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Though Beneficial, Wikipedia is Full of Bureaucratic Complexities

Wikipedia is among the digital-age ventures that have revolutionized the freedom to creating and disseminating knowledge. Through Wikipedia, information can come from any of its editors. The site has been in existence for 15 years now and it has been revealed, by deep look into its operations, that all is not as it appears. Wikipedia has turned out to be just another organization driven by bureaucratic complexities and it has therefore deviated from its initial ideals of decentralizing power in dissemination of information.

Wikipedia looks perfect to observers and it may be said that it has managed to avoid creating a vertical management structure among its editors and contributors. However, it is important to note that all the editors and contributors have different ranks. For instance, there are those who have earned the rank of ‘super-contributors’ and they enjoy some privileges. This is not what Wikipedia was intended to be.

Recent research has shown that Wikipedia is governed by iron law of oligarchy, meaning that there is a ruling power system. The community has witnessed rapid growth and today it boasts about 30,000 people. How these people interact is however very different and most of the edits can be traced to only 100 people who joined when Wikipedia was just starting. It is these early users who call the shots. The evolution of the site from bureaucracy is therefore very doubtful.

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With Wikipedia, you can make the edits in your page so your customers will get to see what you want them to see. Having a Wikipedia page also adds to the prestige of your business as compared to those with no page.

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