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How to Properly Invest in Gold

Investing is a great way to earn a return on money that would otherwise have no use. Idle money is money that loses its value due to the devil we know as inflation, but inflation can be countered by investing in precious metals, for example. Investing in gold, the most popular precious metal, is a great way to safeguard currency against inflation. Investing in gold is easy, and can be done in a number of ways. An investor may take out a gold Individual Retirement Account, which can be done at a large number of banks around the United States, or by purchasing gold by one’s self.

US Money Reserve is a company that operates online that distributes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to consumers around the world. The US Money Reserve is one hundred percent legitimate, and extremely reputable. USMR provides consumers with the option to purchase gold bullion, silver bullion, gold numismatic coins, and platinum numismatic coins. All of the numismatic coins that the US Money Reserve offers for sale are 100% guaranteed to have been minted by a legitimate government entity, or else a full return is guaranteed.

If you or an investor you know of seems interested in investing in precious metals, specifically gold, visiting the US Money Reserve’s website at is a great place to start. USMR is able to provide investors with all the information they need to be reasonably informed about investing in precious metals.

Buying gold as an investment is best used as a safeguard against inflation. If one invests all his or her money into a precious metal, their money is not likely to grow in value – just safeguarded from inflation. When it comes to investing, diversification is key. Diversification is spreading one’s capital over a plethora of opportunities, rather than placing large chunks of money in a select few places.

Deciding whether to invest in gold bullion, gold coins, or other sources of gold can be difficult to decide. Investing in gold bullion is probably one of the most popular decisions from those who do invest in precious metals. Gold coins is a close second, but coins offer something that bullion do not – the ability to rise dramatically in value. If a gold coin is demanded by a collector or the collecting community as a whole, the price of that coin will rise tremendously. With that being said, such occurrences do not happen often, and purchasing gold coins might be a waste of money, because part of what one is paying for is the coin itself, not the gold.


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The Journey of Alexei Beltyukov Towards Excelling in Business

In order to succeed in education, one needs to not only be bright but also be able to finance his or her education. Most times, people are unable to realize their academic goals owing to lack of sufficient funds to pay for their undergraduate degrees or access higher education. Without an education, it may be a herculean task for people to get to the summit of the corporate ladder given the immense competition in the market. Some people such as Alexei Beltyukov may not have amassed the success that they have, were it not for scholarships and grants.

The Russian businessman and philanthropist, Alexei, is a beneficiary of the scholarship. He comprehends the importance of having a scholarship, as he was able to undertake a business course owing to his passion to pursue business. Initially, Alexei was undertaking medicine before switching professions to undertake business. The INSEAD business school graduate applied for the Lister Vickery Scholarship and successfully received the funding. To this end, he was able to make ends meet for his family besides managing to put himself through school. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration.

After graduation, he was able to start different companies. In 2013, Alexei founded Endemic Capital. This corporation was formed with the objective of providing angel funding to the various small start-up companies in Russia. Given his struggles towards graduating with a business degree, Alexei has been highly committed to philanthropic activities. He has been playing a pivotal role in helping other Russians realize their dreams in business either by starting up business or attending business school. Alexei was committed in business and established A-Ventures Limited. This company was established with the view of aiding struggling companies around Russia with financial assistance.

Given his challenges in accessing higher education, Alexei established the Russian chapter of INSEAD Alumni Scholarship. This scholarship was fundamentally established in order to provide scholarships to the various Russian students who are admitted at the prestigious INSEAD University. He works with the government though the Skolkovo Foundation. As the vice president of the foundation, Alexei has been providing economic guidance in Russia. Further, he has been supporting the foundation in order to provide grants and massive opportunities for Russian start-ups in technology. Additionally, he aids entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business opportunities within Russia to find opportunities that will maximize their contributions in business.

