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Doctors Find a New Ally in Their Fight Against Cancer with Eric Lefkofsky

The battle against cancer has been waged for as long as doctors first started noticing that strings of deaths were related to cells within the body becoming the detriment causing sickness. Since that first discovery doctor and researchers have worked together to find a cure for the disease that claims countless lives each and every year.

Though generations have tackled the problem and have made great strides in understanding the disease better, no cure has been found to date. lefkofsky LinkedIn.

The lack of cure leaves doctors treating the disease forced to employ the few methods available to them to help patients fight off the advance of what was once a certain death sentence. The treatments used by doctors though, often come with their own unique set of symptoms that at times can be more debilitating than the disease itself, the most notable and probably most closely associated with all those symptoms is severe hair loss brought upon by the use of radiation therapy designed to kill the cancerous cells.

Doctors Add New Tool to Their Disposal

As these treatments often cause significant amounts of damage to healthy cells in their pursuit to eliminate the disease, the course of treatment must be heavily weighed before continuing to prevent any needless harm or damage.

Helping mitigate the damage of treatments, Tempus, a start-up created with the goal of ending the greatest plight known to humanity, has partnered with doctors across the country to provide them with their state of the art tool in the battle against cancer. The software and programs provided by Eric Lefkofsky’s company allow doctors to make more informed decisions about treatment while giving each doctor the opportunity to independently gather much-required data about the disease they fight against.

The work being accomplished by Eric Lefkofsky and his talented team at Tempus is instrumental in saving lives of countless people across the country.

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