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Fast Growing Digital Firm: White Shark Media

White Shark Media has been regarded as one of the top Digital Marketing Agency, which offers custom-made digital solutions. White Shark Media’s main goal it to assist small and medium-sized organizations to succeed and grow by making use of their modern search engine marketing procedures. Further to that, their marketing solutions are provided at moderate cost with a flat fee. Along with that, customers need not maintain any contracts and will have authoritative access to their Google AdWords account. White Shark Media is transparent in their policies; hence customers need not be worried about any hidden charges.
Key elements
They have been recognized as one of the quickest developing digital firms in North America. White Shark Media has always been known for their astounding customer service along with top class marketing campaigns. We as a team has always worked hard to help some organizations present in the US develop their firm by using our web promoting strategies and our suite of exclusive advertising apparatuses. Another key element of our success is following each one of our customer’s marketing methods in a detailed manner. With Google Analytics integration, keyword level call following, competitive proprietary and intelligence reporting software, we guarantee that we are completely responsible to every one of our customers progress.
World class experience
White Shark Media was established in 2011 by three Danish business people with a tremendous measure of involvement in both online and offline marketing. They wanted to take over the SMB market in Latin America and the US. With sheer determination and an outstanding product, White Shark Media accomplished it, thereby increasing their customer base and positive reviews.
Some of their clients include Selman & Co, Dumpster 4 Junk, Smith & Associates, El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, Centennial Radon Solutions, Media Xpress, OTW Safety, Crane Technology and much more than that. Most of them mention that we have increased their conversion rate and the online leads as well. Further to that, they appreciate our method of managing their Adwords campaign and our professionalism. Google quality score has been increased for them.
All the customers highly recommend White Shark Media as we are exceptional in our Google Advertising. Moreover, they services are cost effective and is tailored to meet the needs of customers.

White Shark Media On The Importance Of Learning From Complaints

Learning from mistakes is not easy and it becomes very expensive for companies that tend to ignore their customers complaints. The customers now have the Internet where they can ventilate their frustration with a company. Now it was possible to hear a customer and learn about what to do to serve the customer so that the problem that is being voiced will free the company from the situation by solving the problem which will please everyone. White Shark Media is a company that believes that mistakes and complaints should never forgotten about and answers should be learned about.

Some of the complaints that were earned by White Shark Media (WSM) are:
“After signing up, I got a contact person who wasn’t in Tune with my needs.”
It is often difficult to translate something that a person might be complaining about, but this was obviously a problem with compatibility between the client and White Shark Media’s assigned support agent.

It is possible that the sales agent was extremely convincing but then when the actual support agent was helping the client, there was no chemistry at all. The way this problem was solved by White Shark Media, where there is a transition phase from the Senior SEM consultants, the client is followed by the original agent from the beginning to the optimization process. Eventually the original signing agent is not the current support agent, however, the original agent is still overseeing the client’s account and can make themselves available for solving problems.

Another complaint that was fielded by White Shark Media, involved a distaste by the client for how a structured account attribute was saved to their account. “The Campaign is created on your account. I don’t like that.” What this meant is that WSM will now use newly forged AdWords accounts to track all campaign analytics and start from the very beginning of a campaign as is possible. This seems to be better for the client. The only problem is that there is a loss of perspective if an original campaign is performing well. There is the loss of a good environment. To deal with this WSM also offers the chance for the client to keep working with their own account if there is a campaign that has a solid track record.

“I don’t know how to track my AdWords Performance.” This complaint shows a large portion of gaining success with AdWords that was started my WSM. Since it is in-house analytics, then White Shark Media has devised a program that can be added for Google Analytics for free.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

Darius Fisher to speak at Impact15

Darius Fisher will be speaking at Impact15, a modern technology convention, on September 23-25. Darius is the president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm.
This is wildly big for most anyone looking to make it in business and advertising online because Fisher knows the industry so well and knows how to create a successful business online. His presentation is titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression,” and essentially plans to cover how to keep your business looking good for the online world. He plans to teach how to manage your digital appearance without getting too out of this world about your product or service and how to bring in more views for your web page.
Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field that is different nearly every day. Each cultural trend has an impact on who will be looking at your page. This is why it is so important to be able to change what you are presenting quickly and make the fixes to your page that will draw in the most customers. The most important thing of all is your homepage and while it isn’t something that you can have changing every single day an ever evolving and ever improving home page is something that Fisher believes will skyrocket your public image and improve your business.
Fisher plans to detail how to improve your business image and improve your google search results whether you’re working on an up and coming new page as a private individual or one of the biggest companies in the world. Fisher is going to explain how improving your image is so important to the online world and how you can better capture the look your potential customers want.
He has said that “while you can’t completely control your digital footprint, you can positively impact your online presence.” and this seems to be his biggest theme for the event, making a strong positive impact on your online presence. Fisher is going to be making huge steps for a lot of companies and individuals over the course of the convention with teaching this outlook.