In 2015, Yahoo Finance wrote that Alexei founded Solvy, which is an interactive platform for high school students. The company specializes in providing assignments for students without the provisions of answers. This model ensures that students show their workings while dealing with the different questions under a given topic. Feedback provided by tutors’ aid the students in comprehending the subjects properly. Students are able to consult with teachers. Through such interactions, students register improved grades in math. The company seeks to work with different stakeholders in the education sector in order to enhance their educational goals through improving students’ grades in the mathematical subject. Besides, Solvy, Endemic Capital and A-Ventures, Alexei is also the founder of New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus.

The US Economy-Its Present State

It seems theses days you don’t even have to be an economist to know what’s going on in today’s economy, it is nothing short of horrific.

By now nearly everyone on earth has heard or seen the financial mess that China is in. The second-largest economy in the world is in trouble, and when it goes down-which it is in the time it takes you to read this blog-is going to bring down the entire world-wide economy with it.

And if you’re an investor, you’re probably going to hit the hardest; investors typically are, they’ve got the most to lose. You’re worried about your 401K plan, your 529 College Fund for your kids as well as everything else in your nest egg, before the week is out, you could lose it all, or you can turn to Christian Broda.

‘Christian who’, you ask? Christian Broda. Christian Broda is one of the top economic advisors in the world market today. He has a long history in understanding the economy and he could give persons in potential financial trouble sound advice as to how to weather the economic storm that is about to melt down the entire world wide economy.

Mr. Broda has many years of experience in understanding the economy. He graduated from Universidad de San Andres in Argentina with a degree in Economics in 1997. So he has nearly 20 years experience in understanding the world economy.

Mr. Broda has already help numerous people in dealing with economic crises that have arisen in their lives, and based on his stellar reputation, he is very much in demand.

Because in tough times like this, you need someone who can help you weather the storm; it’s like going to a friend’s home for shelter when you no longer have one of your own. Christian Broda will be your ‘financial shelter’, if you allow him to let your benefit from his many years of financial experience as an economist.

He can show you how avoid the panic, and not do anything rash and foolish that can lead to your financial doom and ruin. He can, as an expression, help you how to ‘keep all your eggs in one basket’ financially speaking.

So, now you know who the go-to guy is when you need the most soundest financial advice that you need. As was indicated at the onset, it appears a very real possibility that the worldwide economy is about to experience the worst financial melt down in its history. There is a grim possibility that many will lose their life’s savings as well as their jobs. So the economy needs more help than ever.

That’s why we have guys like Christian Broda to help prevent that from happening. Learn more about him today-and save yourself and your loved one a financial tragedy.

IMF Suggest That Federal Reserve Wait Until 2016 To Raise Rates

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, stated at a news conference in Washington D.C. yesterday that the U.S. Federal Reserve should wait until at least the first half of 2016 before deciding to raise interest rates. Associate Mikal Watts cites that inflation still remains too low and there are still a number of significant uncertainties regarding the future resilience of global economic growth as well as U.S. economic growth.

The IMF noted that the U.S. economy shrank in the first quarter, requiring the agency to also cut its forecast for U.S. economic growth in 2015 to 2.5% from 3.1% in originally set in April of this year. IMF Suggests That U.S. Federal reserve Wait Until 2016 to Raise Interest Rates

The IMF’s suggestion runs counter policy to public statements by the Federal Reserve that the u.S. central bank would probably raise its rates later this year. The bench mark rate has been close to zero since the end of the 2008 financial crisis.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has also stated that these developments are at least transitory, and U.S. officials expect inflation to creep back toward the fed’s 2% goal in the medium term, or at least by the end of 2016. Fed Chair Janet Yellen also has said that the Fed doe not need to see inflation really pick up but it must be confident that it will actually do so in the “medium term.”

Kevin Seawright Hopes to Improve the Lives of Newark Citizens

Kevin Seawright has recently been announced as the new leader of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, PR Newswire reports. Seawright is a well known figure to those who have their finger on the pulse of community programs and local government leadership in the northeast of the US. The man newly appointed by the Newark CEDC has held many positions within the City of Baltimore government as he assisted in improving the financial and community based image of the city. Seawright has spent a large amount of his career in Baltimore and is often seen as one of the reasons the city saw an increase in financial savings and community outreach during his period of time as a city official.

