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You Have To Know This Legend Of Excellence

There are the successful people, and then there are the very successful people like Shaygan Kheradpir. It’s like success looked at from a critical angle of how one starts a career and gears it up to recognition, fame and power. That’s much like the career of one Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter.

Shaygan was born in London and later moved to Iran where he grew up. He then moved to the United States where he went to Cornell University and acquired his Bachelors, Masters as well a Doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering. He decided to concentrate his expertise in control systems.

Come 1987, and Mr. Kheradpir was ready to launch his great career working for GTE Corporation. Shaygan worked hard and earned his recognition, such that in the year 2000, he was made the CTO/CIO of Verizon when GTE and Bell Atlantic merged.

During his 11 year stint at Verizon, this man put together a 7,000-strong IT support team and helped come up with new innovative products like lobi and Verizon One. He also pulled off successful negotiations with vendors and achieved a 30 percent decrease in technology expenditures besides encouraging efficient use of assets and launching an outsourcing program to India. Shaygan Kheradpir helped develop Verizon into a global leader in the 21st century media and communication systems.

When he started working for Barclays in 2011, it almost immediately became clear that success and power went wherever this man was. This time, he worked in the Barclays London office. He debuted there as the operating officer in charge of the retail bank. His good job then resulted to him being put in charge of both operations and technology for the whole global bank.

However, it’s not just mere luck that made it so, but rather the man’s capabilities when he was given a job. To make prove of that, let it be remembered that this man was responsible for the wholesome positive cultural change undergone by Barclays in order to both modernize and digitize its operations across the world. He also helped develop some of the most impacting products for the bank, with Cloudit and Pingit being the most noticeable.

In 2014, Shaygan Kheradpir wanted to advance his career further, and when his star shone brighter, he went to work as the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks. He also became a board member in the company.

And he has achieved even more. Apart from holding some patents to his name, Shaygan has, as a professor, taught electrical engineering at the Northeastern University and even became a member of the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s achievements even put his name to the Hall of Fame (CIO Magazine), 2007 edition.

Houston is Given a High-end Retail Space with the Help of Haidar Barbouti

The business of real estate has been notoriously tough to navigate for some of the most impressive business people in the world, but Haidar Barbouti has made a success of his global real estate company since 1986. A global reach means Haidar’s name is known in commercial real estate circles across a variety of countries, within the US his companies have a reach from Houston, Texas to New York, New York. Perhaps the most impressive piece of business completed by Barbouti was acquiring the Highland Village complex in 1990, which has made the name of the man who is now known as one of the world’s top commercial real estate owners and managers.


Haidar Barbouti has been a major player in the commercial real estate industry since leaving college in 1986, which means he has around 30 years of experience working in this field. He and other members of his family now own and operate a wide variety of commercial real estate businesses throughout the world, which means the Barbouti family are now one of the world’s best known owners of office buildings, commercial buildings and shopping centers.

The prime location operated by Haidar Barbouti remains the Highland Shopping Center that is well known for stretching over 500,000 square feet of prime real estate on the historic Westheimer Road in Houston, Texas. Over the course of the last two decades the Highland Shopping Center has been developed to include more than $150 million worth of commercial real estate and shopping space. After purchasing and developing the property formerly known as Highland Village Barbouti remains responsible for the daily leasing and negotiations for the center in a bid to maintain the exclusive nature of the development.

Sam Tabar: Investment and Legal Professional

The right legal and investment advice is essential. Many people will need the best possible legal and fiscal advice during their lives. Corporate officials need to make sure that they are in compliance with all regional and national laws that may pertain to their business interests. Legal counsel with the extensively experienced Sam Tabar, New York-based capital strategist and attorney can help an individual as well as those who are in charge of corporate interests. They can also help provide people with a higher rate of return on their investments as well as the opportunity to help lower their taxes and reduce the risk of potential capital losses as a result.

Professional help is available from people like Sam Tabar who, according to,  spent years studying both the legal and fiscal markets. A skilled professional can assist those who are in need of their services by working with them as closely as possible in order to help them achieve their fiscal goals. A professional can also help a company ward off any potential problems that may be related to their business such as the risk of a lawsuit.

Sam Tabar has an undergraduate degree from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. During his years at this highly prestigious university,  Tabar mastered many subjects and realized that the fields of finance and law were his his interests. His grades at this university were excellent. This enabled him to apply to Columbia University law school.

Tabar has since taken a wide variety of positions in various kinds of law firms as well as the world of financial management. His work has led to serving as an associate at prestigious law firms as well as work in the field of financial management. Over the years,  clients have come trust the always intelligent legal and financial advice of Sam Tabar  that he frequently discusses on The Lawyerist Lab.

A decade of success for BRL Trust

In just one decade the Brazilian financial services company BRL Trust has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most important companies in the country. As the Brazilian economy struggled under a series of difficult years caused by experimental policies from the government BRL Trust quickly found success through the employment of the top experts in Brazil who quickly led the company to become successful. In 2015, BRL Trust now works with some of the top financial institutions in the world to administer loans and a variety of other financial products that have been used by a number of investors of all sizes and investment levels.

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust began life as a loan administrator who had grown so quickly during its first year that it was administering more than 100 loans by the end of 2005. There are many examples of the growth of BRL Trust and how the company has become a major part of the Brazilian economy and has provided stability in a period when financial issues have made major headlines around the world.

The profile of BRL Trust has been raised over the recent years through the role the company has played in the construction projects that have been taking place for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Both sporting events were awarded to Brazil and highlighted the issues the economy of the country has been mired in as the country prepared for the arrival of major global events. BRL Trust has been involved as a loan administrator for many construction projects that would not have been completed on time or on budget had they nor had the financial skills of the professionals at BRL Trust to look after them.

Who is Jonathan Veitch?

Jonathan Veitch is the current president of Occidental College. Occidental is a private arts college established in 1887 in Los Angeles. Veitch is the 15th president since it was founded in 1887, the same year as Pomona College. The inauguration ceremony of Veitch as the 15th president of Occidental College was held on July 1, 2009. At his inauguration, Veitch promised to strengthen literacy and arts programs, as well as the college’s civil engagement. He also promised to come up with a new partnership with Southern California’s premier cultural universities.

In his early years, Veitch was a student at Loyola High School in California. Veitch, who was a Stanford graduate, earned his doctorate from Harvard. Veitch is also an award-winning author of his books the American Super realism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation. Veitch most recent research focuses on the history of United States higher education. Veitch was a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he taught in the English department. At the New School in New York Veitch was a professor of history and literature as well as the chairman of the humanities.

Since Veitch inauguration as the president of the Occidental College, a lot of positive changes have been noticed. The new Samuelson Alumni Center was completed under his leadership. As an environmentalist, Veitch has ensured that a 1-megawatt solar energy project has been installed in the college. The solar project generates more than 10 percent of the total college annual electricity consumption.  The students, faculty and the community appreciate the positive changes that have been realized under the leadership of Veitch. Veitch has three children with his wife Sarah and they all live the Wallis Annenberg President’s House.