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Do You Want Excellent Healthcare? Go To Nobilis Health Today

Pain management is not something that can be done only through the use of pain medications. In fact, based on my own personal experience, using pain medications to manage chronic pain can often make things much worse. I’ve been on many different pain medications, including Morphine, Hydrocodone and others for the past five years to try and manage my pain levels. While they all seemed to work at first, minus the dizziness and other side effects, eventually they didn’t work at all, and the dosage had to be continually increased. I was tired of having to take pill after pill to keep my pain under control, and the pills were not even helping. What was I going to do? Luckily, I found Nobilis Health.

I am a 27-year-old female, and I’m a single mother of three children. I couldn’t go under the knife and receive surgery because then I would be absent away from my kids. I had to find another option. I talked to my doctor, who was just about 30 minutes from Dallas, and he finally recommended that I go to Nobilis Health. When I asked him what that place was, he seemed surprised that I didn’t already know. You see, he was a new doctor for me because I had just moved to the area about six months ago. When he began to explain to me all of the great services that Nobilis Health offered, I finally had hope.

The following week he put in my referral to go and see someone at Nobilis Health. When I talked with their doctor about my problems with pain, they told me that while surgery may eventually have to be the course of action, right now they wanted to handle my case with pain management. They didn’t just want me to be taking pain medications. They wanted me to be able to actually get better and be able to do more with my life. The great choices that Nobilis Health gave me had me in tears. Not only did they want to work with me but they told me that if the pain management plan they had set up for me actually worked, I might finally be able to cut off the pain medications once and for all.

I love the thought of being pain-free, and I know that is what’s best for me and my children too. So, what happened next with my visit to Nobilis Health? Shortly after my first meeting, we started with my pain management plan. They made my experience there better than any other healthcare experience I have had in the past, and we worked on different types of therapies to fix my pain. Ever since I started at their center, I can already tell a difference in the levels of my pain. I no longer wake up in extreme pain, and I even feel better throughout the day. I would highly recommend Nobilis Health to anyone who wants to feel better when they are constantly dealing with chronic pain.