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An Interview With Sergio Cortes: The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

The clothes and voice must be very close. The way one walks, looks at other people, and behaves toward them–for an impersonator to be successful, it all must be very similar to the individual who is being impersonated. Embracing the art and music of another, making that a career–it requires precision.

In his Facebook profile, Sergio Cortes is reported to be an artist with exceptional talent in singing, composing, dancing and acting–this can’t be said of all impersonators. He also looks very much like the very famous artist he impersonates, and that is not easy. With this in mind, consider that the look-alikes who are the most talented make fans look closely in wonder, and those unfamiliar with the artist become curious. According to Sergio Cortes himself, looking like Michael Jackson is not only his career, it’s a privilege.

The similarity is such that it’s hard to believe the pop star wasn’t reborn from the ashes. In 2009, Sergio Cortes was considered one of the best impersonators of deceased American Singers. The Spanish 43-year-old was born on July 30, but even as a child his mother told him she thought he looked like Michael Jackson. At that time, Michael was part of the Jackson 5 group, and had just started his brilliant career; initially based in America, soon to be an international sensation. That was the turning point of Sergio’s own career, according to Cortes himself: “I started to pay attention to detail. As Michael sang, danced, and carried himself before the media and their fans, I watched. I had a different vision than what could be seen on TV, which gave me the proper information to interpret precisely.”

As a teenager, he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson; and the photos taken that day had enormous repercussions. It was then Sergio’s passion for Michael’s music started to become a double career. He went on to receive invitations to perform as an American Idol in several countries.

Today, his resemblance to the pop idol has earned Sergio Cortes various showcases, performances and more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is through social networks that impersonators disclose their work, talk to fans, and receive proposals for new shows.

Sergio Cortes admits he was very upset after the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, when he passed away while sleeping in his mansion in Los Angeles, USA. “It’s even harder when you have incorporated the foibles of this idol. You know all about his life and interpret it as part of your everyday life. His death has had a big impact on my life,” says Sergio Cortes. According to the look-alike, this impact helps him perform, and it helps fans of the late singer overcome the pain of the substantial loss.

Other famous artists are also commonly imitated and have lookalikes, just as Sergio Cortes. Some are even called twins of celebrities, due to their similarity being so great. Among this list are singers, actors, politicians and other celebrities of television. In Brazil, Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas, Renato Russo and Ronaldinho are among the most imitated.

Source: R7

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