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US Money Reserve Helping Consumers with Redesign

While there are far too many opportunities to invest in these days, the fact of the matter is you have to stay true to the simplest of investment advice. More and more people are trying to become too technical in nature and it is only hurting their chances at significant returns and wealth generation along the way. That is why when it comes to trying to find investments for the future, one of the best ideologies to follow is to invest in what you know and stay away from the rest of the market.

If you can stick with simple investments you will better understand what you are actually investing in and that makes the most overall sense. The US Money Reserve knows and understands this which is why their entire business model is based on investing in precious metals, coins, gold, and other specific value that is easily able to be understood. You might not get complex derivatives of securities or technical investments, but having the understanding of what gold is truly is not a high hurdle to jump over. Plus, by investing in specific assets that you understand, you will also be able to know why they are valuable, what causes their price to fluctuate, when it would be a good time to buy or sell, and etc.

Gold is a very simple item to understand just because it is so safe. People have seen gold as a valuable commodity for hundreds and even thousands of years, and as long as investors continue to seek out safe investments, then gold will continue to be one of the investments everyone wants to be in. That means when you are looking to tuck your money into a safe investment vehicle for the long run, gold is not only a safe bet historically; it also is a safe bet moving forward because of how volatile the rest of the markets are and continue to be. In short, when it becomes scary in the markets, the rest of the investors will start to flock to gold and those who have it can sell it for a premium.

At the end of the day, a sound investment strategy simply comes down to making the best decisions over a long period of time. Thankfully for investors there are opportunities to secure valuable long-term investments with gold and other assets by working with the US Money Reserve.

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Philip Diehl Talks of What Has Made US Money Reserve Successful

Philip Diehl, who is the Current President of U.S. Money Reserve and former U.S. Mint Director was recently interviewed by Eric Dye, the host of a show in Enterprise Radio. The show gives the top executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to give insights into their experiences, services, products, latest creations and strategies.

In the interview, Diehl shared about his leadership background, the strong customer service exhibited by the U.S. Money Reserve and what the future holds for the gold market.

Diehl is among the best U.S. Mint Directors ever who has achieved quite a lot. It is during his tenure that the U.S. government-issued platinum coin was minted for the first time and several other key achievements.

In the interview, he talked at length about the strategies and principles that made him achieve that much. One of them is a strong focus to customer satisfaction.

A report from Crunchbase has it that after becoming U.S. Money Reserve’s President, he has continued with the same enthusiasm by applying the same principles and strategies. This is what has made the company what it is today. The U.S. Money Reserve is among the leading distributors of precious bars, bullion, and coins.

The company has launched the IRA program which enables customers to keep gold as a way of protecting their financial future after retirement and also benefit from the expected rise in the prices of gold.

These gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the U.S. government are legal tender and it is advisable for consumers to acquire them in advance. The value of dollar can fluctuate in future but the value of precious stones is expected to only increase in future. Keeping wealth in precious metals is therefore very secure as compared keeping it in cash. These coins issued by the U.S. government are a perfect way of keeping your wealth.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Based in Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve was established in 2001 and it is among the leading private distributors of the gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the U.S. government. The company serves many clients in the United States and has helped them keep their wealth in precious metals.

The company employs professionals who have the perfect knowledge about the precious metals market. These professionals help the clients to keep their wealth in the products that will bring them the highest profit. U.S. Money Reserve outshines all the other players in the market by the exceptional services that it offers to its clients.

