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Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial Health–Focuses on What Matters Most: A Healthy Community

Maggie Gill is CEO of Memorial Health in beautiful, historic Savannah, Georgia. Gill has achieved quite a bit, in her tenure at Memorial Health. The healthcare institution has continually demonstrated “standards of excellence,” during Gill’s tenure. They have done so by attaining many awards, within many areas. The institution is an Academic healthcare setting. It takes its innovative skill-set and provides the best system possible, to its healthcare population.

Maggie Gill believes that in order for a healthcare organization to make the most impact, it must focus its attention, upon providing the consumer with the best in a delivery system.

Ms. Gill, is a very strong, advocate, too, of assuring the healthcare community is well-educated, with regard to matters of health. In order to assure the healthfulness of the community, it is necessary, in part, to provide informational resources, which advise, how to best stay healthy, and prevent health problems.

Maggie, knows, when the community, as a whole, is basically healthy, the associated healthcare costs–when a healthcare concern, does arise, are kept to the minimum.

Healthier living translates to a decrease in the risk of disease. Persons, establishing patterns of healthy living, are able to recover, generally, more easily, too, when a condition, or health issue, becomes apparent.

Memorial Health is a very progressive healthcare institution. It is highly-acclaimed. It provides healthcare, with the objective being: the best expectations are met, in way of health-associated outcomes. Maggie has been described as the “face” of the progressive organization. Her determined spirit and leadership skills are the ingredients that assure successful patient outcomes.

Memorial Health, holds many outstanding achievement awards, in different areas. Maggie, too, on a personal level, has received many awards, in capacity of leader.

Her level of commitment is extra-ordinary. She oversees many areas, inside of Memorial Health, inclusive of: the Perioperative Services area, the Neuro-Science Program, the Orthopedic Program, the Internal Audit Function, Trauma Services, and many more.

She communicates with governmental authorities and with other outside resources. She has “much on her plate:” however, according to the personnel at Memorial Health, Maggie handles everything, expected of her: beautifully.