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US Money Reserve Holiday Initiative

US Money Reserve is preparing to raise funds for Crowdrise campaign in order to support the needy during the holidays. The company has been using this campaign to give back to those in need. As a result, the company is encouraging clients and other well wishers to support the noble course of donating and giving back to the needy across Central Texas Area. The campaign is known as Capital Area Food Bank which is at the front line in supporting hunger relief with assistance from almost 300 Partners in over 20 counties in the Central Texas region. Last year, US Money Reserve in association with other partners managed to provide over 30 million pounds of foods to needy families. This year, the company is encouraging stakeholders to support the initiative and surpass last year’s record.
About US Money Reserve
US Money Reserve was established by veterans in the gold sector. The veterans realized there was a need to provide top-notch services to their clients in areas like customer service, expert knowledge in market and being trustworthy when buying precious metals. Today, US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum of the US Government Issued Coins. The company is ready to partner with thousands of clients who have realized the financial benefits of precious metals. The company has continued to provide exceptional Government Issued Coins available on the market. For many years, clients have trusted the company in helping them to choose affordable coins with highest value.
US Money Reserve has highly trained team of professionals that serve the clients in all sectors of its operations. The objective of these professionals is to be the most trusted experts in this business. They help the customers make decisions on precious metals which they would later sell at higher prices. US Money Reserve is renowned for its quality distribution of gold, silver and platinum to various institutions in the country including the US Government. The company enjoys the backing of the Federal Government because of the ability to distribute the right weight, content and purity.
Therefore, clients buying precious metals from the US Money Reserve should be confidence that they contain the right content of gold, silver and platinum. In addition, the Congress has approved the company’s distribution of US Government Coins. The coins have face value denominations hence they are official legal tender in the U.S.