The Newark CEDC is now hoping the same levels of success can be transferred to his work in New Jersey where the organization is hoping to improve its success rate at providing financial and real estate improvements to the lives of its citizens. Under the leadership of Seawright the Newark CEDC is hoping to improve the number of real estate developments it provides loans and advice for, including those to improve existing buildings to provide a kick start to struggling neighborhoods. Entrepreneurship is another area Kevin Seawright and the Newark CEDC will be hoping to see a great increase in the number of programs begun. The CEDC provides advice and funding options to small business within the community and is looking to the private sector skills of Seawright to improve performance in these areas.

Sultan Alhokair: A Driving Force Behind Angel Investments

One of the most important parts of any business start-up are Angel Investors. An Angel Investor provides the initial capital to get a start-up off the ground and can provide invaluable knowledge of business practices. However, they are not there to hold your hand or do your job for you.

Sultan Alhokair, a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Financial Accounting, Small Business Management and Family Business Management, is a Venture Partner with Valia Investments, otherwise known as an Angel Investor. He looks specifically for new businesses that meet the ideal requirements of a new start-up.

Alhokair believes that new business start-ups must have realistic potential. As an investor, Sultan Alhokair looks at five year plans because it shows the company has a clear cut idea for the future and a tangible model of success. Another important aspect he looks at is the competition. There is always going to be someone up and coming or someone already selling what you are proposing. For that reason, knowing everything about the competition determines how the seed company can respond as well as if the start-up is worth the investment.

Another vital part to any seed company, according to Sultan Alhokair, is the creativity behind the business or product. The company must be unique and there must be a clear cut reason why this new company’s product is the most ideal option. To Alhokair, being an Angel Investor means looking for profitability as well as sustainability.

Besides being a Venture Partner with Valia Investments, Sultan Alhokair uses his business savvy as the current Project Manager of Retail Group of America where he works in fashion retail. Alhokair believes that brand identity, network notoriety, and the available products are the most important factors when dealing with fashion retail. Therefore, he works with a myriad of department stores to increase earning potential, focusing on those three specific areas.

The driving force behind Sultan Alhokair is his vested interest in in the people behind the money. Alhokair is truly an Angel Investor, looking to help companies with a compelling story and solid return projections.

Strikes Impact People and Pets in Iceland

A strike by the Association of Academics (the “BHM”) in Iceland has disrupted many services, from hospital operations to the importation of family pets. The striking organization encompasses many occupations in that island nation, including midwives, X-ray technicians and veterinarians.

Since the strike, an estimated 180 medical operations have been postponed at Landspitali National University Hospital, including 15 involving angioplasty procedures. Some 700 patients have also had outpatient appointments postponed.

This week, Dan told me that Thelma Rut Magnusdottir told the news media that the strike has also adversely impacted her efforts to return her pet Chihuahau, “Tutzy,” back home. She moved with her dog to Norway two years ago, but decided to return Tutzy to her mother’s home in Iceland. After obtaining the necessary permits and arranging for the dog to enter quarantine upon arrival, she sent Tutzy on a flight to Keflavik International Airport. But when he arrived, the veterinarian who would normally have inspected him was unavailable due to the strike. Airport officials contacted Ms. Magnusdottir and gave her two choices: either send Tutzy back to Norway or have the little dog destroyed.

Tutzy’s owner opted to have him returned to her in Norway. But she indicated that now she must begin the entire, expensive shipment and permitting process all over from the beginning.

Igor Cornelsen Knows Profit in Brazil

He was a hero of investing in his day and still offers advice, the iconic Igor Cornelsen. He helped build the number eight economic center in the world, Brazil. Some say he is the reason the agriculture sector has become a major exporter, and that his consultancy with Brazil’s leaders has grown the business culture of all South America.

