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Sergio Cortes Can Easily Prove Why He’s The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

I run a children’s hospital, and we were always trying to do things to make the kids happy. Whether they were young children or teenagers, we always tried our best to go out of our way to help the child feel better about their illness. We all came together one day, and the staff decided that we were going to try and do something special for a young teen that had cancer. The teen was a big fan of Michael Jackson, but we know that’s it was impossible for him to see Michael Jackson. Michael had passed away many years ago, and the only way that Michael Jackson could possibly see this teen is if we got an impersonator.

I wasn’t certain if it would be a good idea to get a Michael Jackson impersonator to perform for this child, but everyone convinced me that it might actually work. Even though I was skeptical, I started searching the Internet for a Michael Jackson impersonator that just might do the trick. I looked for a lot of different features, including looks, behavior, and how they danced. I just couldn’t seem to get it right because I wasn’t finding the right person I was looking for. Maybe I would find someone who looked like Michael, but he couldn’t dance like Michael.

Another time I found someone who was a great dancer, but they looked nothing like Michael Jackson. There were so many impersonators that I found online, and a lot of them were offering their services to those who would pay for it. I really didn’t want to let this kid down, and I knew that he could use some cheering up, so I continued to search. After searching everywhere on the Internet for close to a week, I came across an impersonator that just blew my mind. I found a man in Brazil named Sergio Cortes, and he had everything I was looking for. As far as looks, Sergio was an exact match to Michael Jackson.

Sergio could dance like no other impersonator I’ve seen, and I was so impressed with the fact that he knew so many of Michael Jackson’s moves. I showed other people on the staff Sergio’s videos, and all of them said that he’s the one I should hire. I started making preparations to gets Sergio to the hospital to perform in front of the teenager, and I had no regrets choosing Sergio over all other Michael Jackson impersonators.