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About U.S. Money Reserve: The Gold Leader Of America


The U.S Money Service was created by experts in the gold market that comprehended the requirement of combining trustworthy guidance, expert market knowledge and top-notch customer service that was very crucial in the purchase of precious metals. Currently, as amongst the biggest distributors of U.S government: platinum, silver and gold coins, they take pleasure in working with thousands of customers that have taken the advantage of the many financial gains accrued from having precious metals.
U.S Money Reserve constantly strives to offer the most outstanding precious stones issued by the government – platinum, silver and gold coins, in the marketplace. Through the years, most of their clientele have placed their faith in their capability of helping in choosing coins that have the highest value. Owed to these many and wise purchases, the greater part of these individuals are gaining much profit today.
The U.S Money reserve clients are served by highly qualified individuals with a team of about 100 knowledgeable and experienced professionals including coin research professionals, shipping and vault departments, inventory department, business support development, customer relations department, industry leading numismatic expert and senior gold specialists.
The U.S money Reserve is among the leading distributors of platinum, silver and gold coins in the nations with the inclusion of coins made by the United States Mint, that enjoy full support by the U.S for their purity, weight and content. This means that clients purchasing the U.S issued coins can be confident that the coins have the stated among of platinum, silver or gold. Additionally, these coins have authorization from Congress and are made with the face value denominations, making them certified U.S lawful tenders.
There are many reasons why clients choose U.S Money Reserve for their precious stones’ purchases. Amongst these reasons are 100% money back guarantee, price protections programs, access to the best coins in the market, experienced gold professionals, and clients can take physical passions of their coins.
The clients have the advantage of working with top gold specialists that have years of expertise in the platinum, silver and gold markets. These experts are capable of explaining all the crucial details on purchasing the US Government coins and are always happy to help when making decisions and selections of the precious stones.
One of the main advantages of making purchases with the U.S Money Reserve is that the clients become the owners of the tangible asset that can get delivered to their banks, offices or homes. These coins are not paper stocks certifications, but legal tenders of platinum, silver and gold.


U.S. Money Reserve: Investing In Gold

It is not just a “barbaric relic”; it is very much still relevant and is a good investment. Currently, the biggest factor in the draw of gold investing is that it can be used Universally as a form of bartering and trade. The gold can be melted and made into jewelry, which happens to be one of the very few items on the planet that has been in use for just about the as long as the first humans came into the picture.

GOLD 101
It is widely known, and accepted, that the history of gold starts as far back in time as about 3000 B.C.. The people of ancient Egypt are credited with the invention/development of jewelry. The Egyptian elite liked to flaunt jewelry (both gold and gemstones) as a way to show their wealth and status. Around the mid 500s B.C., however, people began to use gold for a form of currency, as well. He who has the gold, has wealth.

In the years after the inception as gold for currency, it has become increasingly more valuable and important to the people of the world. A few hundred years after the initial inception, gold was essential to the strongest of nations including: Great Britain, Greek Empires and Roman Empires. (Though there were variations of metals used for currency, including both gold and silver.) A little further down the road, gold was integrated as a currency in other countries in Europe, as well as in Africa, Asia and in the Americas.

Fast forward to present time, gold is still used for jewelry but as a currency, gold isn’t used as a form of currency. That being said, gold is still highly sought after and valuable. There are many ways to invest in gold and many reasons that make investing in gold a very wise idea, such as:

*In times of financial crises and even country disasters, gold can be used as an alternative currency.

*Finding gold is not as easy as it was in the days of the gold rush. (There just really isn’t as much lying around and accessible.)

*No other form of currency has stood the test of time. (Gold has been around as another currency form for hundreds of years. On the other hand, stocks, bonds and paper currencies have all been suspended at some point.)

Considered a gold-selling company with the very best specialists in the business, the U.S. Money Reserve is a business specializing in the sales of U.S Government issued gold coins. (As well as Platinum and Silver coins.) Clients of the U.S. Money Reserve have access to 100+ professionals that are all highly trained and experienced in the area of gold sales.

The Passion Behind The Man That Is Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti has been highly invested in real estate investing since the late 1980s. After receiving education from the notorious New York college, Columbia University, he has been solely invested in commercial properties. This niche of real estate properties has become his expertise. He has taken a part in shopping centers, office buildings and development lands. When investing in office building he usually turns them into condominiums.

He’s well known throughout the Houston community and real estate investors world. His most memorable act to date is donating a space in one of his buildings, Highland Village, to be an adoption center for animals. He isn’t just known in Houston, Texas, however, he has his hand in many commercial properties from Texas to New York.

