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FreedomPop Aims To Change The Face of Mobile Operators in the UK

According to a news article published on Mobile Today, FreedomPop believes that introducing its free business model into the UK is going to force mobile network operators to revisit the way they sell their services. CEO of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, estimates that within the company’s first month of operation in the UK they will be able to add around 100,000 subscribers with much more to come. He also stated that traditional mobile network operators will find it hard to compete with the digital offerings of FreedomPop and will spur them to rethink how they approach the budget marketplace.

Stokols believes that the model of FreedomPop on engadget will be the first of its type in the UK and will force other providers to think about how they can offer value to their customers. Of course, it will be hard for other operators to compete given that there is no way to go lower than free service. He went on to say that FreedomPop approaches the market with a solid tech background and that offers them a distinct advantage because while most traditional operators are looking to make their money off of data, texts, and voice they have a different objective.

FreedomPop on the other hand is look at technology that offers value added services and they have had to create technology that makes this possible as a business model. They have tech to offer great conversion rates on digital services. Stokols said that this makes FreedomPop more of a technology driven company instead of a marketing company which is what he compared other mobile network operators too.

He further explained that right now they have no competitors, but in the long term they can expect others to compete by offering free services as well with similar offers. He mentioned BT and how it had to think about how to get back into the voice market after the landline went away and how mobile providers did the same. At the moment the cash cow is data but FreedomPop is helping move the sway away from data and back into tech.

Bernardo Chua: How His Company Is a Global Success

Organo Gold is a global gourmet coffee shop founded by Bernardo Chua, in 2008. His mission is to to spread his knowledge of Ganoderma to all four corners of the world, partnering with thousands during the process. Ganoderma is a mushroom that contains antioxidants, used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Among coffee, other products offered include toothpaste, soap, tea, and vitamins. All of which are infused with the Ganoderma herb, resulting in scientifically developed products which are both healthy and tasty.

Bernardo Chua delivers his products using a distribution system which shares a portion of every dollar with the world-wide Organo Gold family. By recently opening a branch in Turkey, he marked the 39th country in which he has overseen opening of his company. With an estimation of the of the 2015 year at 1 million distributors and an 800 million dollar revenue, it is safe to say his company has been a major success. Bernardo uses a network-marketing approach. This means by promoting Organo Gold products and selling them on a regular basis, a domino effect occurs. When a distributor is successful, it affects the team and company both in the same positive way.

Bernardo Chua and two of his Organo Gold associates recently took a trip to the capital of the Philippines, Manila. It is here in which all three received a prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award. The Philippines is Chua’s home country, and this award is given in recognition of achievers who motivate other Filipinos to succeed in business all over the world, as well as excellent Filipino products. Organo Gold received two People’s Choice Awards.

After seeing how successful his products were in the Asian market, Chau expanded to the Western world. He is lucky he did because Organo Gold is now the 55th biggest direct selling company around the globe! Another factor that has had a huge impact on his success is his value for educating both his distributors and consumers. Chua has based his company out of Canada because of their reputation of strict guidelines when pertaining to businesses and products. He believes this is good for his company’s image. For more information about Bernardo “Bernie” Chua, follow him on twitter!

What You Should Know About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman from Malaysia who has received numerous awards for his entrepreneurship and philanthropic activities. His success in the business world and the fact that he founded one of the most successful direct sales companies has made him a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those in Asia.

Eswaran (Twitter) was born in Malaysia in 1960, the son of a teacher and government employee. During his childhood, his family lived in various parts of the country, which has built his desire to travel and see many places in the world. Vijay Eswaran (Facebook) later moved to Europe for his studies, obtaining a degree in socio-economics from the London School of Economics in 1984.

Unlike some other individuals in the business world, Eswaran didn’t get a prestigious job right after graduating university. Instead, he opted to stay in Europe and visit several countries while doing any type of job that he could find, such as being a taxi driver, agricultural worker and doing construction work. While he never considered the entry-level jobs he did to be “beneath him” and he is very proud of his humble beginnings, Vijay Eswaran decided that it would be better to start earning money for himself as opposed to working for someone else.

While pursuing his education and obtaining a professional certification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and proceeding to the United States in 1986 to obtain an MBA from the Southern Illinois University, he became interested in multilevel marketing. He enjoyed the experience of being self-employed and started wondering whether he should start a multilevel marketing company of his own.

He discussed his project with several individuals that were interested in entrepreneurship and finally went on to found the QI Group in 1998 after returning to Asia. The group owns QNet, one of the most successful MLM companies in the region, which started out by selling collectible gold coins, before branching out into other industries, such as health and wellness, plus consumer products.

In addition to his business activities, Eswaran has written several books and regularly gives speeches that serve as an inspiration for those who want to become entrepreneurs. He is also noted for his charitable activities and is the founder of the Vijayaratnam Foundation, which seeks to improve local communities in Malaysia by reducing inequalities, helping to preserve the environment and increasing access to education.