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Trump Gets the Boot

The NBC Broadcasting network has associated itself with real estate tycoon, entertainment mogul, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for a number of years. After Donald Trump made discriminatory comments about Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans NBC has decided to cut any and all ties with the celebrity. His remarks about Mexican immigrants took place after he announced his campaign bid for the presidential election. It took no time at all for sponsors and advertisers to pull themselves out of bed with Donald Trump and his business endeavors. Doe Deere points out that NBC was one of the first to do so saying that it will not air the annual Miss Universe Pageant or the annual Miss USA pageant. NBC had been airing both notorious pageants since 2003. Spokespeople for NBC released a statement saying that NBC prides itself with treating all people with respect and dignity. It is the cornerstone of their value system and their business. After news broke of NBC’s decision to let Trump go the real estate tycoon replied with calling NBC weak and told them that they should prepare to get sued. Mexican media giant Televisa followed in NBC’s footsteps and announced that they would not be airing either pageant and will no longer be doing business with Donald Trump or Trump Industries in any other form or fashion. It is expected that other advertising companies and broadcast networks will follow in similar footsteps.