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Samuel Straunch Gives Insight Regarding the Best Suburban Areas to Live in the U.S

Urban life is loved and desired by many people today. Residing near your workplace and having full access to recreational facilities is a dream come true. But in the recent past, home prices have been soaring high, making life in the city a bit strenuous for most people. It is for this reason that Samuel Straunch, a real estate expert, decided to give alternative areas where one can reside and still enjoy the full benefits that come with the big city.

Northeast Denver is just minutes away from Denver, Colorado and has an average house price of $270000, a fair price for many people. Wylie is an alternative place of residence for those seeking to stay in Dallas. The location has an average home price which is 26 percent lower than in Texas. Dublin is becoming a common residential area located on the outskirts of San Francisco with 22 percent lower median home price. Daffan is a great alternative for Austin, where home buyers can save up to 33 percent. Palm River- Clair Mel is a great alternative for Tampa. Also, most families will prefer Vista East to Orlando.

If you thought that you could not afford a home in Miami, here is some great news for you! You can still have access and enjoy high-life by settling in Cutler Bay. If you find the home prices at San Jones not affordable, grab the residential houses at Milpitas, and you will enjoy every bit of it!

About Samuel Straunch

Samuel Straunch is a well know real estate expert with over 15 years of experience in the field. Samuel Straunch is currently based in South Florida. He is the founder and principal of Metrik Real Estate, a company that runs Equity and Development, Brokerage and Management operating systems in both Florida and Latin America. Before joining the real estate world, Samuel Straunch worked as a banker.

Samuel Straunch holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University. He also graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Samuel also studied Business at Harvard University.

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How Jose AuriemoNeto and Inc. have Built Brazils Leading Realtor, JHSF

JHSF Participacoes is a mammoth real estate development company operating from Brazil. The conglomerate gets comprised of five smaller subsidiaries all specializing in the same industry. The branches are JHSF Shopping Malls, JHSF Merger, JHSF JHSF Retail and Properties and Hotels JHSF. The global brand handles many aspects of the construction and eventual easing out process. The firm has been associated with the creation of high-end prime commercial, luxury and residential premises in places like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, and Manaus and in Uruguay.

About JHSF

The company got started in the early seventies. It has since remained to be a family-owned and managed business venture. JHSF is registered to two brothers, Jose and Fabio Auriemo and two other local investment partners. In 2007, the company’s management agreed to go public and its shares are now listed and trading at the Bovespa trading index. That IPO raised around half a billion for the realtor and its share shareholders equity value. The overall valuation of the company has continued appreciating to now stand at R $ 3.3 B, according to the establishments’ official website. In the coming months, they’ve lined up bold expansion plans to transform the outlet into the premier developer not just in the country but in the entire South American continent as well. Click here to know more.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose Neto is JHSF’s present Chairman and CEO. He’s among the founding partners of this successful real estate development company located in Brazil. Mr. Neto is mostly in charge of running the shopping and retail section of their vast portfolio. The investor plans and strategies on the development work for these malls and retail outlets situated all over the capital and the nation. Jose’s also handles signing on new partner firms and clients. For instance, he recently oversaw the landing of lucrative deals involving the globally renowned fashion retailers Jimmy Choo, Hermes Birkin, and Pucci. In the past, this seasoned business executive has served as the CEO and Founder of the company, CidadeJardim and at B Stores in Brazil. Other high-end shopping centers managed and run by the conglomerate include the Bela Vista in El Salvador and the Subway Tucuruvi shopping outlet in Sao Roque.

Samuel Strauch Suggests Panama To Investors

Samuel Strauch is always coming ahead with various reasons for people to invest in Panama. In fact, it is due to these reasons that so many people from various countries are keen to build homes, offices and even hotels over here.

Samuel Strauch suggests that people should invest in Panama as the prices are more accessible as compared to Miami, and such other places. Panama has a good future, and people would like to invest here for their second or third house. It is easy to get a house here that is facing the sea. Besides, it will have all the comfort as well as the latest technology. All this has made this city a hot spot for people coming in from all across the world to invest here.

