FreedomPop has acquired almost one million customers, and since its recent launch in the UK in May, 250,000 have signed up for the service. FreedomPop is the first mobile provider in the UK to offer a “free service, guaranteed for life,” according to the chief executive and co-founder, Stephen Stokols. The company runs under the belief that “everyone should have access to mobile services” and is enthusiastic about offering customers in the UK this unique opportunity. The UK is the first country, among seven set to launch within the next year, to provide the service, with 20 total countries set to have access to it by 2017.

The Real Truth About White Shark Media

Marketing on the Internet is a very involved business that might take years to master. One of the most involved aspects is managing the ad campaigns. The fact is that the average marketer online does not know the insider secrets to really handle their Adwords campaigns effectively. Therefore, they partner with White Shark Media to achieve their financial goals. All of the clients’ will benefit from all the experience that White Shark Media has acquired over the years working with Adwords campaigns. Certainly, some marketers are hesitant to turn over the reins of their Adwords campaigns to another. However, White Shark Media experts will work to design a successful campaign that is mutually beneficial to all involved. This company has received numerous positive reviews from its clients.

Digital Marketing Online
Of course, digital marketing online is very different from marketing in print media or over the television. Often, print media and other marketing campaigns take much longer to judge their success rate. A digital marketing campaign is judged successful or a failure within a matter of days or even hours. White Shark Media is an Adwords management company that will handle all facets of your ad campaigns for you. They will improve pay per click results and other aspects. Results are evident quickly. Thus, allowing the client, to sit back and focus on other important matters within their organization.

Advertising Online
The average marketer realizes that they require traffic to make profits. Therefore, the primary route to profits is an avalanche of traffic to their site. PPC is a favorite marketing ploy for online advertisers. Visitors arrive at the site and they are presented with the ads. They click the ads and the website makes profits per click. White Shark Media knows the best methods to generate those clicks for the client. This is the preferred advertising model for online marketers. The popularity will continue to grow over the coming years. The key to outwitting the competition is to work with an Adwords management company that understands the best way to optimize a site and make it generate clicks or leads.

Top Adwords Management
White Shark Media is a leading Adwords Management company that believes in working closely with the clients. The company strongly believes that working with their staff will greatly help the clients marketing campaigns online. Contact White Shark Media for a free evaluation of your current Adwords campaign. The company will let you know up front, why your Adwords campaign is not working. The company will work to design an effective campaign that is successful.

Fast Growing Digital Firm: White Shark Media

White Shark Media has been regarded as one of the top Digital Marketing Agency, which offers custom-made digital solutions. White Shark Media’s main goal it to assist small and medium-sized organizations to succeed and grow by making use of their modern search engine marketing procedures. Further to that, their marketing solutions are provided at moderate cost with a flat fee. Along with that, customers need not maintain any contracts and will have authoritative access to their Google AdWords account. White Shark Media is transparent in their policies; hence customers need not be worried about any hidden charges.
Key elements
They have been recognized as one of the quickest developing digital firms in North America. White Shark Media has always been known for their astounding customer service along with top class marketing campaigns. We as a team has always worked hard to help some organizations present in the US develop their firm by using our web promoting strategies and our suite of exclusive advertising apparatuses. Another key element of our success is following each one of our customer’s marketing methods in a detailed manner. With Google Analytics integration, keyword level call following, competitive proprietary and intelligence reporting software, we guarantee that we are completely responsible to every one of our customers progress.
World class experience
White Shark Media was established in 2011 by three Danish business people with a tremendous measure of involvement in both online and offline marketing. They wanted to take over the SMB market in Latin America and the US. With sheer determination and an outstanding product, White Shark Media accomplished it, thereby increasing their customer base and positive reviews.
Some of their clients include Selman & Co, Dumpster 4 Junk, Smith & Associates, El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, Centennial Radon Solutions, Media Xpress, OTW Safety, Crane Technology and much more than that. Most of them mention that we have increased their conversion rate and the online leads as well. Further to that, they appreciate our method of managing their Adwords campaign and our professionalism. Google quality score has been increased for them.
All the customers highly recommend White Shark Media as we are exceptional in our Google Advertising. Moreover, they services are cost effective and is tailored to meet the needs of customers.

How White Shark Media Clients Complaints Have Helped Us Advance

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.
As a remarkable company, we have received many compliments from our customers. However, even the best companies in the world never lack a bit of complaints too. We have had our share too. The secret is taking the complaints and using them constructively to progress the company.
Some of the most typical complaints that we have had to deal with are:
• Clients Losing Touch With Their AdWords Campaigns
We had clients complaining that our reporting procedures were not sufficient enough to allow them review our reports. We solved the problem by thoroughly explaining the customers all details concerning their campaigns and keyword performance.
• Insufficient Communication
Some clients complained that communication procedures were not adequate to them because they could not contact their contact person directly. Being a consultancy agency, value communication a lot, and thus, we scheduled monthly status calls with GoToMeeting
We improvised a method that the client would see results of past 30 days or as requested before the meeting day. The meetings take place online using the GoToMeeting tool. The tool enables us to share the same screen so that the client can see what we are doing in the AdWord account and report. We came up with a system that enables our customers to get in touch with their contract person directly. Once the client signs up, he or she receives all the contact information of their contact person.

• Some clients complained that our new campaigns were not performing as well as the old ones.
To solve this problem, we let the client keep the old campaign active as long as it produces good results.
We also assigned experienced supervisors to oversee all campaigns and give performance feedback.
• Provision Of SEO Services
We have not yet started offering SEO services, but we review our clients SEOs and advise them on a good SEO company to hire.
• Getting a contact person with totally different needs
We had some customers complain that some contacts were totally not in tune with their goals. We solved this by following up each client all the way to ensure that the contacts they get are relevant to them.
• We have also collaborated with Marchex to install call tracking for our clients because most of them get their customers through the phone.
• We also installed call tracking, conversion tracking in some Google Analytics to enable clients track their AdWords with ease.
• Lately, we also allow our clients to work on their accounts if they perform well.

Doe Deere Has Had Success From By Being Bold

Doe Deere grew up in a place that was far from the United States, but when she arrived in New York City shortly before she turned eighteen she fit in immediately. She joined with a band and fell in love with one of the other band members. She married him and enjoyed her time in the band, but when it was time for her to leave the music scene she started to get excited about other things. She felt that there were many possibility for her life and the years ahead, and she was not afraid of anything that could go wrong. Instead, she was always brave and even decided to start up a makeup brand of her own when she only had a few hundred dollars.
Doe Deere of Lime Crime believed that hard work and passion would make up for what she was lacking in money, and she was right in that. Her love for color and makeup helped her to create a brand that was completely unique, and she has been a woman who has stood out from the crowd for many reasons. She has always loved being different with her look, and when she was creating her own brand she was excited about the thought of helping others to be different with their looks, as well.
Doe Deere made many bold decisions in her life, and it was her bold decisions that have helped her to become a successful businesswoman. People look up to her and the things that she has done with her life because of how different every choice that she has made in it has been. She has never wanted to be similar to others, and by making her brand unique she has helped it to grow. It would not be what it is right now if she had tried to make it similar to any other brand out there.
Doe Deere knew what needed to be done in her life to set her apart from everyone around her, and she was excited to be able to do everything her own way. She has always had a personality that is very unique, and she is happy to let it be seen through her makeup. She is a woman who has never been afraid of being bold and making choices that others would shy away from, and her career has been as successful as it has had because of that.