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Brian Bonar And His POE Business

Brian Bonar is a finance executive that has really given a name for himself. He is currently the head of Trucept, Incorporated. He studied at James Watt Technical College to study for his degree in Technical Engineering. He also went to Stafford University to study for his Mechanical Engineering degree.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar first got into IBM as a procurement manager. He later took a position with QMS as their Director of Engineering. After all of this, he decided to start his own tech company Bezier Systems. He also works for the companies Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc.,

The Amanda Co., Inc., and Dalrada Financial Corp. He was also the Founder and CEO of AMS Outsourcing. He later got into the financial industry and specialized in mergers and acquisitions.

Trucept Inc is a publicly traded company and has its headquarters in San Diego, California. It was established in 2009 with the help of Brian. The company is designed to help companies to do various financial tasks. They offer services to manage their payroll, manage human resources, administration , handling employee benefits and risk management.

The platform is designed so that companies can let Trucept handle all of their business responsibilities, practically turning converting their business into something turnkey. They call this business a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Their firm promises to be much more efficient that a typical temporary staffing agency. They will handle complex Human Resources to help with proper employment. Their services are offerd both in one package as well as specific services on demand.

The separation of the Human Resources from the main company is called co-employment. The employees will work for both the primary company and the Professional Employer Organization. The PEO is also responsible for creating workplace policies and making sure the primary business is up to government compliance requirements.