The president of Affinity International Realty is Samuel Strauch. He decided to invest in projects here due to its strong demographics and economic growth. People can invest here for a holiday home or a permanent house.

Panama is having a bright future as the country is going through a change. Strong recovery can be seen here in all areas including Real Estate. Hence most people who are coming to Panama today are retired Americans. They are now looking forward to enjoying their free time. This is why they are looking for restaurants, shopping malls besides easy transportation. They are looking for attractive discounts too.

Samuel Strauch also mentions the reasonable cost of living here that is making Panama an attractive destination for Mexicans. The Venezuelans are also willing to put in their money here. This is due to the political reasons mainly. These people are keen to emigrate from their country as they wish to live in a place that is safe and has a stable economy too. Panama is able to fit into all these parameters.

Tammy Mazzocco Real Estate at its Best

Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate career as a secretary to a group of commercial realtors and continued in supportive roles until she decided in 1999 to get her license and get into the sales end of the business. She joined her good friend and mentor, Judy Gang, of the Judy Gang Team of RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio in the central part of the state.

Looking back, it was exactly the right move for Tammy to make as she has established herself as one of the premier real estate agents in the area. She covers a four-county area in and around Pickerington and makes it a point always to stay busy. Click Here For Tammy’s Interview.

When asked what makes her so successful, she likes to give credit to her peers who had lots of good advice when she was just starting out. She relates the story of how shy she was when in the beginning she was afraid to talk to any of her prospective clients about their finances, which is necessary to locate whether there is a true prospect or not.

An associate suggested that Tammy should just dive in and ask, and let the conversation play itself out. She tried that, and it worked out beautifully, and she never had that problem again. Tammy at LinkedIn .

Tammy likes to plan by setting goals and then to break them down into smaller, more manageable steps. It is much easier to accomplish them that way. The key to her being able to work well with people is to simply treat them like you would wish to be treated yourself. Tammy focuses in on the needs of the client and forgets her problems. She states that people know when you care about them and their situations. That is why they want to do business with you because show them the attention that they expect. for more .

Three Years is All Town Residential Needed

Town Residential recently opened up their tenth office on the Hudson in Manhattan. This was something that they were able to do after only three years and it was something that was nearly unheard of for a real estate agency in New York City because of the way that the market works for people.


There were many times when Town Residential knew that they needed to do something but they did not because they were so busy helping their clients get the most out of the business. They wanted to make sure that their clients were happy and they knew that this was going to be the major key to the success that they hoped to see during their time in the real estate business. It allowed them to grow and get even more clients than what they had originally planned to have. They saw immense growth as a direct result of their customer service skills.


As a real estate agency, Town Residential thought that it would be a wise decision to make sure that they were friendly with plenty of land developers. They wanted to make sure that they could get the help that they needed when new developments opened and it was something that they truly felt would be able to help them. It paid off in the end because they were able to make sure that they got the help that they needed and they are now able to give their clients the best in access to different things that open up from the beginning.


It was not always easy for Town Residential, but they continued to push hard to make sure that they were getting things done for their clients. This led to their business being better and to them growing as a business. They were able to give their clients the best of everything and this showed in the way that their clients were appreciative of everything that they had to offer. They wanted to make sure that their clients were happy and they knew that it would lead to success in their own business.


The tenth office that was recently opened is located on an entire floor of a building right along the Hudson river. This was something that they knew they needed to be able to suit all of the clients that they had and it was something that helped them to grow as a business. There were many times when they were not able to serve their clients in that area properly because they did not have the office space. Now that they do, they are able to help all of their clients no matter where they are located at in New York City.


Town Residential: The Best System For Delivering Quality New York Homes

TOWN Residential is the leading luxury real estate services company that markets, sells, rents and leases luxury homes in New York. Founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, the company CEO and chairman, Town Residential is now a very important part of the New York real estate scene. It’s dominated the industry because of its class, sophistication, excellence, professionalism and knowledge of the New York real estate market. TOWN Residential is also rated among the Best Firms To Work For in New York.

