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Dave Asprey: Bulletpoof Coffee

Dave Asprey is well-known for his delicious coffee that took him years of work and creativity to make. He managed to make the perfect coffee only this coffee is extremely healthy so it has lots of added benefits. Dave uses technology and science to help him make Bulletproof Coffee and other products. He has a website where his product can be purchased. However, you can retrieve the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee for free and make it yourself. His website has drew in over six millions visitors since last year alone. The coffee contains a mixture of butter that is from cows that are only fed fresh grass and other ingredients include fresh beans, and oil. The oil that is used to make Bulletproof Coffee is called MCT. It is healthy and known to improve cognitive functions. It took Dave several attempts to come up with the perfect recipe but now he has it perfected. He came up with the idea while he was at college attending his studies. Dave’s desire was to make something similar to a frappe without milk and other ingredients.

When he had the perfect recipe he called it Bulletproof Coffee. There are restaurants and cafés that serve Bulletproof Coffee. People have responded really well and enjoy the Bulletproof Coffee. One of the best things about Bulletproof Coffee is that it is a toxin free coffee that helps produce collagen so you will have energy and great looking skin. The environment Dave tries to create in his bulletproof coffee cafés is a healthy one. He likes to add certain lights that are better for you than traditional lights. You no longer have to make Bulletproof Coffee at home when you can go out and order you a cup at a café near you. Try a cup of Bulletproof Coffee now.