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Incredible Growth For MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental has already experienced incredible growth even though they have a young history in being a Dental Service Organization. It was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD. This was in 2009. Since then MB2 Dental has grown and has over 60 affiliated dental offices today spread in over six states.

They provide a vast suite of services to their affiliated suites. This way MB2 Dental is helping doctors to run their practice in an efficient manner without the need to give up on control of patient care or compromising on standards of care.

It was The CDI Group that had started its partnership with MB2 Dental in 2014. This was done by designing as well as implementing the proprietary Priority Dental Plan. They have worked very closely with the senior management at MB2 Dental.

Hence they have created a dental plan that is able to fit in to the MB2 brand along with its affiliated practices. It is The CDI Group that has developed the plan marketing materials that included plan brochures, postcards, as well as posters along with tabletop displays. These are available in English and Spanish language.

The Priority Dental Plan has been designed in order to help MB2 Dental affiliated dentists to offer their growing patient base an option where they can receive complete care dentistry in an affordable manner each time that they are visiting an affiliated office.

Thus Priority Dental Plan MB2 Dental is experiencing rapid growth. Hence it has become an integral part of the MB2 culture today. Besides helping their patients to attain highly affordable dental care, this plan has also helped MB2 affiliated dentists in achieving a much higher case acceptance rate.

Hence this plan has become a vital marketing tool that is able to consistently drive new patients towards the MB2 Dental affiliated offices.

Employees of MB2 Dental Solutions find it a fun environment having genuinely hard working people all around them. It allows for growing and learning. Besides, the supervisor will listen. Hence people make the decision to dedicate themselves into the growth of this company.

The management keeps listening to its employees. There are multiple outlets for employees where they can express themselves if they are not comfortable with their direct supervisor.

There are a lot of coffee or lunch together kinds of meetings. Overall it is a great place for people to work in and learn a lot.

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