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About U.S. Money Reserve: The Gold Leader Of America


The U.S Money Service was created by experts in the gold market that comprehended the requirement of combining trustworthy guidance, expert market knowledge and top-notch customer service that was very crucial in the purchase of precious metals. Currently, as amongst the biggest distributors of U.S government: platinum, silver and gold coins, they take pleasure in working with thousands of customers that have taken the advantage of the many financial gains accrued from having precious metals.
U.S Money Reserve constantly strives to offer the most outstanding precious stones issued by the government – platinum, silver and gold coins, in the marketplace. Through the years, most of their clientele have placed their faith in their capability of helping in choosing coins that have the highest value. Owed to these many and wise purchases, the greater part of these individuals are gaining much profit today.
The U.S Money reserve clients are served by highly qualified individuals with a team of about 100 knowledgeable and experienced professionals including coin research professionals, shipping and vault departments, inventory department, business support development, customer relations department, industry leading numismatic expert and senior gold specialists.
The U.S money Reserve is among the leading distributors of platinum, silver and gold coins in the nations with the inclusion of coins made by the United States Mint, that enjoy full support by the U.S for their purity, weight and content. This means that clients purchasing the U.S issued coins can be confident that the coins have the stated among of platinum, silver or gold. Additionally, these coins have authorization from Congress and are made with the face value denominations, making them certified U.S lawful tenders.
There are many reasons why clients choose U.S Money Reserve for their precious stones’ purchases. Amongst these reasons are 100% money back guarantee, price protections programs, access to the best coins in the market, experienced gold professionals, and clients can take physical passions of their coins.
The clients have the advantage of working with top gold specialists that have years of expertise in the platinum, silver and gold markets. These experts are capable of explaining all the crucial details on purchasing the US Government coins and are always happy to help when making decisions and selections of the precious stones.
One of the main advantages of making purchases with the U.S Money Reserve is that the clients become the owners of the tangible asset that can get delivered to their banks, offices or homes. These coins are not paper stocks certifications, but legal tenders of platinum, silver and gold.


Some Great Reasons To Invest With US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is a company that sells precious metals over the internet. You can literally order your precious metal investments right from the comfort of your own home! This company has a variety of different types of gold and silver investments available right on their website. You can invest anywhere between 20-30 dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars or more through the website.

US Money Reserve has prices that reflect the current values of gold and silver. Rather than having prices of their items that are permanently or semi-permanently fixed, US Money Reserve’s prices shift with very current data of the markets. There is also a feature at the top of the page that allows you to see what gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are currently worth. Also shown in this feature are the changes in the prices of these metals from day to day.

You can find 13 precious metal investments through US Money Reserve. The price ranges of these investments vary greatly. The largest single investment you can make is the purchase of a one kilo gold bar. A one kilo gold bar currently is priced in the area of 38 thousand dollars. On the other end of the price continuum, you can buy a singular American Eagle silver coin. American Eagle silver coins are available from US Money Reserve for an affordable 20-30 dollars, depending on current market prices.

If you are looking to buy coins, there is an amazing selection. You can buy coins from four different countries. One can purchase coins of Austrian, US, Canadian, and South African origins. There are coins available for investing in either silver or gold.

You can also purchase a quantity of coins or other types of precious metal investments. For each one of the investments offered, it is possible to purchase as few as one of the investment up to as much as 999 of the precious metal investment. This equates to a potential investment range of anywhere between about 25 dollars (when purchasing American Eagle silver coins) to as much as nearly forty million dollars (when purchasing 999 one kilo bars of gold) per order!

Sultan Alhokair: A Driving Force Behind Angel Investments

One of the most important parts of any business start-up are Angel Investors. An Angel Investor provides the initial capital to get a start-up off the ground and can provide invaluable knowledge of business practices. However, they are not there to hold your hand or do your job for you.

Sultan Alhokair, a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Financial Accounting, Small Business Management and Family Business Management, is a Venture Partner with Valia Investments, otherwise known as an Angel Investor. He looks specifically for new businesses that meet the ideal requirements of a new start-up.

Alhokair believes that new business start-ups must have realistic potential. As an investor, Sultan Alhokair looks at five year plans because it shows the company has a clear cut idea for the future and a tangible model of success. Another important aspect he looks at is the competition. There is always going to be someone up and coming or someone already selling what you are proposing. For that reason, knowing everything about the competition determines how the seed company can respond as well as if the start-up is worth the investment.

Another vital part to any seed company, according to Sultan Alhokair, is the creativity behind the business or product. The company must be unique and there must be a clear cut reason why this new company’s product is the most ideal option. To Alhokair, being an Angel Investor means looking for profitability as well as sustainability.

Besides being a Venture Partner with Valia Investments, Sultan Alhokair uses his business savvy as the current Project Manager of Retail Group of America where he works in fashion retail. Alhokair believes that brand identity, network notoriety, and the available products are the most important factors when dealing with fashion retail. Therefore, he works with a myriad of department stores to increase earning potential, focusing on those three specific areas.

The driving force behind Sultan Alhokair is his vested interest in in the people behind the money. Alhokair is truly an Angel Investor, looking to help companies with a compelling story and solid return projections.