A major reason for the company’s success is having the top talent in the industry. Members of the TOWN Residential team are known for quality service and the expertise and ease with which they serve to their clients. Combine that with their unique culture and the unrivaled support they offer throughout the entire process and it’s easy to see why they’ve become an industry leader.

The success of TOWN Residential and the growing needs of clients in New York for quality support to meet their search for commercial properties led to the creation of TOWN Commercial in 2015. TOWN Commercial is now seen as the ideal supplement to the unmatched service the company offers its residential clients. The staff at TOWN Commercial uses their unique tools and expertise to aid commercial clients in the realization of their investment goals. They specialize in the acquisition and disposition of retail and office space whether through marketing, sales, rental or leasing.

Both TOWN Residential and TOWN Commercial offer investment sales, tenant representation, landlord representation and a variety of other services through their more than 600 real estate professionals based in Manhattan. This has given the company a competitive advantage over the competition when it comes to meeting and exceeding the needs of the clients. The TOWN Commercial team has the luxury of drawing on a deep investor pool and proven tools for executing the acquisition or disposition of commercial property. Plus they seem to have an innate understanding of the needs of their clients.

TOWN Residential and TOWN Commercial have set a new, higher standard for real estate transactions. It’s because of their knowledge of the New York real estate market, experience closing several different types of deals on a variety of properties and their flawless execution. Add the company’s warm, welcoming and very efficient customer service staff and you have the foundation for lasting success. TOWN Residential now even has a presence in Miami. They are leasing renting and selling gorgeous properties in 19 spectacular buildings located in some of the most desirable communities in Miami.

The offices of TOWN Residential are set up in dynamic neighborhoods all across the city. These comfortable meeting places are conveniently located, offer easy access for owners and customers and are designed to foster collaboration. Clients and staff network and become business partners, colleagues and neighbors. So whether you want stunning views of Central Park, exquisite lofts in Tribeca or luxurious modern condos in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, TOWN Residential is the company to call.

Boraie Development To Have a Hand In Revamping New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a historic city in the state of New Jersey. Admittedly, the city has had its ups and downs. Over the decades, the region has seen its real estate market experience positives and negatives. Effective redevelopment strategies are the only means in which the positives can be sustained. Recently, as reported in the New Jersey Spotlight, a series of new development endeavors are being put in motion.

The redevelopment project that is being put in motion is not exactly a miniscule one. Several different players are all coming together to drive the multi-million dollar development plans to completion. The main focus right now is on the downtown district, but other connecting neighborhoods are going to be brought into the mix as well.

The path to rebuilding New Brunswick and its downtown (and surrounding college) area has been a slow one. While certain segments of the region are contemporary, low-rent retail stores are very prevalent. These establishments are not indicative of a geographic area burgeoning with renewed vigor or interest. The new redevelopment plans hope to change this.

Boraie Development is one of the partners in the forthcoming projects and its presence should prove to be a major positive for those hoping to see results. The Manta profile of the company reveals the extent of the business it engages in: roughly $10 million to $20 million in revenue per year. An article in PR Newswire also shows the scope of some of the luxury projects Boraie Development has had a hand in. The presence of this company among the entities looking to redevelop the business district should instill confidence in many.

Work on a ” 17-story residential high-rise” and the creation of a “$300 million quad” for Rutgers University are two of the projects. Enhancing “The Hub” located near the town’s train station is another item in the works. Hopefully, all of these projects will come together effectively and result in a brilliant new look for New Brunswick.

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Get Real Estate Advice From Boraie Development

Real estate generally refers to structures that allow people to be able to live and work in a given place. A piece of real estate can consist of a single family house that is designed to be occupied by one family. It may also consist of a large structure that houses many people as well as stores and other businesses of all kinds. Most people will need to find real estate that is right for them at some point in time. This may consist of an apartment while they are attending college or a large family house that has room for all of their family members.

