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Donor Pays Off Mortgage for Landslide Victim

Tim Ward and his wife Brandy were victims of a deadly mudslide that happened at their home in Oso, Washington last year. The couple’s farmhouse where they raised chickens and turkeys was demolished by the mudslide that came roaring through. Tim said all he remembers is hearing his wife shouting his name, then her voice being cut out as the wall of debris and earth hit them. Tim ran towards his wife until the wall of earth hit him as well. He was buried under nearly 25 feet of mud; however he was left an opening through which he could breathe and shout to rescuers. Unfortunately, Brandy was not so lucky. Eleicoes2014 said that tim lost his wife of 38 years that day. Rescuers found Tim and he was transported to the hospital where it was found that he had a crushed pelvis. Not only did Tim lose his wife that day, he also lost four out of their five dogs. The fifth was found trapped under some rubble. He lost a leg but survived.

According to the story on, not only was Tim working to heal from his severe injuries but he was also dealing with his mortgage company regarding his demolished house. He was having a tough time until an anonymous donor read about his troubles in the newspaper. The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, donated $360,000 to help Tim pay off his mortgage. Thanks to the donor, Tim will be able to stop renting and find another home to settle into.