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e/Max to Compete with Town Residential T

The New York City real estate market has always been one of the strongest and most dynamic real estate markets in the world. While the residential real estate market in Manhattan has always been strong, it has also always been very competitive as major real estate companies are always having to deal with many more competitors than they would have to in other markets across the country. Because of this, some major real estate companies have decided not to enter the NYC market at all.

One of the largest real estate companies in the United State, Re/Max, has noticeably been inactive in NYC apartments for rent. While Re/Max has not been too active in the city, it appears that the trend is going to change. Re/Max has stated that they intend to start investing more heavily in growing their New York City presence in the near future. This will include opening more offices across the city and hiring hundreds of realtors and brokers.

Re/Max will find that they will have plenty of competition once they open their offices. There are many real estate firms that are new, but have already established a strong presence. One of these firms is Town Residential. Town Residential has been in business for less than ten years, but is already considered one of the best firms in the city. The company is frequently hired by premier real estate developers to be the primary broker for new condos that come online. They also are able to provide marketing and leasing services for new and existing projects.

Town Residential is also well known for their research and knowledge of the marketplace. The company will send out a new newsletter at least once per quarter that discusses current trends in the NYC market. This information is often used by both real estate institutional investors and individual home buyers before making the purchase of a new asset.