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Helane Morrison’s Achievements in the Financial Industry

Helane Morrison currently performs her duties as the director and also the counsel of the Hall Partners. She is also on the executive committee of the company. She used to be regional director of the SEC of the San Francisco office before she joined the company in 2007, and she used to perform her duties in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The Commission has its head office at the district office, and she is the first woman to serve in this position at the top of the firm.

Her duties in the San Francisco’s office involve the enforcement and the examination of programs that are supervised by her office. Some of the programs are located in Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Northern California, and northern Nevada. At the Hall Partners, she is taking over from David Bayless, who used to serve as the administrator of the San Francisco’s office for several years. After quitting, Bayless joined the Morrison & Foerster, a law company that is situated in San Francisco.

Helane Morrison supervised various investigations ever since she joined the company, and some of the investigations have led to an action of reinforcement being taken against the Republic Securities of New York, Dean Witter, and California Micro Devises. Below is one of her cases, for your reading enjoyment.

Even before she began performing her duties at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Morrison represented various clients who had been sued by SEC. Her work entailed defending the customers in lawsuits and also representing some officers during SEC investigations. Other duties involved supporting the brokers and also other stock brokers firms in suits. She performed her work while working for a company based in San Francisco that is under the ownership of Canady, Rice, Howard, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin.  You can see her resume which is littered with her impressive work experience and achievements on her LinkedIn account.

Helane Morrison graduated from the Boalt Hall School of Law with a bachelor’s degree in law. The institution is based in UC-Berkley. She is among the highly ranked administrators who work within the SEC. She is hardworking, and her determination in her work has led to the increase in the workforce of the employees who work for the San Francisco district office. The increase of staff is also due to increasing the workload for both the enforcement department and the examination section.

The examination section is concerned with the booking and recording of the registered entities such as the mutual funds, investment advisers, and registered entities while the enforcement workforce is concerned with the investigations and the prosecutions of the persons who cheat the investors. Below, are Helane’s thoughts on the dishonesty of the plaintiff’s pursuing legal action against one of her clients.