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Dr. Rod Rohrich; A Leading Expert in Rhinoplasty and More

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a leader in plastic surgery and specializes in rhinoplasty, but he has many other accolades besides being one of the top plastic surgeons in the US. He is also a leader in plastic surgery research, education, patient care, and publishing, and is heavily involved in charity work.

Dr. Rohrich has held many important positions at prestigious hospitals throughout Texas as an attending surgeon and as the chief of plastic surgery. He has raised the plastic surgery standards of all of the hospitals that he has served with a strong emphasis on education, patient care, and improving patient outcomes.

The educational achievements of Dr. Rohrich are recognized with numerous prestigious awards. He has served as editor for the leading plastic surgery and rhinoplasty journals. He is also a spokesman for plastic surgery and appeared on numerous radio, TV, and print publications, and is in high demand for speaking engagements at conferences all over the country. He has been instrumental at many teaching hospitals around Texas including UT Southwestern Medical Center, where he served as chief of plastic surgery for more than twenty years.

Dr. Rohrich has pioneered many new and innovative plastic surgery techniques, and holds a patent on a new breast implant. His research has improved plastic surgery effectiveness, safety and helped to improved outcomes. He has published hundreds of peer reviewed papers and authored five prominent plastic surgery text books.

Individualized patient care and equal treatment no matter what the patient’s background is Dr. Rohrich rule with no exceptions. He prides himself as having the best doctor-patient relationship possible and believes this is paramount to having the best surgical outcomes.

Dr. Rohrich’s charitable work focuses on children’s charities in the US and around the world. He has helped underprivileged children receive reconstructive surgeries and taught doctors plastic surgery techniques in third world countries and performed many reconstructive surgeries on severely deformed children.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is dedicated to all aspects of plastic surgery and has achieved the highest standards possible in his profession. Find more on Rohrich on his Linkedin page.