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Brazilian lawyers like Ricardo Tosto achieve global recognition

In North America and Europe the legal field can seem like it is far ahead of its competitors in other countries, but the legal field in Brazil is filled with prominent professionals and skilled lawyers in corporate, civil and criminal law. In terms of corporate law one of the top lawyers in the country is Ricardo Tosto, a lawyer who has built his reputation on the skilled completion of a number of cases that have made his own practice one of the top companies in Brazil. Tosto not only leads his company, but has also pioneered a number of law precedents and tools in Brazil that have gone on to become staples of the legal system in the country and brought it into the modern world.

Brazil has always seemed like a difficult option for many legal experts around the world as the training and education requirements included in the legal system begin earlier than in most countries. Those wishing to be lawyers in Brazil begin their training at undergraduate level in a tightly controlled system that requires specific targets to be reached in education and a entrance exam to be passed to attend law school. The national bar association is also involved with tightly controlling the working of the system and ensures the highest standards are reached by accredited educational institutions.

Ricardo Tosto is well known for his work in the corporate field and ensures a large amount of his own time and that of his colleagues is taken up with litigation. Tosto is not only one of the top lawyers in the country, he has made sure political views are not brought into his legal practice by representing clients from all sides of the political divide. The staff Tosto brings into his practice are usually well known to him, which has often meant those who have spent time at his practice as interns have returned later to become members of staff and partners in the company. The lawyer himself remains in great demand to represent corporate clients and government agencies who are looking for the best representation available offered without political or economic bias.