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As a branch, administrative law is mandated to govern the roles and duties of structures of the executive. The administrative law applies when making a ruling of the hearing, in the adjudication of the case or enforcing specific regulatory agenda. The administrative law makes a decision of the administrative units of the government such as the set-up tribunals, commissions of inquiry or independent commissions and the appointed boards. Administrative law drafts the freedom of citizens and sensitizes them on how to relate to the authorities.

Globally, an Administrative Law is used in many sectors, for example, the agricultural and industrial avenues so as to deal with the counterfeit products that are harmful for human consumption. There are set up agriculture agencies which regulates the flow of the products ranging from farm produce to food processing. Only vaguely, administrative law is the most significant component that is applied to bring discipline in the agriculture sector. Administrative law is also used in business areas so as to ensure that unscrupulous business imitators do not get the chance to sneak in the market the imitated goods and services. The regulation brings equality in the market and also ensures that products that are only of the right quality are in the market. Consequently, it is not that easy to curb this menace but the regulatory setup boards play a decisive role towards finding the solution.

Administration law defines the relationship between the authorities and the citizens of a particular country. It plays a significant role in solving matters arising in family feuds or clan disputes so as to avoid more rifts in the society. For example, a local administrator is presented with a case that he or she listens to, then gets to find a solution to that matter. He or she may then give a verdict of the case, during the verdict he or she instruct the two parties to forgive each other hence uniting the battling sides.

The administrative law also applies in the controlling of the environment. The setup agencies and boards regulate the activities of human beings in the ecosystem. The companies control the frequent falling off trees and also ensure that industries dispose of their waste products in a proper manner. Also, the administrative law plays a significant role in setting up rules that are used to regulate the consumption and use of drugs in the world. Tribunals and other boards use the administrative law to administer hearing and making informed decisions of the duties they were set up to perform.

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Hall and Oates to Sue Cereal Company

Daryl Hall and John Oates, of Hall & Oates fame, have announced that they are suing a cereal company for trademark infringement. Lawyers for the duo filed the suit in Brooklyn federal court.

The product in question is Haulin’ Oats cereal. The lawsuit claims that use of the name is a pun and infringes upon the rights of the Hall & Oates brand.

“Attempts have been made, throughout the years, to make connections between the group’s name and oat-related products,” the lawsuit claims and Jaime Garcia Dias can see this being a problem.

“Whole Oats” is not only the name of the singers’ company, but it is also the name of the band’s first album.
Hall & Oates are known for their hit songs “Maneater,” “Private Eyes,” and “She’s Gone.”