“Be sure to connect with the natives,” Igor advised. The networking, developing working relationships, and knowledge of local finance and business operation modes, sort of mirror all of Brazilian culture. Most Brazilians are business owners, they will advice you happily, if you will spend a little time sharing your connections with them.”Be ready for some red tape,” Igor advised. The Brazilian market is regulated by the government, an obstacle course of taxes, rules, and some cultural barriers, all is well understood by Igor. “Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end,” Igor Cornelsen once stated.

This is complicated by the arbitrary exchange rates, a problem Igor handles. “There’s no such thing as free money,” Igor reminds us, Brazil’s Central Bank can override any tax rate they please, but most in-country business transactions are taxed at steady, official commercial rates. Igor’s documented profile for investors is considered required reading for outside investors of Brazilian stock portfolios. Here are the top four tips in his profile document.

1. Banks in Brazil include the 10 major commercial and investment banks that have weathered all the economic waves of the last seventy years.

2. Fresh blood can create recovery, so Igor is encouraged by Joaquim Levy being appointed Brazil’s Finance Minister, because Levy is a friend of the private sector.

3.  He sees a strong China as a good customer of raw materials, something Brazil can supply. However, in some markets there is direct competition with China.

4. Problems with Brazil’s currency value have been weathered there for decades. Igor sees the problems with exporting goods and the Central Bank of Brazil dollar swaps as signs that the local currency is way overvalued. Igor expects the new government will interfere less, resulting in a lowered valuation to in turn encourage investment.

Sam Tabar: Investment and Legal Professional

The right legal and investment advice is essential. Many people will need the best possible legal and fiscal advice during their lives. Corporate officials need to make sure that they are in compliance with all regional and national laws that may pertain to their business interests. Legal counsel with the extensively experienced Sam Tabar, New York-based capital strategist and attorney can help an individual as well as those who are in charge of corporate interests. They can also help provide people with a higher rate of return on their investments as well as the opportunity to help lower their taxes and reduce the risk of potential capital losses as a result.

Professional help is available from people like Sam Tabar who, according to,  spent years studying both the legal and fiscal markets. A skilled professional can assist those who are in need of their services by working with them as closely as possible in order to help them achieve their fiscal goals. A professional can also help a company ward off any potential problems that may be related to their business such as the risk of a lawsuit.

Sam Tabar has an undergraduate degree from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. During his years at this highly prestigious university,  Tabar mastered many subjects and realized that the fields of finance and law were his his interests. His grades at this university were excellent. This enabled him to apply to Columbia University law school.

Tabar has since taken a wide variety of positions in various kinds of law firms as well as the world of financial management. His work has led to serving as an associate at prestigious law firms as well as work in the field of financial management. Over the years,  clients have come trust the always intelligent legal and financial advice of Sam Tabar  that he frequently discusses on The Lawyerist Lab.

Stock Market Begins Cautiously As It Awaits Fed Report

Stock Market Begins Cautiously As It Awaits Fed Report

The U. S. stock markets opened up cautiously this morning as investors like Gianfrancesco Genoso awaited word on the decision of the United States Federal Reserve from its schedule Open Market Committee Meeting. All markets report early trading to be slow as indicators dipped revealing most investors waiting of the language used by the Federal Reserve as to a possible increase in interest rates. Market Await Feds Report On Rate Hike

After several years of an unprecedented period of zero interest rate and quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, investors and bankers are taking cues from the Federal Reserve that a rate hike is not only imminent but is required as the U.S. economy appears to be moving forward in a consistent albeit sluggish pace. The cue that most observers will be looking for in the afternoon briefing by the Federal Reserve is whether the Reserve uses the term “patience.” This term will indicate that a rate hike will be in play later in the year rather than sooner. If the term is not used, many expect the Reserve to initiate a rate hike as early as their next meeting.