His professional titles at the moment are President of Fairfax Management Inc. in Houston, Texas since 1997 through today and Director of Leasing of Highland Village Shopping Center also in Houston, Texas since 1990 through today. This is the same shopping center that he has donated a space in to the Houston community for wayward animals.

Though, He’s not just notorious for commercial property investing. Another space in the aforementioned Highland Village Shopping Center was made home to a luxurious restaurant called Up. The restaurant has received wonderful recognition since it’s opening back in 2013. Critics cannot stop talking about the food and the fact that the restaurant always seems to be packed every night as if it were Saturday night and all before 7pm.

It is a white table cloth type of eatery and is accessed by an elevator increasing the elite atmosphere. Clientele seem ecstatic about the food options. Pizza is one of the go to menu items for new and old restaurant goers. It can also be made gluten free. Another prize of the eatery is a six layer cake all topped with vanilla meringues.

Haidar Barbouti got the idea for Up when he finished a tour of Europe. He claims to have eaten at many open air restaurants and that’s when he figured Up would be a great addition to the top of his Houston shopping center, Highland Village. His main pride with Up is that everything is made right there in Up’s kitchen. The restaurant’s menu offers a variety from the simple Margherita pizza or the grandiose 10oz filet mignon.

Whether it’s in real estate investment or running a restaurant; Haidar Barbouti is definitely a game changer.

How to Properly Invest in Gold

Investing is a great way to earn a return on money that would otherwise have no use. Idle money is money that loses its value due to the devil we know as inflation, but inflation can be countered by investing in precious metals, for example. Investing in gold, the most popular precious metal, is a great way to safeguard currency against inflation. Investing in gold is easy, and can be done in a number of ways. An investor may take out a gold Individual Retirement Account, which can be done at a large number of banks around the United States, or by purchasing gold by one’s self.

US Money Reserve is a company that operates online that distributes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to consumers around the world. The US Money Reserve is one hundred percent legitimate, and extremely reputable. USMR provides consumers with the option to purchase gold bullion, silver bullion, gold numismatic coins, and platinum numismatic coins. All of the numismatic coins that the US Money Reserve offers for sale are 100% guaranteed to have been minted by a legitimate government entity, or else a full return is guaranteed.

If you or an investor you know of seems interested in investing in precious metals, specifically gold, visiting the US Money Reserve’s website at is a great place to start. USMR is able to provide investors with all the information they need to be reasonably informed about investing in precious metals.

Buying gold as an investment is best used as a safeguard against inflation. If one invests all his or her money into a precious metal, their money is not likely to grow in value – just safeguarded from inflation. When it comes to investing, diversification is key. Diversification is spreading one’s capital over a plethora of opportunities, rather than placing large chunks of money in a select few places.

Deciding whether to invest in gold bullion, gold coins, or other sources of gold can be difficult to decide. Investing in gold bullion is probably one of the most popular decisions from those who do invest in precious metals. Gold coins is a close second, but coins offer something that bullion do not – the ability to rise dramatically in value. If a gold coin is demanded by a collector or the collecting community as a whole, the price of that coin will rise tremendously. With that being said, such occurrences do not happen often, and purchasing gold coins might be a waste of money, because part of what one is paying for is the coin itself, not the gold.


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Sam Tabar Heads Crowdfunding Options in the Wake of Law Changes

Crowdfunding has been one of the major areas of growth for many companies and individuals who are struggling to get their idea off the ground. One of the problems many people have is the fact they have recently struggled to understand where they stand in terms of law when they offer funding for a business idea or opportunity. In 2012, the US Government passed into law a piece of legislation designed to put the needs of the investor at the heart of crowdfunding opportunities. This has been of great assistance to investors, such as financial law expert and Lawyerist member, Sam Tabar who have invested in crowdfunded companies and wanted t make sure they understood their position in terms of an investment.

