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Dr. Rod Rohrich Gives His Opinions on the Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

The field of plastic surgery is constantly evolving as new products and techniques find their way onto the market and are practiced by surgeons around the world. In recent years one of the most respected and best loved surgeons in the US Dr. Rod Rohrich has been called upon more and more to offer his personal insights and opinion into the many options that are available to patients around the world. Dr. Rohrich was recently asked to give his opinion into a product known as Kybella that offers a surgery free way of reducing fatty deposits under the chin. Rohrich provided his opinion and gave some background based upon the research he has completed in recent years into the aging of skin and the level of safety in the use of such techniques for patients and surgeons alike.


Rohrich began his breakdown over the use of Kybella by explaining that each and every patient is different and should have the procedure that best suits their needs. Kybella is given as an injection into the area beneath the chin to break up fatty deposits, Rohrich explained that this is not a procedure every individual should undertake, but those with deposits of fat that do not sag beneath the chin may benefit from its use. Dr. Rohrich has been a long term supporter of finding the best procedure to meet the needs of the individual and tailoring a plastic surgery procedure to the individual needs of the patient to avoid problems during and after the procedure is completed.
Dr. Rohrich explained that much like the use of Botox, it is always a good idea to invest in the right medication and the correct professional to complete the process. Botox is available in different quality grades and often leaves patients unhappy when they receive a discounted price on the product and have it administered by anyone other than a medical professional. The leader in plastic surgery at UT Southeastern believes the key issues facing the field are the continued use of professional medical staff to administer procedures and the safety of patients throughout every procedure undertaken.