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Achievements of George Soros

George Soros is widely known for his philanthropy and support of non-governmental organizations that supports justice and equality for all. His success in the financial industry grants him freedom to run most of is charitable works, he lobbies of the rights of the oppressed and underprivileged in the society. Soros remains famous for his lucrative gains from the English financial markets in the early 1990s; the Eastern Europe transition from communism is one of his major works that makes him iconic in the economy of Europe on He is one of the principal financiers of the central Europe University which at its core promotes critical thinking. His major works date back to the year 1979 where he funded many students from the University of Cape Town. Soros is currently the chairman and the chief operating officer of the Open Society. This corporation was formed and embraces the fact that the society in which we live is imperfect, and thus there are unending prospects of its improvement and change. Many black students from South Africa are beneficiaries of his ambitions to end apartheid by promoting education in the country on The principal focus of is foundation is to establish a free government that would uphold the democracy of the people. His success in the finical market has given him the strength to take firm stands even on controversial issues in the society.

Being the chairman and founder of the Open Society, George Soros has enabled his organization to partner with more than 100 countries. He is committed to an idea open free society which would be a better place to live in by all people. His primary focus is making governments accountable and enabling the people to stand for their rights while at the same time ensuring the division of the natural resources equally. His philanthropic work on Politico has spread and received partnership in many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. His passion for a free society is evidenced by the fact that he has hired lawyers that would defend them. Soros campaigns for release and justice for all people. Some of the civil unrest and violence causes in the world is mining of minerals. Through some of his works, George Soros has equipped mammy societies not only with necessary knowledge but also funding to enable them realize their rights and have a share of the natural resource.

His established international system is a fortress to many; it includes funding to some of the marginalized groups and refugees. Soros being one of the widely known supporters of democracy, he has donated funds to boost the campaigns of Hillary Clinton. He is also expected to give more as the election draws nearer, he is one of the prominent supporters of democratic governments not only in the United States but also globally.

Sultan Alhokair: A Driving Force Behind Angel Investments

One of the most important parts of any business start-up are Angel Investors. An Angel Investor provides the initial capital to get a start-up off the ground and can provide invaluable knowledge of business practices. However, they are not there to hold your hand or do your job for you.

Sultan Alhokair, a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Financial Accounting, Small Business Management and Family Business Management, is a Venture Partner with Valia Investments, otherwise known as an Angel Investor. He looks specifically for new businesses that meet the ideal requirements of a new start-up.

Alhokair believes that new business start-ups must have realistic potential. As an investor, Sultan Alhokair looks at five year plans because it shows the company has a clear cut idea for the future and a tangible model of success. Another important aspect he looks at is the competition. There is always going to be someone up and coming or someone already selling what you are proposing. For that reason, knowing everything about the competition determines how the seed company can respond as well as if the start-up is worth the investment.

Another vital part to any seed company, according to Sultan Alhokair, is the creativity behind the business or product. The company must be unique and there must be a clear cut reason why this new company’s product is the most ideal option. To Alhokair, being an Angel Investor means looking for profitability as well as sustainability.

Besides being a Venture Partner with Valia Investments, Sultan Alhokair uses his business savvy as the current Project Manager of Retail Group of America where he works in fashion retail. Alhokair believes that brand identity, network notoriety, and the available products are the most important factors when dealing with fashion retail. Therefore, he works with a myriad of department stores to increase earning potential, focusing on those three specific areas.

The driving force behind Sultan Alhokair is his vested interest in in the people behind the money. Alhokair is truly an Angel Investor, looking to help companies with a compelling story and solid return projections.

Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capitol Has Moved To An Optimized Setting

For the last ten years, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital, LP has worked out of one location. The company recently moved to a new location where the setting is optimized to serve entrepreneurs better and to produce and develop new business. A private equity firm, Marc Sparks takes a business and develops it into a revenue generating company.

Marc Sparks explained that the process of starting any business begins with the resources and a successful business model. By designing a new Timber Creek Capital building, it allows them to host three companies in the facility, offering an extensive incubation period. By not cutting corners where the teams work and spend a great deal of time together will ensure and enhance the success of any business. Quality work environments are crucial and necessary to succeed. With the new building, Timber Creek Capital can collaborate in a work environment that is more likely to be a success.

Marc Sparks has started dozens of successful companies and knows what is required to succeed. If a company wants output that will maximize success, the special flow within is required and Marc Sparks knows how to make it happen. His experience has spanned over 35 years of failure and success. In his book entitled, They Can’t Eat You, he takes you on his own journey of learning entrepreneurship.

As the owner of Timber Creek Capital, he takes on several companies, offering them the means to launch a sustainable business. As a mentor, the resources he can help them with like banking, marketing, capital and office space will teach a company the challenges and circumstances of running a business. It’s why Timber Creek Capital is so qualified to help, because they have seen it all and can turn any idea in to a prosperous business.

Marc Sparks is the owner and founder of Timber Creek, LP. Add to that an author, philanthropist with Habitat for Humanity and an entrepreneur that turns new ideas into a business model most want to emulate. He also started a non-profit called Sparkey’s Kids, where he donates laptops to at-risk kids through the American Can Academy. He even has been involved in a homeless shelter called the Samaritan Inn, a Texas based shelter.