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Plymouth Rock Assurance Goes Digital

The wave of the future is accessible and optimized insurance coverage via the power of the Internet and the freedom of industry deregulation. This is made abundantly clear in the liberty loving Bay State as the still dominant agent-based insuring methodology is crumbling against the waves of price and policy savvy web surfers. Though still boasting a powerful force of 1,600 independent insurance agencies as reported by the Boston Globe, Internet driven insurance companies such as Geico Insurance and Progressive Corp. are making strong headway into this new market of open access.
This has obviously created something of a rift between independent agents and a consumers desire for fair pricing while having access to expert advice – a zero sum game with no winners at the end of it.

Enter the keen solutions of Plymouth Rock Assurance‘s new online tool. Instead of forcing consumers to rely on their own research as they browse the plethora of insurance options available to them via this new inroad of bringing the independent agents along with the future of the Internet for the advantage of all. Agents signed up with Plymouth Rock Assurance can get notified when a customer is browsing options and has questions, as well as be notified of when clients have selected a package so that they have the opportunity to assess what the customer has chosen and see if they can find a better plan for them via deductibles or even alterations to homeowner policy!
Plymouth Rock Assurance was founded by still-CEO James M. Stone, who is also a chief executive of the holding company, Plymouth Rock Company. A Democratic Harvard graduate with a Ph.D. in Economics, it is no surprise that Mr. Stone has found a way to combine the years of experience that independent agents offer with the decentralized advantage of the Internet. As a resident of Boston along with his family, what he does he does for the safety and advantage of all Massachusites.