Sorting through such options is not always easy. This is why people look for help from outside sources who know how to manage the real estate and help their clients pick out the right space for their wants and needs. Working with a company such as Boraie Development can help anyone figure out the best possible real estate situation for them. Boraie is one New Jersey’s most prominent development firms. They have spent many years working in the field of New Jersey real estate development in order to help provide those living here with access to upscale apartments that are just right for their needs and wants. In doing so, they have helped people from all over the state locate an apartment that will allow the residents here to live an apartment that is modern and elegant and yet in the middle of many important cities of New Jersey.

Those who have such advice will find that they can pick out the kind of housing situation that is ideal for them and many members of their family as well. The right kind of advice can also help people who want to buy a house figure out how they can afford the house or apartment they have in mind. A skilled mortgage broker or real estate agent from Boraie Development LCC can be someone’s best friend as they go through the process of seeking the right housing situation for all of their needs and wants.

Other Nations Are Surpassing the U.S. in High Speed Infrastructure

High speed trains are a useful area of technological development. In a world where airline travel has become a nuisance thanks to the TSA and other intrusive security agencies in airports around the world, it would be useful to be able to get around quickly without having to go through all of that. Now, flight will always be needed for most international flights because high speed trains will likely never be crossing the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. For getting around within your own country, or between countries that share a border, they can be advantageous over air travel said Christian Broda. Security is minimal given that there’s no worry of a terrorist hijacking a train because they can’t really do anything with it once they have it.

Speeds achieved by these trains have been steadily increasing over the years and decades, and they are reaching an incredibly impressive plateau. China has one of the fastest bullet trains in the world. It runs between Shanghai and Pudong International Airport. It can purportedly exceed 300 mph, and such speeds are expected to become more common very soon. It is unclear how soon such trains will come to the U.S. given how much work we have to do with the rest of our infrastructure, including dilapidated bridges, before we can realistically invest in a network of high speed rail. In a sad testament to our government’s budgetary woes and international finance, perhaps we can borrow even more money from the Chinese so we can have trains as nice as theirs.

Haidar Barbouti: An Experienced Commercial Real Estate Developer

A Sophisticated Profession

Today, professional commercial real estate development sometimes requires property managers to develop expertise in several specialized fields. The career of the successful Houston real estate magnate Haidar Barbouti illustrates this trend.

Why must a capable manager of commercial property possess a broad knowledge base? Working in one of the most sophisticated areas of real estate practice, these individuals must acquire the skills and knowledge to enable them to handle a wide array of complex issues on a daily basis.

Wearing Many Hats

For example, Haidar Barbouti came to national attention as a result of his successful management of Highland Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. Educated at Columbia University, he purchased the mall some two decades ago and soon assumed personal responsibility for developing a thriving commercial environment for the retailers locating there. Today media articles refer to the shopping center as “venerable” and “one of the most coveted retail centers in Houston”. What types of skills must a property manager demonstrate to achieve that high level of performance in promoting a commercial center?

He classifies his responsibilities as involving several fields: lease negotiations, daily operations, redevelopment and portfolio management. Each area appears vital to the future prospects of a shopping center.

The Nuts and Bolts of Success

By developing expertise in the real estate commercial rental process, Mr. Barbouti attracted key tenants to the shopping center, enterprises capable in turn of drawing significant numbers of visitors to their storefront. And shoppers who visits one retail establishment likely check out others in the vicinity, as well. This cascade of interest ultimately enhances the business opportunities available to Highland Shopping Center’s merchants.

Similarly, smooth day to day business operations in a mall greatly enhance customer satisfaction. As part of his effort to operate the Houston shopping center, Haidar Barbouti spent considerable time there, overseeing the administration of the facility.

He even went so far as to construct his own restaurant, Up, on a new upper level of the shopping center. His enterprise offers a venue for fine dining in Houston, a step exemplifying the importance of the third aspect of commercial property management, redevelopment.

Finally, Haidar Barbouti lists portfolio management as an important skill. He did not neglect this area.