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Improving Your Google Ranking with a Professional

It is said that most people when they search for something on the internet that they do not click past the third page of search results, meaning if your company is not on the first three pages of the results you are losing customers and revenue. Online Reputation Management is really an ongoing long term strategy and you should seriously consider hiring a professional to handle the many moving parts such as Reputation Management Fixers. There are a few steps you can take on your own to improve your rankings.

The first step that many SEO Specialists recommend is internal linking. This is when a company links one page of their website to another page. While this will not have an immediate effect on your ranking you should see an improvement within three months.

The next step is increasing the speed of your website. Google will reduce your ranking if you page takes a long time to load. This is an easy fix. Just click on this link and follow the instructions Google provides.

Next you will need to start building internal links. You do not want to build links on the site that has dropped in ranking but rather on other internal pages. This will help increase your pages authority and ranking.

The next step is one of the easiest but many people forget. You need to keep your content updated and fresh. Google pushes stale content down in the rankings. To do this you must optimize your title tags and meta descriptions with the following key words. How to, Free, You, Tips, blog post, why, best, tricks and great.

You will also want to make sure that you site design is user friendly not only on a computer but on mobile phones and tablets as well. You will want to make sure that the site loads quickly on mobile devices.

You will also want to increase your shares on social networking sites. To do this you can add social share buttons to your website.
While these are small steps you can take, hiring a professional online presence management service is the best way to go. Your Google rank and your positive online reputation can make or break your business. A company like Reputation Management Fixers can offer you a customized solutions.

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The Lime Crime Brand Still Goes Strong

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that has become very strong with teenagers. This is one of those lipstick brands with other accessories. This is one of the best possible solutions for girls that are interested in getting a style that is different from everyone else that is out there.

I discovered this brand through my kids, and I have purchased some of the Lime Crime products for a lot of different age groups. I have a large family, and I have been able to buy the things like the lip gloss for the kids in my family. I have purchased the Unicorn Lipstick for some of my daughters and their cousins who are all teenagers. I have also been able to get some eye liner accessories for myself. This is such a nice brand because it spices things up. This is makeup that you will certainly remember. The colors are quite daring, and I like all the new colors that are on the market.

As a Lime Crime fan I have decided to follow Doe Deere– the CEO of Lime Crime – on Twitter. This is a great way to get updates – with photos – of the new additions to the Lime Crime brand. I recently saw a new bold color like “Squash” that is on Twitter. This is a colorful makeup that is great for harvest time. I have been impressed with the colors that are so bold.

I certainly think that Lime Crime is the perfect type of makeup for those that do not have any audacious colors in their collection. Sometimes you just want to go rogue and do something that is not so traditional. That is why I love what the Lime Crime brand does. It puts something fresh and exciting on the market. It gives people that ability to pick from something other than the limited lipstick and lip gloss styles that are on the market today.

My husband really seems to delight in these bold colors. He has never commented on my makeup before, but he really seems to take a liking to the colors that are presented by Lime Crime. That is reason enough for me to stay tuned into what this brand is doing.

I think that Doe Deere has created something that people wanted even if people didn’t realize that they wanted it. There certainly is a buzz in the air about these Lime Crime products. The colors are so extreme, but it fits this young generation of free spirits so well. Sometimes they just don’t want to be subtle. Sometimes my daughters just want to be expressive with a brand of lipstick that makes them feel like true individuals. That is why I was glad to discover the Lime Crime brand. Actually, it was my daughters that made the discovery, but I stay more in tune with the new products than they do. I know what they like so I have been happy to buy these products.