The crowdfunding laws passed by the US Government have been designed to make sure the individual investor can receive some for of return on their investment and is protected from the problems that can be found with any investment. Companies are permitted to be crowdfunded up to $1 million per year under the act and for individuals like Sam Tabar their individual investment could also be limited depending on what they wish to receive in terms of a return on their investment.

Sam Tabar backed a crowdfunded startup designing a new range of underwear for women, which uses a portion of the profits to improve the lives of women in the US and Africa. The THINX underwear range provides sanitary products to women across the world using some of the profits made from underwear sales, which Tabar backed after a chance meeting with the creators of the range.

France drives euro zone expansion

Growth in French markets Is contributing to Euro zone growth.

Per an economic report, private businesses in the Euro zone are now expanding at their fastest rate in over four years. This growth shows that the European Union may be finally recovering despite all of the negative reports that are stemming from Greece. One of the signs of growth is an increase in the consumers price index which rose by 0.3% during the month and is indicative of inflationary forces tat bode well for the economy.

Separate surveys out of France and Germany, the two largest economies in the Euro zone, indicate that they are outpacing their peers stated Jaime Garcia Dias. In these two nation both factory activity and service based companies are expanding. The Euro zone’s economy is very strongly service based and growth in this sector bodes well for the economy in Europe at large.

The positive news will likely provide some support to the European Central Bank which has been undertaking several different stimulus programs including adding liquidity to the market in the way of printing approximately 60 billion Euros per month, to control the Euro and add stability to markets.

Further, signs of expansion are present with the producer price indexes raising and demand for jobs improving. Skeptics indicate that much of this growth is at the hand of economic stimulus programs and would not be supportable by market forces alone. Still, growth in the Euro zone economy, driven by French and German markets, bodes well for the economy overall.

IMF Suggest That Federal Reserve Wait Until 2016 To Raise Rates

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, stated at a news conference in Washington D.C. yesterday that the U.S. Federal Reserve should wait until at least the first half of 2016 before deciding to raise interest rates. Associate Mikal Watts cites that inflation still remains too low and there are still a number of significant uncertainties regarding the future resilience of global economic growth as well as U.S. economic growth.

The IMF noted that the U.S. economy shrank in the first quarter, requiring the agency to also cut its forecast for U.S. economic growth in 2015 to 2.5% from 3.1% in originally set in April of this year. IMF Suggests That U.S. Federal reserve Wait Until 2016 to Raise Interest Rates

The IMF’s suggestion runs counter policy to public statements by the Federal Reserve that the u.S. central bank would probably raise its rates later this year. The bench mark rate has been close to zero since the end of the 2008 financial crisis.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has also stated that these developments are at least transitory, and U.S. officials expect inflation to creep back toward the fed’s 2% goal in the medium term, or at least by the end of 2016. Fed Chair Janet Yellen also has said that the Fed doe not need to see inflation really pick up but it must be confident that it will actually do so in the “medium term.”

Kevin Seawright Hopes to Improve the Lives of Newark Citizens

Kevin Seawright has recently been announced as the new leader of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, PR Newswire reports. Seawright is a well known figure to those who have their finger on the pulse of community programs and local government leadership in the northeast of the US. The man newly appointed by the Newark CEDC has held many positions within the City of Baltimore government as he assisted in improving the financial and community based image of the city. Seawright has spent a large amount of his career in Baltimore and is often seen as one of the reasons the city saw an increase in financial savings and community outreach during his period of time as a city official.

The Newark CEDC is now hoping the same levels of success can be transferred to his work in New Jersey where the organization is hoping to improve its success rate at providing financial and real estate improvements to the lives of its citizens. Under the leadership of Seawright the Newark CEDC is hoping to improve the number of real estate developments it provides loans and advice for, including those to improve existing buildings to provide a kick start to struggling neighborhoods. Entrepreneurship is another area Kevin Seawright and the Newark CEDC will be hoping to see a great increase in the number of programs begun. The CEDC provides advice and funding options to small business within the community and is looking to the private sector skills of Seawright to improve performance in these areas.